Birthergate & DADT Repeal~Daryn J. Moran: Another USAF Man Thrown Under Obamas Bus

  Another great patriot thrown under O’s bus for opposing our current dictator-tyrant. He is against the DADT repeal, hows that working for ya Ron Paul  ?  YOU voted for this idiocy (repeal DADT, gross). Makes you just like B. Hussein Osama.    If Ron Paul is SUCH a great American, let him now come forth and do what this young man has done; Confront Obamas birth certificate that has 9 layers.

If it smells like a liberal, acts like a liberal, talks like a liberal, it IS A LIBERAL.

Duty Air Force Staff Sergeant Daryn J. Moran’s On-Camera Public Statement About
Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate & Eligibility