Uber Rich, Photoshopped @Madonna, Living In A Mansion Is Being “Crushed” By the “Patriarchy”… Lol.

Uber Rich, Photoshopped @Madonna, Living In A Mansion Is Being “Crushed” By the “Patriarchy”… Lol.

Madonna lives in a mansion, has made gazillions producing crap ‘music’ (except for La Isla Bonita) for 40 years and is complaining that the ‘patriarchy’ is holding her down and jack-booting her scrawny neck. Maybe she should try visiting the freezing Texans.

You know what I think? I think that she has a really good photoshopped picture below and wanted to show it off. She’s not being ‘squashed’ by anyone, she is the squasher.

This dude let her have it:

This tweeter points out that Madonna was on Epstein’s log:

This one really let the dumbbell have it:

This Bimbo believes women are not ‘=’ to men ……………….. Lmaoff. Idiot Leftists.

So many American women are whiny, nagging hags and complainers. I feel sorry for American men. Stay away from most American women, guys. They’re ALL a bunch of little Madonna’s. Save a few.

Old Hag, MADONNA Is Wanted In Russia (By Russian Persecutors) For Her Marxist, Homosexual Propaganda

AmierKans: Madonna is the united states ‘status quo.’  But, in sane places, like Russia, her Commie/Marxist, pro homo ass-hattery is not wanted.  See, in Russia, they believe that Adam is for Eve, not Steve.  I hope the Russians send the KGB and lock the dizzy bitch up.

This is what people think about Madonna on Youtube:

Madonna of the American epitome of morality. You’re a fucking bitch. America is an immoral country.


Man, I’m starting to fall in love with Russia. They have far better moral value than the Americans!


Go Russia! Ban that sodomite bullcrap! They are standing up for morality more than the United States government is, that’s for damn sure!


Soon, America will allow Human–Animal marriage too. What a immoral country!


MADONNA’s Daughter Eager To Move Out & Move In With Her Father

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes ‘eager to move out’.  How can you blame her?  Madonna is a big, fat hypocrite. Can you imagine your own mother being 54 years old, telling audiences that she will ‘get naked’ if a certain president gets into office, again?  Not only that..Madonna is super strict with her daughter.  The slut who is rumored to have had 4 abortions is strict with her daughter who was caught smoking. Lourdes is better off with her father.



The bitch loves the black Muslim in the white house, but,  Madonna drops ‘terror bride’ dress as not to offend the ‘peaceful’ Muslims..When the Sharia comes, we will demand she bows first…Really..this is Asshattery at its absolute finest..

The Mad Jewess, Oct 9, 2012  5:40 PM PST

Review: Madonna disappoints her audience in San Jose


Madonna On Stage, To A Crowd Of Cheering Fans: “We Have A Black Muslim In The White House”

Telling them they have to ‘f**king vote for Obama’. And then she goes on to cheer the fact, as stated by her, that we have a black Muslim in the White house.

@ 4:07 minutes.

Vid: Madonna Shows The Turks Her Tits..This Is What We Think Of Her

Madonna Shows The Turks Her Tits..This Is What We Think Of Her... It is time for the OLD has-been to grow up. Its not ‘cute’. Actually, it was never cute.  If you want to see an OLD bat show off her boobs, knock your sox off, I aint embedding it here:

CLICK to see the filthy slut…And don’t wonder why most of the world hates our guts. Surprised the hag survived in a Muzzie land after this stunt.

Madonna projected the word ‘Reductive’ to Lady Gag. Madonna is the ‘reductive’ one:

Reductive is the act or process or an instance of reducing. The state or condition of being reduced.


Look @ The Photo-Shop Job On Madonna The HAS BEEN.

MADONNA: Hello….1986 is calling, they are looking for you…

Ha Ha Ha… Shes slower than a ray of light, she’s a has been...LolDid ya all see how angry the witch got with Lady Goof off? Cracks me up. This evil scuz LOVES Obama, too.  Figures.  I used to blog with this hag. She is nasty.


Listen to that vid…that IS Madonna in a nutshell.

Left-Wing Moonbat Madonna Compares “Bullying” To Holocaust, Clueless Of Leftist BULLYING Against Americans

Go to fullsize imageThis is America now- a bunch of little pansy asses that cry and whine.  I was bullied-terribly. I fought back, that is how you deal with bullies. There was nothing wrong with me physically, mentally, socially, money-wise.  It can happen to anyone and usually does.

