An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

The murderous, butt-puke Leftists are going insane over a former slave cabin which is currently being rented out by a patron on AirBnB. They are outraged over this but not outraged over homosexual militants who are teaching little children how to be tiny drag queens. They’re NOT outraged over 65 plus million little babies being snuffed out and murdered by abortion. The Leftists support Nazi’s in Ukraine and Jihadists in the Arab Muslim countries. But, they are super upset over an old, reformed slave cabin. SICKENING.

Leftists are the vessels of destruction that Paul the Apostle talked about.

Leftists are here to DESTROY and very little else.

June Is Rue21’s “Say Gay” Barforama. A Real Puke-Fest

June @ Rue21’s “Say Gay” Barforama, Real Puke-Fest

June is the pathetic month that poop chute-lovers celebrate butt-worship & “Luv my carpet” praisers celebrate the ‘g’od of the Lesbos. I saw it displayed on the posters the other day at the store. Just another establishment I won’t frequent. Im sick of the sexual deviancy on parade and ‘in ya face’.

My Mom, on the other hand is so sick and tired of the militancy that she went in to the store and told everyone off about the “Say Gay” modus operandi. The workers replied that she ‘hated gays’. She, in turn said that her Uncle was the ‘queen of the bay’ in his gay hey-day and proceeded to start walking out when she replied: “I’m sick of this being shoved on everyone”, “My Uncle never did this chit”. She was animated and angry..

At any rate, here is one of their stupid posters:

To which I just say….

1 Corinthians 6: Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men [a]10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Uvalde – Supposed Shooter: Proud Trans-sexual? If So, The Commie-Crats OWN This Cat, Too:

Uvalde: Supposed Shooter: Proud Trans-sexual? If So, The Commie-Crats OWN This Cat, Too:

In WHAT world before the Babylon Democrat demons came along – did men want to be women? No sane male has EVER wanted to be a female.

Anyway… I found this:

If this is the supposed shooter used in the shooting….he is an obvious young, Commie tragedy queen. So, all of us 2nd Amendment lovers will have to pay for this freak.

I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I Had To Take It Down: Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Dirtbag, Old Grump, Neil Young.

I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I have to Take It Down. Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Old Grump, Neil Young

What a disgusting, lousy shame–Frampton is ‘in’ on this lunacy also. It’s hard to even post that many entertainers to begin with because most of them are filthy, disgusting, no-good, rotten Communist scum.

So, now my Frampton post is on private. I can’t ‘promote’ some loser who hates freedom and calls true information regarding the shot that is murdering people, ‘misinformation’: Time For A PETER FRAMPTON Break

Hey Peter Frampton:





Where is the ADL? Those useless bunch of Commies? The Commie/Globalist pigs are making life soooo wonderful…

Idiot ADL Wants Tucker Fired For Being “Anti Semitic”. Tucker Believes Whites Are Being “Replaced” WHICH THEY ARE:

Idiot ADL Wants Tucker Fired For Being “Anti Semitic”. Tucker Believes Whites Are Being “Replaced” WHICH THEY ARE:

Lunatics (TV series) - Wikipedia

The ADL wants Tucker fired from FOX for being anti semitic because he believes white people are being erased in America. Huh???? I lived in a large town in Cali. By the time I left, in 2007 the town was about 28% white. In the 70’s-80’s, it was 98% white. I know very well that ‘white replacement’ is happening. It just so happens that White Nationalist movements talk about this. And? Just because THEY talk about it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Leftists are stupid. The ADL is stupider.


How is it anti semitic for Tucker to care about the plight of white people in America? Is the ADL completely off their rocker? I face Jew hate most of the time on different social media outlets. I’ve always believed that Jew hatred is singling out JEWS (NOT White people) and harassing them.

Since when is being white ‘anti semitic?’

ADL needs to get their crew on some meds. Maybe start caring about how the Israeli government is murdering their own people with the vaccines, which I personally believe is very anti semitic.

AND, if you think that these bottom-feeding, pond scum ADL bastards are totally ‘pro Jew’, you would be mistaken: ADL Condemns Pamela Geller

jOBAMA Admin Is Cutting Off Florida From Covid19 Antibody Meds

jOBAMA Beast Administration Is Cutting Off Florida From Covid19 Antibody Meds

Barack is cutting off meds from Florida because DeSantis won’t bow to the Antichrist, Obama and his idiot mandates, etc.

Most people do not believe me….but: generated Image


Yeah right. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz