The Usual Summer, Violent, Commie-Crat Instigated Riots Have Begun: #JaylandWalker, #AKRON Ohio

The Usual, Violent, Riots: Summer, Commie-Crat Instigated Protests Have Begun: #JaylandWalker

Here we go again with the usual racial, Commie-Crat inspired, violent riots. They lost at the Supreme court…So, why not use blacks to set the cities on fire — again. It’s the usual status quo in the USSA.

With Gas up, high inflation, the ‘leadership’, (or lack of) plus more inconvenient insanity, it’s the Leftists, who almost always have to riot, loot and ‘protest’.

They need their pound of flesh.

WORLD: Stay OUT Of Leftist American Cities. US Cities Are Under Judgment, Destruction & Lawlessness:

WORLD: Stay OUT Of Leftist American Cities. US Cities Are Under Judgment, Destruction & Lawlessness:

There is NO reason to visit an American city. None. Unless you want to visit hell’s sister. The Leftists have completely destroyed just about every city in the United States.


Leftists Are Looting In Leftist States. Lol.

Leftists Are Looting In Leftist States. Lol.


In 2020, I was very upset at the looters and the rioters. But, then I looked at where they were looting. It wasn’t in my town up here in the sticks. They were looting their own towns and cities. So, my anger turned to happiness as I watched the lunatics destroy their own. Go ahead. Do more damage. Inflict a LOT more! Who gives a damn if the Leftists loot their own hell-holes!

The dumb Democrat run cities don’t care about their business’s! In San Fransicko, they allow the shop-lifting thieves to steal up to $900- in merchandise! If you’re a normal person that is stupid enough to stay in a Left wing city, I can’t help you. GET OUT! Let them destroy! Who cares anymore!

The only thing this insanity will accomplish is more people turning against the stupid Democrats. Lol

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.“ —  Euripidés

After Rioting In #SA, Blacks Say They’re On The Verge Of “Eating Each-other”

After Rioting In #SA, Blacks Say They’re On The Verge Of “Eating Eachother”

Is this just modus operandi for most black people? Destroy everything? Loot? Riot? Plunder? This is what they did in most of the major cities in America. It’s what they’re doing in Haiti also: Riots, looting, murder, etc.

STARVING rioters in South Africa have said they are on the verge of “eating each other” as days of looting and violence sparks severe food shortages. MORE Horror here.

I woke up to this song after reading this about potential cannibalism in south Africa:

Prayers for the whites in South Africa. For 30 years, they have suffered, been tortured and murdered BY blacks in South Africa.

The TRUTH About What Is Happening In #SouthAfrica

The TRUTH About What Is Happening In South Africa

This video is lengthy but it tells you what is happening in South Africa.

In this video we discuss the violent insurrection by ANC and EFF members who are going to try and use the current chaos in South Africa to commit a coup against President Ramaphosa.

Commenter on Youtube:

Maruis Cordier

13 hours ago I am very concerned with the hatred that the politicians are spreading it’s concerning that I received a voice note from a family member in Australia that played a clip from Zuma’s family instructing blacks to attack white-owned businesses and properties.

#Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Minneapolis: THIS IS A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, Joe.

Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Minneapolis: THIS IS A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, Joe.

When the BLM and ANTIFA burned the cities in 2020, the Left called it ‘mostly peaceful protests‘. The same as they called the Arab Spring, “Peaceful”. The same as they call “Palestinians”, ‘oppressed’. I could go on, but you follow my drift…

Meanwhile, the ‘right’ covered the burning of the cities in 2020 at length. The Left retaliated to the pictures & videos as ‘Faux News’, “Racists”, “IT’S PEACEFUL”, etc. In fact, my blood pressure went through the roof and I had to go to the Cardiologist last spring because it made me sick. While in the waiting room, some dude asked me why I was there. He said I was ‘too young’ to be at the Cardio Dr. I told him: “The cities of America are on fire”. To which he responded: “You have to stop watching “Faux News”.