  But…we must talk about it..we must be tolerant..la la la. Tolerant? That is not going to stop bullies. The SPLC wrote up an article on this yesterday (yes, as usual; b.s.).  There is no tolerance for bullies- and you people, thats right: you  left-wing sub humans are the reason that America is a powder-keg of pent up anger. 

  You want to taLLLLLLk about why a kid is a bully, why an adult can be a bully. But you never want to deal with bullies, because you ARE the bullies.  This is all projection, because the left is full of the most intolerant assholes in the g’damned planet, bullying their way into our lives.  Islam is a bully, but the left wants to taLLLLLk with the Taliban.  Pedophiles are bullies, but Pelosi endorses NAMBLA. Illegal occupiers are bullies, but we want to just let them in and destroy.

  Lastly.. this is how you deal with bullies, kid or adult; you beat the living fuck out of them.  You  kick their ass. GROW UP AMERICA!!!

  Here is Madonnas rag:

Madonna Compares Bullying  to Lynching, Holocaust‎ –

Now go and witness what the left wing BULLIES are doing in UK, and soon to do here, because these left wingers ARE THE BULLIES: Student protesters run wild in London, storm Tory HQ…


 Madonna is just the sweetest little thing since sliced bread.. Here she is below:  “Sarah Palin, get the fuck off my street”…. she’s not a bully…. Never.. Prancing around naked.. pushing that lovey dovey, boy-man love. She is a PIG. Madonna IS a sex-bully and frikking freak.  She opened the doors for the worst debauchery in the planet and shoved her disgusting show all over America, and now expects God fearing Americans to be TOLERANT. Combust 

MARXIST Hollywood To “SPREAD THE WEALTH” To Conservatives Who They Hate!?

  Yes, we know how they just love us, but that’s to damned bad, you can’t be picky in Obama-Land. 

animated_us_flag.gif American flag, animated image by mickey_dougal

  It’s a Marxist/Commie World now, and we’re all in this together. Yes, we all live in the Marxist States of America, and now the movie stars love us and are more than willing to ‘spread it around’ –Ooo, this will be fun! Taking according to my desire from all of the shitheads that have screwed up our lives so bad.  Yes, Justice has COME! Just think of what we will all own in our new Kommie U.S.S.A., thanks to these oh-so-generous left wing folks that love America Flag-waving People!

TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS Conservatives! “Spread” this message far and wide!

  You know how much money these people have made! Good Gracious! Streisand? Once appraised at over 300 mill.. WOW! Thats great! Just think, 150 mill will come directly to little gun owners in DIXIE!  Thanks BABS! Remember, YOU are one of the ones that thought of this brilliant idea!

OH, WOW! Just think.. How much Madonna is worth? Think of ALL that money coming to the MAD JEWESS.  Do you all know on my other blog, I debate with Madonna?  She HATES us! JUSTICE is served, Madonna. Now don’t you get upset. You love Obama, and ‘He’s Da Man’ So, spread that wealth, Material Girl!

How bout the fascist-Chavez lovin Sean Penn! Yes, he said last month that we should all be locked away for talking bad about Chavez. Very soon, he will be forced to ‘spread the wealth’ to us conservatives! LOL

And we can’t leave out Tom Hanks. He called us all a bunch of racists! Well, Tommy boy.. Spread that wealth to us hard working litte racists.  We deserve it, don’t we? You get paid way too much, you should feel GUILTY that so many Americans have it so bad and you have it so good!

  OH, My FAV.. Rosie O’Donnell! Yipee! Oh, we’ll take it all right, Rose, and we’ll give it to Tom Selleck! To spread it around to the NRA members who are not that well-off. Lol! Just think how much weight this sweet Irish Militant Bolshevik will be losing, by giving to her precious friends; WE THE PEOPLE, Thanks Rose! Never knew you cared!

  Folks, there are SO MANY more. We have to start researcing these kind folks that are so generous.  After all, we deserve and are ENTITLED to get some and a whole lot more! Maybe they will be forced to give houses to Tea Party Members? YES!


Finally doing something right to ‘ease’ that guilt…

See my comment to MADONNA on my other Blog:

Your x-Fascist-Nazi husband is not into freedom unless it is in HIS favor.

Read the rest here.

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  • Jesus Christ, this meth skank looks worse than I could’ve ever imagined. Now I feel bad for Twana (sorta).

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  • Madonna, you have a crush on Twana??

    We, gals…all of us do not look to cute after 40 without make-up, even you Madonna.

    Image results for madonna without makeup

    Anyway, I saw your over and done.

    I hear you like this new Marxism, so, how do you feel about ‘spreading that wealth’ to poor right wing tea baggers? :O