GOD & Jesus Are Destroying The Media/#FACEBOOK! We Prayed For #FACEBOOK To Collapse In NOV. 2021

GOD & Jesus Are Destroying The Media/#FACEBOOK ! We Prayed For #FACEBOOK To Collapse In NOV. 2021

The Mainstream Media: A Tool to Destroy the U.S. - Free ...

To the media: Your days are coming to an end. Millions now see that you are LIARS. Wicked Sorcerers & Sooth-sayers. Enjoy your last hour. Death is coming to the media. DIE MEDIA!! DIE! DIE! Let all of big media’s funding DROP dead and become bankrupt. Let Facebook CRUMBLE in Jesus mighty name.

We’ll all be singing Halleluyah when this media beast DIES.

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Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s Hubby Loses FIVE Million In First Yr. Of UFL


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul lost up to $5 million on his investment in a new professional football league, according to the latest congressional financial disclosure reports released Wednesday.

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Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, lost as much as $5 million …


Lets hope this dumb-shit bets Pelosi wins the election LOL!

Paul Pelosi (shown) spent $12 million last year buying the California Redwoods of the United Football League. | Reuters Photo

HA HA HA HA! Suckers! Too Bad, SO SAD.