The “POT” Debate~Marijuana. Why Making Pot Legal Will Make Americans Do Zero Against Fascism

  Anyone that has toked, smoked or tooted some pot knows fully well that this weed wrecks the brain cells.

It also has a bad side effect, almost immediately. Pot renders a person (in the mind, immature -forever).  Most pot-smokers (especially in their teens) grow to be very lazy individuals.  I am not saying they are ‘bad’ individuals, they aren’t, for the most part.  But, pot is a bad substance. The powers that be would have you smoking joints, 24/7 to stop you from fighting fascism. When one is a heavy pot-smoker, they are psychologically paralyzed. If the smoker is a teen, you will see a rapid slowdown with their grades in school. It is a substance/drug that renders one very slothful.

  Yes, The Mad Jewess is so bigoted, so hateful, so…..bla bla bla.. Well, I know this problem because of experience with marijuana as a teen.  I constantly have to fight off laziness. The best thing for me is the gym.  The gym, while it does not give me back my brain cells, it releases endorphines, which is a nice feeling in the body (and lasting). The gym actually gives me a much better feeling in the body then pot ever did.  M.j. is actually a type depressant as well, in my opinion.  At 18, I stopped smoking it, because it gave me a negative ‘sensation’ of extreme paranoia. Although I felt a wonderful feeling at times, I could not escape this paranoid feeling, so, I quit.

  My life changed after ditching the bad habit.  My grades went up the last year in high school. I started writing all kinds of poetry and started painting.  Then, I got back into singing which moved me toward a career in the theatre. I gained ambition, & within 5 years, I was accepted (with a full scholarship) at A.C.T. in San Francisco (which I turned down, too many leftists=misery). I,then, geared my career toward entertaining troops at Fort Ord 7th Infantry Division, Light Fighters Brigade, up until 1992 (I still entertain troops, but not as much). -My grandmother was sick for many years, and I left the theatre and troop entertainment to make sure she had someone to help her. Had I not stopped smoking pot, my Nana would have been left alone with no help, I would have been too lazy.

  The pot debate should be ash-canned by all good Americans. If you are a conservative-type person and smoke pot, it is time to stop. Patriotic Americans need all the help we can get. And with these terrorist, black, flash-mobs, (which I believe will turn full scale), we will all need to be sharp for the battle ahead.  Smoking pot is a sinister plot to stop patriots from fighting fascism–even physically if we have to.  Stop the pot, Americans.