Now, we have Joe-Bama Biden stating that there is ‘no justification for the violence and looting‘. What is he talking about? This is what ‘PEACEFUL’ looks like, JOE’BAMA.


Unrest Destroys Minneapolis' Landmark Street Of Diversity ...

THIS is what ‘peaceful’ looks like, Joe. Deal with it. Enjoy. You built this.

*Conservatives in Leftist cities:

BE ARMED. Remember the roof top Koreans.*

Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again:

Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again.

Thumbs Up Emoji Meme, HD Png Download , Transparent Png ...

Ask me if I care. I don’t anymore. When I did care in 2020, Trump did nothing. He let the cities burn. It angered me, immensely. Now, it doesn’t. I see Leftist cities burning as a result of hard Left policies. What ya put down, ya pick up. That which a man sows, he will also reap in due time. What comes around goes around.

God is allowing the Leftists to burn themselves. Good. Since nobody except the “Proud Boys” would go deal with these miscreants, God will. Hallelujah. Judgment is here. The wicked Leftists are receiving their just punishment…

If you are Conservative, living in the city and do not want to move: You had better get armed and have weapons. If you have enough money: GTFOUT, asap.

I’m sure you all know about the black girls beating the Postal worker because their stimulus was not in the mail, correct? Well, that is coming to the cities in gangbusters. It may not be today or next month….but like the bible says: IN DUE TIME.

My song for the cities burning…

Nolte on Breitbart tells off the Left really hysterically:

You want to know what this all is?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is…

What this is is not my fucking problem.

This is how Democrats CHOOSE to live and there’s nothing I can do about that.

…Shocker: Democrat-Run Cities Keeping Burning


Minnesota Riots Again

Traffic Stop Results in Black Man’s Death

Photos, Videos

Prepare For WORSE Left Wing Violence Going Forward

Prepare For WORSE Left Wing Violence Going Forward

As the Communists in our government, coupled with the Marxist media are warning of ‘right wing extremism’ on election night, we feel compelled to tell you that ALL of the violence, terror and murder will come from the left wing. In fact, they have been admitting this for months.

To this date, the Leftists have practically destroyed Seattle, WA. Portland, OR. Minneapolis, MN. Louisville, KY. Kenosha, WI. And, a half a dozen plus other cities run by Democrats. As they have allowed the violent mayhem, they have demanded the Police departments, ‘stand down’ and the stupid PD’s have listened to them in these aforementioned cities.

The Democrat Party and their propaganda arm, the media, will tell you that there has been ‘no violence’ and that all of the action has been peaceful demonstrations, but then on the other hand, admit there is violence but it’s all coming from right wing extremist groups, which much of stupid America (the ones who listen to the Communist media) will believe, even though there is video after video in city after city of left wing rioting, violence and looting.

So, we are telling you to get prepared. If you are NOT battle oriented, stay out. If you are prepared for this fight–for Gods sake: Do NOT fight unarmed or you WILL be dead and the Leftists will dance on your dead body and cheer on your demise.

If you need reminding of what they have done to our country so far:

WaPo Gives Portland Antifa Activists A Glowing Photoshoot ...
Federal agents, Portland protesters in standoff as chaos ...
Seattle's violent May Day protests - CBS News
George Floyd protest turns deadly; Minneapolis mayor ...
Those Who Can See: Whence the Minneapolis Riots?
Minneapolis Calls in National Guard as Protests Over ...
REPORT: Looter shot dead by pawn shop owner as Minneapolis ...
George Floyd protest turns deadly; Minneapolis mayor ...
‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’ Trump ...
VIDEO: Fires blaze and looters rampage during second night ...
Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest ...
Rioting in Minneapolis over Police Killing Highlights ...

These are NOT ‘right wing extremists’. There are not nearly enough ‘right wing extremists’ to cause this much damage.

The Left is funded by MANY groups and outside foreign influences. They are a thousand times more dangerous.