Leftists LOVE War & Murder: Massive Military NATO Expansion In Romania. Dems Have Started Just About EVERY Major War.

Leftists LOVE War & Murder: Massive Military NATO Expansion In Romania

Leftists have started just about every war there has ever been thru the 20th and 21st centuries.

And, now, here they are in Romania trying to destroy Russia:

Better view:


nato continues to strengthen its military in Romania, ready to fight with Russia #milirary #usa #russia #ukraine #usa_tiktok

♬ U.S. Marine Corps Hymn (Marines’ Hymn) – Spirit of America Ensemble

In US politics, why is the Republican Party perceived as “pro-war” and the Democratic Party as “pro-peace,” when history indicates most wartime Presidents have been Democrats?

We all know both parties are absolute dirty, rotten traitors – but the facts are the facts:

Woodrow Wilson (WWI) 4 years

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (WWII) 4 years

Harry S. TrumanKorea war, 3 years

Lyndon B. JohnsonVietnam, 19 years

George Herbert Walker BushIraq war, 42 days

William Jefferson ClintonSerbia, Proxy war. (He bombed Serbia for over 70 days and destroyed every bridge on the river Danube. The Serbs were allies of USA during WW1 & WWII. The Serbs saved 500 American flyers during WW2. This was the most shameful act that has ever been committed by ANY US President.)

George Bush,

*Afghanistan. 7 years. But, this is an ongoing Clusterfck since 2001. Then, the:

* IRAQ War:

The Second Gulf War lasted just three weeks and ended with Saddam Hussein’s overthrow. However, since April 2003, United States forces, as well as troops from other countries, have struggled to end violent resistance in the nation.

Barack Hussein Obama-Proxy wars in:

* Egypt,



* Ukraine.

All of these proxy wars were violent, regime changes – with the exception of Syria. Obama was not able to change the Assad govt. These Obama brought proxy wars have caused complete instability in the middle east. In 2016 alone, over 26,000 bombs were dropped in the middle east. The public was kept in the dark about Obama’s proxy wars because he was black.

JoeBama BidenWe are on the brink of WWIII with Russia and China.

Democrats, not happy starting all of the insurrections, lootings & riots across the nation… have itchy fingers to start WWIII with Russia in Ukraine. I remember during the 2nd Iraq war, there were fake ‘peaceniks’ with “Bread not bombs” signs in Monterey, CA. The same “Bread not bombs” Democrats can’t wait to bomb Russia.

Democrats are lying, psychopathic hypocrites. They are only ‘Bread not bombs” when the Republicans are in power.

Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Beware… Rated R: Sorta.

I’m going to be up front, honest and brutal… In my opinion, women shouldn’t even vote. We should have never gotten the right. Why? Because women (for the most part) care more about nesting, spending money, getting their periods and making men miserable. Screaming, ranting, crying, emotional basket cases that think only of their vagina’s.

Women are horrible bosses and most are power-mad, money-hungry gold-diggers. Men know this but they keep it to themselves. Other men that are emasculated exist purely as man’gina’s… they would gladly allow some freaked-out, nervous nelly to rule the roost because they’ve lost their cojones.

Women for thousands of years – until the 20th century – were nurtured by their Husbands because those poor fellas knew they were living with tragedy queens. Of course, those days, women didn’t work because men absolutely knew- without a shadow of a doubt – that women were (still are) insane, padded-cell material.

Now, women take governorship’s, seats in the Senate & Congress and the state goes to hell. Look no further than Feinstein, Pelosi, AOC, Hillary Clinton, Palin (YES, Palin – the bridge to no where and resigning as AK Gov), Whitmer, Hocul, Ilhag Omar, Kamala Harris, ETC…

Modern women care more about their so-called ‘reproductive rights’ than they do about inflation. They worship their privates more than food on the table. Chopping up baby is more important than mothering. Abortion is more important than a secure border. Vagina takes precedence over American tax dollars being sent to Ukraine.

Even in the BIBLE….When God refers to something evil and horrifying, he refers to a loose FEMALE: A WHORE.

Suck it up, girls!

We ain’t much!

CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

Welp, there goes one of my snacks. G’bye. I can’t even remember all the snacks and foods I’ve banned off of my list of the freak show circus clowns.

Puke all over Cheez-Its

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

The murderous, butt-puke Leftists are going insane over a former slave cabin which is currently being rented out by a patron on AirBnB. They are outraged over this but not outraged over homosexual militants who are teaching little children how to be tiny drag queens. They’re NOT outraged over 65 plus million little babies being snuffed out and murdered by abortion. The Leftists support Nazi’s in Ukraine and Jihadists in the Arab Muslim countries. But, they are super upset over an old, reformed slave cabin. SICKENING.

Leftists are the vessels of destruction that Paul the Apostle talked about.

Leftists are here to DESTROY and very little else.

June Is Rue21’s “Say Gay” Barforama. A Real Puke-Fest

June @ Rue21’s “Say Gay” Barforama, Real Puke-Fest

June is the pathetic month that poop chute-lovers celebrate butt-worship & “Luv my carpet” praisers celebrate the ‘g’od of the Lesbos. I saw it displayed on the posters the other day at the store. Just another establishment I won’t frequent. Im sick of the sexual deviancy on parade and ‘in ya face’.

My Mom, on the other hand is so sick and tired of the militancy that she went in to the store and told everyone off about the “Say Gay” modus operandi. The workers replied that she ‘hated gays’. She, in turn said that her Uncle was the ‘queen of the bay’ in his gay hey-day and proceeded to start walking out when she replied: “I’m sick of this being shoved on everyone”, “My Uncle never did this chit”. She was animated and angry..

At any rate, here is one of their stupid posters:

To which I just say….

1 Corinthians 6: Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men [a]10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Uvalde – Supposed Shooter: Proud Trans-sexual? If So, The Commie-Crats OWN This Cat, Too:

Uvalde: Supposed Shooter: Proud Trans-sexual? If So, The Commie-Crats OWN This Cat, Too:

In WHAT world before the Babylon Democrat demons came along – did men want to be women? No sane male has EVER wanted to be a female.

Anyway… I found this:

If this is the supposed shooter used in the shooting….he is an obvious young, Commie tragedy queen. So, all of us 2nd Amendment lovers will have to pay for this freak.

I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I Had To Take It Down: Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Dirtbag, Old Grump, Neil Young.

I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I have to Take It Down. Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Old Grump, Neil Young

What a disgusting, lousy shame–Frampton is ‘in’ on this lunacy also. It’s hard to even post that many entertainers to begin with because most of them are filthy, disgusting, no-good, rotten Communist scum.

So, now my Frampton post is on private. I can’t ‘promote’ some loser who hates freedom and calls true information regarding the shot that is murdering people, ‘misinformation’: Time For A PETER FRAMPTON Break

Hey Peter Frampton: