Satanic ‘Liberals’ Apply To Erect Statue Of Satan In Oklahoma

Satanic ‘Liberals’ Apply To Erect Statue Of Satan In Oklahoma

Communist filth from NYC want to erect a statue of satan in OK. I say: That’s OK as long as they depict satan for who he truly is.  If not, it’s soooo not kosher.

See-N.Y. group applies to build Satan statue at Oklahoma state capitol

An art collage from November 2013

This is just more proof that “Liberals” (Commie) hate God, hate their once nice Christian nation and worship satan.

W. House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients At A Loss

W. House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients At A Loss

What can you expect?  Seems that everything Obama touches turns to mush…

Don’t get angry, Liberals, when your insurance company goes bankrupt.  You’ll only have yourself to blame.  Communism is not going to work in a country that has been capitalistic since it’s inception.   If we all wanted to take care of the poor, we might have all lent more helping hands to synagogues and churches.  Dr’s could have more compassion.  Nurses as well.  That would be the most effective way to care for the sick.

Must See:Government Takeover: White House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients At A Loss

Ronald McDonald Gives A Piece Of His Mind To Minimum Wage Protesters

Ronald McDonald Gives A Piece Of His Mind To Minimum Wage Protesters

You and I know that $15- an hour just to work at McDonalds is outrageous.  An E-1 soldier does not get paid that much–to be sent to lose his life in big government, bogus wars…for profit, not freedom.

SO, Ronald Lets these brats have it:

THAT is how to deal with a whiney, nasty,Obama-voting, liberal brat.

Hey ‘Liberals’, Really Wanna Ban Guns? We’ll Do That When Righty Ted Cruz Is President

Hey ‘Liberals’, Really Wanna Ban Guns?  We’ll Do That When Ted Cruz Is President

Any time an event like LAX happens, you see the gasbag Liberals screaming to ban guns.  So, I have the perfect solution…Have patience.. Wait and then let’s ban guns when Cruz is President.  Don’t worry, Liberals, just trust us.  Don’t worry about a thing, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of…

So, this does not sit well with you?  Why ever not?  The right wing is your friend, only looking out for the best for you..

Just trust us... We’ll make sure you feel secure in your homes.  Safe in the streets.  Safe from the US Government….Bwaahhhhhhhhh……………

(Nothing scares the hell out of the liberals more than the right wing being in power, BTW.. Even though its always the left that is totalitarian.)


Stop gun bans.  No matter who is in office.

Thanks To Communist “Liberals” USA Ranks BOTTOM In Math

Thanks To Communist “Liberals” &  USA Ranks BOTTOM In Math

You can’t fault this one on patriotic people you SWINE.  How can teachers teach math when they are busy indoctrinating children about anus, poop-chute sex & feminism?  How can they teach 1+1 when they are busy teaching how little white kids are racists at age 10? Screwing up their little minds on how abortion is so wonderful.. 

Face it, you sick, demented lunatic “Liberals”  YOU ARE TO solely blame for this.

Click-U.S. ranks bottom in math skills

#FACT: GHWB ’92 DOD Directive ‘GunFree Zone’ Bases Signed Into Action BY Bill Clinton

#FACT: GHWB ’92 DOD Directive ‘GunFree Zone’  Bases Signed Into Action BY Bill Clinton

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Bill Clinton signed the order that disarmed our armed forces, in March of 1993.  It was something that began under liberal Republican, George Bush, the first, but signed into law by Bill Clinton, who could have stopped it, had he realized it was a bad idea.   It was the same with NAFTA, began by Bush but pushed through and signed under Clinton.

If anyone wonders why the differences in the two parties are so negligible its just as Clinton’s mentor told him early on in his career.  He stated that when the people get tired of the rascals in office and vote in a new party, there must be almost no difference.

Well, our military paid the price.  First it was soldiers executed by a Muslim and then Navy men executed by another Muslim.   Is the Air Force next?

According to the Army’s 1993 directive:

a. The authorization to carry firearms will be issued only to qualified personnel when there is a reasonable expectation that life or Department of the Army (DA) assets will be jeopardized if firearms are not carried.

b. DA personnel regularly engaged in law enforcement or security duties will be armed.

c. DA personnel are authorized to carry firearms while engaged in security duties, protecting personnel and vital Government assets, or guarding prisoners.

Moreover, while folks are blaming only Bill Clinton for the Army regulation, the rule was established in response to a 1992 Department of Defense directive, issued during the presidency of George H. W. Bush.

But Bill Clinton promised ‘Change’ just like Obama.  You need to understand that both parties are just 2 different sides of the same coin.

Flashback to change, 1993:

Commie Salon’s @DavidSirota “What If Prez Obama Lied To Us?” That’s RACIST David!

Commie Salon’s@DavidSirota  “What If Prez Obama Lied to Us?”  Thats RACIST David!

White-hating moron, David Sirota from “The Salon” is worried that Obama has lied about the NSA.  How stupid can one be?  All politicians lie.  Somehow, because Obama is black, he would not lie, David?  What? Is this only reserved for ‘evil’ white people?

You have to read this article.  Its just soooo obvious that Sirota has intentionally turned into a black-hating racist….!!!  What other explanation can there be?   Is racism good for me but not for thee?  Damn, these left wingers are a cancer. They can criticize this CREEP without being called racists- but we can’t? Bullsh*t!


This is the same jackass that hoped the Boston bomber was white. He got his wish, didn’t he?  Stupid jerk..


I just don’t buy that he’s so unaware of the world around him that he made such statements from a position of pure ignorance. On top of that, he has a motive. Yes, Obama has an obvious political interest in trying to hide as much of his administration’s potentially illegal behavior as possible, which means he has an incentive to calculatedly lie. For all of these reasons, it seems safe to suggest that when it comes to the NSA situation, the president seems to be lying.

See the rest:  What if the president lied to us?


By the way, your articles are TOO LONG.  Borrrrrrrrrrrrring. 

Daily KOS Writer/Poster: “Obama Is A F****** Fraud

Daily KOS Writer: “Obama Is A F****** Fraud

Why did it take so long to see this? Just because of Snowden? Many things have been happening outside of Snowden.  Obama loves war.  This does not seem to bother most Civil rights Liberals:

I gave this man $5000 in 2007 and spent many hours to canvass and phonebank for him.  I gave him another $500 in 2011 and again voted for him.

Click- Obama is a F*****G FRAUD