X-Black Panther Warns Conservatives Of Coming Liberal Violence, 2012 Elections.

Well….since the #OWS ‘liberals’ are scared to death of pepper-spray..Imagine how they’ll  feel if they have to stare at the barrel of a gun. 

  I really am sick and damned tired of these disgusting, traitorous, evil DOGS and their murder-filled rhetoric against people that fear God.  Americans that DO fear God had better start hitting your knees in massive prayer against the ‘liberals’ and their ‘g’od, Satan.

SEE: Ex Black Panther Activist Warns Conservatives Of Coming 2012 Liberal Violence.

#OWS Oakland: Burn, Loot, Attack Police~You Know, the USUAL Leftist Sh*t


Commies are taking over.

A Commenter:

Oakland is reaping what it sewed, period.

The left ‘liberal’ people in that part of the U.S have no fear of God nor any allegiance to America, they are all self centered, lusting for sin of every form to out do Sodom and Gomorrah, they… like all democrat liberals, live for the moment.

Any conservative living there (well actually any where in California) with any kind of an IQ would move.

The police chief dude at 7:39 we had this under control ?? “…We were in the area…we had sufficient forces available… …They were just not visible… We had officers strategically located…hidden areas… in case we had to take immediate action…” WHAT? They block a Port, vandalized several businesses, blocked roads and the police were, strategically located???
No, What I heard was they had no control and no balls to handle it, let alone the Real Men to handle it. The police chief dude was obviously pandering to the public, as IF THEY had control, they had no control.

This video gave me the impression that the gay crowd in Oakland is afraid, and they are trying to re-assure the gay population that they have it under control. But it is quite obvious they do not.

Occupy rats burn, loot and attack police

The Mayor is a pathetic piece of garbage, this is what she is requesting:

Mayor, City Officials Plead With #OccupyOakland To Remain Non-Violent

Meanwhile, David Duke, The ANP, Pelosi and Obama LOVE this violence.

There will be no more songs, sung for anyplace in California, which has been DESTROYED by ‘liberals.’


See all of the Oakland pictures:

PhotoBlog: Protesters set fires, clash with police Oakland

I am sick, this make me weep in sick despair.  Please, Californians that are right minded-please come to Arizona.

Occupy violence