‘Fruits’ Of Mandela’s Post Apartheid: 3 Year Old BABY Gang Raped. 6 WEEK OLD Baby Raped

‘Fruits’ Of Mandela’s Post Apartheid: 3 Year Old BABY Gang Raped. 6 WEEK OLD Baby Raped


Sarc:  Mandela was such a peace maker and his people are as well.  I suppose these little babies deserved to be raped because apartheid was bad, eh?

3 Year old survives gang rape

6 Week old baby, raped in N Cape

Meanwhile, the evil people in this present debaucherous, ungodly world celebrate the life of the murderer, Nelson Mandela.  Sick, demented lunatics.

Is “Freedom” raping little babies????

Nelson Mandela, Commie Murderer With Arafat: “We Will Use Violence”

Nelson Mandela, Commie Murderer With Arafat: “We Will Use Violence”

He was addressing the poor, ‘apartheid’ Pale$tinians…Who have no Jews in the PA, but Israel has Arabs and Muslims in the Knesset.. Bogus ‘apartheid’ rantings.. SO-Violence is the only means?  Lie.  Kill was his gig..Murder and violence are 2 different things:  One is to make a point- Like a kid who throws something to get his mothers attention.. The other is to murder humans to humble people into submission with fear.  Mandela was not ‘making a point.’  If that were the case, nobody would be dead.

 He did what he did to bring Communism to South Africa – which is what left wing (Liberal) terrorists have done for 100 years: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS. 

See: Video – Mandela in Gaza: “If the only solution is violence, then we will use violence”

I, personally am not for either points.  I am defense. (Unfortunately, I have to get hurt to ‘hit’ back) ..Some right-wing Jews (like the JDL) have been more vigorous, which I don’t approve. I do not like violence.    BUT, we will be mean and forced into defense  if pushed by this radical, left wing govt.

GWB 43 Flies With Barack Hussein Obama To S.A. To Honor Communist-Terrorist, Mandela

GWB 43 Flies With Barack Hussein Obama To Honor Communist, Mandela

And, this is just another reason I am not a Republican for years.

 F’ck George Bush. You can have him.  Calling our volunteer,  minutemen ‘vigilantes’   He was no good as a President, either.  Just a liberal.  Deal with it, the GOP SUCKS! Trump was right – that fat, egghead Karl Rove has loser issues.  GWB, the “Conservative” hero goes to S.A. to honor a COMMIE TERRORIST.  Makes me want to puke.   This is why I don’t call myself conservative. I am a patriot.

Africa says GWB saved 5 million people.  Really?  What about whites in South Africa?  AmeriKa only cares about people who are NOT white. Racist, liberal filth. Brownie worshipers.

UPI new reported this


Blacks In South Africa ARE Moving In to Murder Off Their Whites. Facebook Posts, Tweets Reveal This

Whites In South Africa Are In More Danger Now Than Ever. STOP THE GENOCIDE AGAINST WHITE MINORITY

I don’t even know what to do.  It is evident that some of us are going to have to raise money, go to S.A., whatever it takes to end this murder. I just do not know how to organize this type thing.

These posts on Facebook, Twitter, make it clear that the blacks in South Africa want to murder off all of the whites.    We ALL need to plead with God to destroy these racist blacks.  “End of apartheid?”  My ass.


Its been so out of control in America with Obama’s evil sons that I have long forgotten South Africa.  We have to make this a serious, #1 issue. I cannot stand people suffering this way.  I cannot even keep up with this present evil. Its everywhere. 

Breitbart’s @JoelPollack OUTRIGHT LIES About ‘Race Relations Being Better’ In SA Post Mandela

Breitbart’s @JoelPollack  OUTRIGHT LIES About ‘Race Relations Being Better’ In SA Post Mandela

Little white South African girl who was beaten just for being white:


Sure, Pollack brings up some negatives.. But, to just outright LIE about racial relations being ‘dramatically better’ makes me want to puke.

I get so damned sick and tired of the LIES these phoney’s spread.  This moron states:

Race relations are dramatically better. Mandela brought South Africa from the brink of civil war to a unity that was once unthinkable. Politicians continue to exploit race, but everyday relations among members of the “Rainbow Nation” are good, though some ‘grievances’ remain. An entire generation has grown up with no direct experience of apartheid,  and against the backdrop of a vibrant cultural cross-pollination. One problem is the position of the formerly dominant Afrikaans-speaking minority, whose language is being pushed aside.


So, race relations are better for the South Africans?  What a liar.  South Africa is now the murder capital of the world and the blacks there are going to make every, single white person pay for ‘apartheid.’     Over 64,000 whites have been murdered by black South Africans since Mandela became KING: See for yourself   Go ahead Joel…Tell us how the # is not accurate…Isn’t that the same garbage we hear from people that deny the # of the German Holocaust victims, JOEL? 

South Africa is a hell hole with daily insanity:

In September 2013 the police reported that they had “made more than 14,000 arrests at Communist/liberaol protests in the past four years in SA- see here: CLICK (Wikipedia)

The nuts in South Africa even protest delivery services: See this new site for yourself.

The ‘flash mob’ loot stores and steal millions in jewelry & other in S.A.  See this news site here


Sell your BS somewhere else, JOEL.

South Africa today is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers who go unpunished, and where whites are anything but the citizens of a democratic country which honors the principles of equality and freedom. From David Horowitz

White-Hating Racist, “KILL WHITE FARMERS”, #NelsonMandela Is Finally Dead. Adios, Scum!

White-Hating, Racist, “KILL WHITE FARMERS”, #NelsonMandela Finally Dead. Adios, Scum!

I thought the old bastard was already gone.  Well, finally, he kicked the bucket.  Adios to another white-hating piece of shit!

KILL WHITE FARMERS is what “Peace loving”, ‘anti-racist’ Mandela is singing in this left-wing revolutionary video:

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Mandela’s buddies:

Nelson Mandela’s lovely (PUKE) wife, Winnie:

Her reputation was damaged by such rhetoric as that displayed in a speech she gave in Munsieville on 13 April 1986, where she endorsed the practice of necklacing (burning people alive using tyres and petrol). She said, “with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.

Goodbye you EVIL, Communist pig!

Ronald Reagan had put Mandela on a terrorist watch list: See here





Guess who is waitin fer ya:

I thought the f’cker was gone! Racist, Nelson Mandela “Kill White People” Is …