Hideously Ugly, Mean-Spirited Lesbian Writes Book To “Eradicate” Men

Hideously Ugly, Mean-Spirited Lesbian Writes Book To “Eradicate” Men

She wants to eradicate all men. She claims she only consumes things made by women. That’s a lie. She, no doubt uses a smartphone: Made by a man. She probably uses a computer: Made by men. She takes a shower: invented and maintained by men. She cooks in a microwave, invented by a man. She sits on furniture: made by men. She drives a car: Made by men. She also drives on highways: built and maintained by men. She turns on a light switch: Made by men. She washes dishes in a sink, built and maintained by men.

Everything this hag uses is MADE BY MEN. Nice try, ugly!

Women CANNOT exist without men. However, men CAN exist without women.

Paris city Councillor Alice Coffin, has revealed in her debut book, Lesbian Genius, that she doesn’t listen to music, read books, or watch films made by men and her partner Yuri also only consumes things that have been produced by women. ‘It’s not enough to help one another, we have to erase them. Erase them from our minds, from our pictures, from our representation. I don’t read books by men anymore, I don’t watch their movies, I don’t listen to their music’, she writes. The rest: https://rb.gy/9xkb2h

Totally looks like…
Owen Wilson Biography | Fandango

How bout we eradicate ugly feminists and their allies… 😀

Suddenly, Streisand “Cares” About The Pledge & Constitution..

Suddenly, Streisand “Cares” About The Pledge & Constitution..

I remember reading Streisand’s website one time… claiming she was pro Socialism.  Socialism is EUROPEAN.  Leftism is EUROPEAN.

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Our founding fathers escaped Socialism and leftism. Escaped the state telling them WHO and HOW they could worship.  Yet, Streisand is for these things.  That is NOT obedience to the flag OR Constitution.

Streisand, you are a big, fat, dirty liar.  You don’t give a rats ass about the Constitution OR the Flag.  Stop the damned hypocrisy.  IF you cared about these things, you would accept the FACT that your ‘team’ lost.  You would put your big girl panties on and shut the hell up, deal with the FACT that we live in a REPUBLIC and the REPUBLIC decides who they want as President.  

We the PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC, not the Democrat control freak land we’ve been for over 40 years decided we were finished with you Leftists.

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HER quote:

‘But in America, we pledge allegiance to the flag, not one particular person. And the president swears to uphold the Constitution, which sets out the rules of law that every citizen, even the president, must obey.’

This I find totally amazing… Streisand..has worked for over 50 years undermining this country.  Yet, she is now crying that we must ‘obey’ the Constitution?  What a lying bitch.  Undermining the elected President at EVERY turn, (usually for hyped up, leftist reasons) is NOT obeying the Constitution at all.  It is called undermining.  Not free speech–undermining.  She links up LEFT WING AND ONLY LEFT WING articles on her harridan ranting website.

Right here on this link, she’s crying about “impeachment” of GWB.  Leftists only care about impeaching Repub Presidents because they are leftist dummies who think their Democrat Kings can do NO wrong: A Case For Impeachment, 2007.

There is absolutely nothing on her site standing up to Obama’s 26,000 plus bombs all over the middle east. NO crying over ‘dead children’ etc.. Only crying over Bush doing it. 

Hypocrite, lying skank.  Go to a Nursing home and let some Jew hating Jihadists change your depends undergarments.  



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IRAQ III: Lunatic, John Kerry (TRAITOR to USA) Declares Syrian “WMD” – Lies, Lies and More Lies

Lunatic, John Kerry (TRAITOR to USA) Declares Syria “WMD” Lies, Lies and More Lies

The government of the USA is FILLED with war-mongering lunatics.  They need to be off’d, preferably by the Russians on a day when they are all at the capital.  Please hear me Vladimir Putin.  

Remember the anti war crowd?  John Kerry was part of it.. Now he IS the WAR CROWD.

See this as well: Video Purports to Show Execution of Truck Drivers in Syria


….And, nothing’s changed!!!


The Mad Jewess Camp: It’s OK To Call Obama An Illegal Alien & A Murderer

Obama says its OK to call Mittens Romney a Felon and a killer.  So, tit for tat.  Obama IS a murderer.  Anyone who knows about Donald Young, Breitbart, Fast n Furious,  knows that Obama is a serial killer.  How many murders in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria?  All of this has happened under Obama the (ILLEGAL/S) watch.

Obama is a MURDERER.  

Obama, the Muslim, Kenyan, Marxist, psychopathic, lunatic is also an illegal alien who stole a seat that is not rightfully his.  We are to disrespect this tyrannical piece of drek every day of our lives.  He was not even eligible to be president, but the Bolsheviks in the DEM party allowed him to be prez. So they are accessories to murder, as well.  If it is OK for Obama to call Mittens a killer, we have every right to name Obama a murderer and an illegal alien/usurper.

I am The Mad Jew bitch and I approve this message.

Whoa: Left-Wing, Lunatic Jewish Noam Chomsky: “Bush Tortured & Kidnapped, But Obama Murders”

Whoa: Left-Wing, Lunatic Jewish Noam Chomsky: “Bush Tortured, Obama Murders”

Shocked the hell outta me! Maybe he recalls that Stalinism murders Jews?  Who knows.. Really quite unbelievable…
EXCERPT: “Noam Chomsky has slammed US drone strikes and said while the Bush administration kidnapped and tortured, present-day White House resorts to murder.”