Civil War Is Raging In #Spain Over Covid Vaccine Restrictions, Etc. #Barcelona

Civil War Is Raging In #Spain Over Covid Vaccine Restrictions, Etc. #Barcelona

ANTI VACCINE T-Shirt No Vaccines Anti Vaccine Campaign ...

There is a worldwide mass protest going on against the Communist Leftists and the globalists in MANY countries, now. The Bolshevik media is not covering any of this so I am posting it:

We saw this on Bitchute uploaded about 9 hours ago.

52 YR OLD Canadian Cardiologist Tells Non-Vaxxed: “I Won’t Cry At Your Funeral,” Is Dead 2 Wks After 3rd (booster) mRNA Injection

52 YR OLD Canadian Cardiologist Tells Non-Vaxxed “I Won’t Cry At Your Funeral,” Is Dead 2 Wks After 3rd (booster) mRNA Injection

The Covid Blog posted on the death of Sohrab Lutchmedial yesterday. The blogger recieved an email in an hour (after posting) from a deranged Communist saying basically that the Covid blog has an ‘agenda’.

WHAT AGENDA, stupid Leftist? YOU COMMUNISTS HAVE THE AGENDA of injecting people with a DEATH serum and then having the damned audacity to claim bloggers have an ‘agenda’ for reporting that people are DYING from your poison!! Damned Nazi piece of DREK!

Idiot. Lunatic. Psychopathic Leftist.

Best The Vid Is 244 Smh GIFs | Gfycat

Did this man know that the LORD required his soul?

And, NOW? Right Handed Privilege. “Critical Hand Theory”

And, NOW? Right Handed Privilege. “Critical Hand Theory”

You thought the totalitarian bully jerks had reached their level? Nope. These idiots have been pushing the ‘right handed privilege’….at least since 2016. But, now our ‘privilege’ makes the ‘news’ (if you want to call it that).

It Was Fun While It Lasted Righties. “Critical Hand Theory” Has Arrived

Idiots. Lunatics…Insufferably mad.

Transgender Says He Is “Braver Than Any US Vet”

Transgender Says He Is “Braver Than Any US Vet”

Is it bravery or an attention whore? I believe it is an attention whore. It does not take bravery for a man to dress like a woman. It takes a level of stupidity and self hatred.

Is he a real transgender? I donno. Could be parody…but who knows nowadays…

I go to Libs on Tik Tok daily but this was CFP finding: Transgender Freak — I’m braver than any Veteran who has ever served…

Michael Savage Knew 20+ Yrs Ago: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER, 100% Proof:

Michael Savage Knew 20+ Yrs Ago: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER:

I see how many people take the phrase “Liberalism is a mental disorder” and try to ‘make it their own’. Savage wrote the book “Liberalism is a mental disorder” in 1997, I believe. I read it in 1999.

Here is 1000% proof he was totally correct. These are your children after being indoctrinated by AmeriKan Communist destroyers.

Is this a chick with a moustache? This is what “Liberalism” has done to your kids, parents. You must be so proud.

Here is the fat edition:

Screwing up your child before age 3.

Thousands of videos with these poor freaks of nature are all over the net. These are the basket cases that are the cult of ‘Cancel Culture’. Little, brainless Communists. Leftists….are you proud of this sheer stupidity?

Now, It’s #Covid19 Vaccination Propaganda Songs. (VOMIT!)

Now, It’s #Covid19 Vaccination Propaganda Songs. (VOMIT!)

LOL….I could vomit without any assistance over this one:

This is what this Tweeter said:


Meanwhile: 15,472 DEAD 1.5 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Ya Liking The AmeriKan Looney Bin?

Ya Liking The AmeriKan Looney Bin?

Seriously, this nation is looking more and more silly as time goes on. Thanks to the Left, countries now laugh their collective asses off at the AmeriKan insanity. And, make no mistake, the Left–not only dangerous but also cuckoo — a funny farm complete.

Who sits around and thinks of ways to look absolutely dumber than a bag of rocks? Leftists, that’s who.

I mean, come on… A “Gender-free” MR. Potato head? Who the hell thinks of Mr. Potato that’s over 10 years old in the first place? Nobody. Only Left wing losers. Nobody bothered to think if Potato head was doing well, if he was selling in the stores, NADA! Then, boom: suddenly, the stupid Leftists are ALL about Mr. Potato head. Mr Potato head could have died and went to hell and I never would’ve even thought of him…Or rather, “It”. I hear HASBRO stopped the insanity:

Then, it’s Dr. Seuss… The “Racist”. The old Doctor didn’t put enough POC in his list of characters—as IF anyone sane even sits around and thinks of little fictitious ‘Who’ people being white or black, purple, pink or what have you… Only one bag of collective moonbats sit and think of ways to Commie “Cancel Culture” ol Dr. Seuss.

Bathrooms are a whole other story in crazy-town USSA. Imagine being a little girl and a big man walks in to the ladies room to take a wiz or god forbid, a #2… There is the little girl, staring at the MAN who just walked into the girls room, scared to death… But, the little girl better watch her mouth or the Democrat Gestapo will arrest her Mom and Dad and then put her into CPA for daring to offend a big, hairy man in the girlies powder room.

I’m waiting on what will be tomorrow’s Looney toon show. I can’t even comment half the time on this sheer stupidity. These totalitarian scumbags are making their ‘rules’ so ‘off- the-charts’ ridiculous….. It’s just to lock you up because they KNOW it’s absurd…. They know you won’t comply and that’s how they’ll lock us all up in the future.

Anti Communist Masks Here!

Be A #MaskHole! Get Your #FUMask! Obnoxious Masks Here!

Im not gonna say bad words because I am really trying hard with that… But, here are some really good masks that are totally obnoxious against the Communist “Liberals”!   


Here is the link to buy one:

My Other Mask is a Gun Fabric Face Mask image 0

@TimCarpenterMKE: NO, It’s NOT “Trumps Fault” That YOU Got Beaten Up By YOUR “Allies”

@TimCarpenterMKE: NO, It’s NOT “Trumps Fault” That YOU Got Beaten Up By YOUR “Allies”

This jackass, State senator, Tim Carpenter went into the mob of violent Communist radicals and got his ass kicked by his own allies — the violent, Communist radicals… What does he do? He blames Trump.  This is the LEFT, Carpenter.  This is YOUR base.  Stop blaming TRUMP for YOUR base being out of control and terrorist.  Damned leftist, blame-shifting, jerkoff.  

People… I am NOT even a ‘ra ra ra‘ Trump person at all.  He just sits there as the violent, radical Communists destroy the nation.  But, this stupid little snit deserved every punch and kick he got if he can still walk away from this beating and blame TRUMP!

There is NO help for the Left. NONE.

Look at this dunderheaded, dipshit!

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin Police” Meme


“We Don’t Need No Stinkin Police” Meme

Save it to your files and tell your friends that the Democrat Communists only want divisiveness and destruction.  The GOP is no great shakes.  Believe me…but above is what CommieCrats want and crave.