“Evil” White Racist Male Feeds The Homeless On Thanksgiving In L.A.

“Evil” White Racist Male Feeds The Homeless On Thanksgiving Of EVERY Race In L.A.

Look at the video of this evil, white, devil racist who is feeding homeless people in Los Angeles.  What a cad..  This is a white male oppressor who Noel Inatiev wants to commit suicide.

Wonderful video in this link- Vitaly Gives Out 1,000 Turkey Sandwiches To The Homeless In LA!

Wonderful display of humanity.  Just incredible.  A feel good moment.

The Facts: Many Blacks Want #Zimmerman Dead Just Because

The Facts: Most Blacks Want Zimmerman Dead Just Because

2 families:  One has upstanding citizens in their family with the head being a judge.  The other had a wanna be gangster father and a pot-smoking, violent son.


Are not many of these people the eternal malcontents? The same as the Commie-Liberal “Jews”?  

The facts are this:  Many Blacks seem to delight in blood.  [As we post here many days on their horrific crimes: Black on white crimes.]  These phoney outrage protests should come as no surprise that they want another dead person.  “A pound of flesh” seems to be their requirement of Americans for blacks.

Tonight, they are marching through Los Angeles.  When marches turn into riots, as they usually do with this type people, our safety should be in our right to keep and bear arms to use in self defense.. 

The ‘Princes of America’ (My husbands new coined phrase) have spoken; They will not receive this verdict.  To them, Trayvon is a boy.  I find this amusing that they call Martin a boy, yet scold  when someone else calls them ‘boy.’    At any rate-Trayvon is a child in their minds.  Never mind the fact that Martin was a pot-smoking hood who was also violent and a racist that made fun of crackas.  His Twitter handle was “NO LIMIT NIGGA”

Evidently, he had no limits:

But we all know (Those who research) that little, baby, child TRAYVON was a thug

October 2011

And this is what most Obamas sons really think of you patsy Commie libs:

I hope the Leftists pigs are happy tonight.  They have again enraged the black community for Obama into thinking Trayvon is like Medgar Evers..And Zimmerman is possibly a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  When this is over, we will have nobody to thank for this FAKE racial mess but the Communist drek that occupies this nation for the last 50 years. May they all rot in hell and die…speedily…God willing.


This post is not meant for patriotic black Americans, obviously.

Mexicans & Illegals Beating, Shooting & Murdering Blacks In L.A, CA.-Where Is OBAMA To Help His Brothas?

Before I start, this is the first comment on the link provided, below:

ggm281 at 2:18 PM January 28, 2013 Seems this might not present the best argument for CIR. Perhaps NCLR would like to get involved and shut this down at least until the amnesty gets passed?

Outright treasonous post. Treason knows NO bounds in O’MeriKa.

 Today, Schumck Schumer, Bolshevik extraordinaire- is trying to run an anti-Constitutional amnesty bill through the house.  Schumer is Obama’s little sock-puppet.  A good, little Jew for Obama to use with his anti-gun agenda and amnesty for illegal aliens to keep the DEMs in power–forever.. After all, there is nothing like hearing a whiney lef- wing Jew.. It brings out the false guilt in all people.  Not us Joos, though.  We are not fooled by this stooge.  

Mexican gangs and illegal vatos are beating the living crap out of blacks in Los Angeles, shooting & murdering them.  I thought it was whites that were the problem with blacks?  Have we not been told that it is ‘evil’ whitey that is oppressing the blacks?  It’s sad that this is a type of poetic justice.  Bad Blacks murder, rape and rob white people on a daily basis and now the Mexican filth are killing them off.

This is what a black man says in this article:

“They didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know who they were,” Quevedo said. “I got shot because of my skin color, because I’m a black male.”

Gee, black male…Now you know how whites feel as your people emasculate them in larger proportions-more than you’ll ever know–or care to know.  Your people (NO, not all, but many) have worn out the race card, now, nobody listens.

See the link: here

Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage, Pro-Illegal: CA Attny Gen, Kamala Harris Will Replace SCOTUS Bader Ginsburg..Soon?

