Marco Mariachi Rubio Says “He’s Ready To Be Prez.” He Won’t EVER Get My Vote.

Marco Mariachi Rubio Says He’s “Ready To Be Prez”, He Won’t Be Getting Our Vote

I am an American and also a Native American Indian (through my fathers line)  I am sick and tired of morons like Marco Rubio who want to bring in more illegals from Mexico.  Not any place else, just Mexico.   People are sick and dying from 3rd world diseases and virus’s, mostly coming in from Mexico and this rotten SOB wants to bring more in.  I will NOT vote this piece of garbage EVER.

We need someone who will:

Get rid of TSA, NSA, NDAA, DHS, Patriot Act, Drones, Mandatory GMO labeling, End ALL foreign interventions, dismantle ALL NGO’s, Bring back our troops from at least 400 bases worldwide and repent to Russia for destroying Little Russia (Ukraine), end all gun control laws, reign in the feds, reign in the IRS and return the country to the Constitution.. I am sure there’s more but this is a start.


AND, you can call me racist, xenophobe, etc…..I’ll just be covering my ears going ‘la la la la la, I can’t hear you.’

An art collage from November 2013

NO, No and NOOOOOOOO……….!