About HARRIS: ‘Harris created a special Hate Crimes Unit as San Francisco District Attorney. She focused on hate crimes against LGBT children and teens in schools. She convened a national conference to confront the “gay-transgender panic defense”, which has been used to justify violent hate crimes.[40] Harris supports same-sex marriage in California and opposed both Proposition 22 and Proposition 8.’

BAD:  Years ago…San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris’ office violated defendants’ rights by hiding damaging information about a police drug lab technician and was indifferent to demands that it account for its failings.

Thats not all….more:
She won’t stay out of AZ’s business, either:
She can’t seem to find $3.7 million in Fed money she received as well...
 Los Angeles Slimes reported (in 2010) that Kamala Harris, the democrat candidate for California Attorney General, had a problem explaining what happened to $3.7M of federal grant funds that she took to prosecute illegal aliens. Considering that Harris makes no secret of her ‘Sanctuary City’ policy towards those in the country illegally, it is surprising that the Feds gave her the money, not surprising that she did not use it for its intended purpose. Here’s the story as reported by the Los Angeles Slimes…. SEE:

“OWS” Los Angeles~ “We Want Socialism, & Violence To Achieve Our Goal”, Inotherwords, Murder Americans

First of all….this piece of SHIT needs to go back to the hell hole he is from, and if he doesn’t, there is always option #2.  Bring your gun mother-f*cker.  And be prepared to meet your maker: Satan.  We are defensive players.

GET PREPARED, American Patriots, Christians, Jews, etc.  They want your death.

Obama’s America: Riots, Mayhem, Violence, Police Disrespect-In Hollywood

Over-zealous revellers jump up and down on a police car after crowds got out of hand outside a Hollywood film première

Ya’ all got what you asked for.  This is what happens when you have a terrible leader; an unruly people. This is the result, when you have leftists in charge of a once great nation.  All of this is a result of ERIC HOLDER ALLOWING the Black Panthers go scot free. The fish rots from the head down.

The Bible talks all about bad leaders and the ramifications of it in Proverbs.

READ HERE ABOUT: Riot police fire rubber bullets at ravers on Hollywood Boulevard…

Riot police respond to rowdy film crowd in Hollywood

Phoenix & L.A.~Missles & Rockets In America & LIES OF THE MSM

I have been watching this story..The MSM thinks that the American people are dumb as dirt.  “Mysterious Missles” are now planes.  Koo Koo, Koo Koo.. Just keep watching that TV America, nothing is wrong…NO Missles, that was just a plane. You are all crazy, bigots, racists, bla bla bla.. Spaceweather extention of NASA is saying it was a plane, and you are supposed to believe that horse-shit!!!

See here too about Phoenix:

Possible Missile launched in Phoenix arizona as well!!

Nation UNITED for AZ: L.A. Makes huge mistake-HUGE..

This cracks me up..all of the insane, moonbat drivel from the YES WE CANS regarding AZ. L.A. threatens to boycott AZ…well, they are boycotting us. So, we just aint gonna tolerate their bullshit… Arizona Threatens to Turn Lights off in L.A. – CBS News & Then has the audacity to say the nation is ‘divided’ A Nation Divided: Immigration in America – Nightly News- msnbc.com

   Americans Agree 73% in FAVOR of this law, AND….You see, we have the POWER… Yes, AZ is the power that lights up L.A…. Isn’t that a daisy?

 And, you must all know by now….that we don’t mess around over here in the ‘redneck, racist, hater, nazi, fascist’ state of AZ. 

We will just simply turn yo pow’r off.

How bout that? Wanna play nice, or wanna play hardball?  Because here in AZ, we play hardball. We’ll shut your asses off. Got it? YES WE CAN.

  You know what this all reminds me of? It reminds me of  the movie “Pretty Woman”…You know….when she was in that boutique…and she walked in one day and didn’t look real good…remember? The boutique snots would not sell her anything? If my memory serves me right….she walked in the next few days with a bunch of shopping bags, and told the snots that they made a “BIG MISTAKE, HUGE!”


Even though I cannot stand Julia Roberts (She is a left wing lunatic) I especially like the part at the end where she’s getting ready to LEAVE L.A….

HAHA, who would want to stay in that hell-hole?