#Psaki Admits The Vaccinated Are “Marked People” Who They Need To Protect:

#Psaki Admits The Vaccinated Are “Marked People” Who They Needs To Protect:

Well, looks like the vaccinated are ‘marked’. Thats what we’ve been telling people but now, its from the horses mouth:

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#GLOBALFASCISM – No JAB No FUEL In Lahore, #Pakistan (The Largest City)

GLOBALFASCISM – No JAB No FUEL In #Pakistan (Lahore, The Largest City)

I don’t give a crap what ‘religion’ people are at this point: ANYONE fighting this fascism is trying to save their soul.

God, please reach out to all the people refusing the Communist-Nazi-Fascist pigs.

Man Gives A WWE Style Speech @ San Diego Board For Violating Nuremberg Code. Nurse RESIGNS Over Covid Vax In San Diego

Man Gives A WWE Style Speech @ San Diego Board For Violating Nuremberg Code. Nurse RESIGNS Over Covid Vax In San Diego

He yells like Hulk Hogan.. GOOD! LET THESE COMMIE NAZI Bastards have it!


Both may not embed correctly. So, you will have to go watch it on Bitchute.

This Nurse stood up to a bunch of Left wing windbags and resigned before the whole board!


Good going! God bless you both!

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In Germany: “GAS THE UNVACCINATED” (How Apt)

In Germany: “GAS THE UNVACCINATED” (How Apt)

Just more proof Germany is and has ALWAYS been: LEFTIST. [Ever since they got rid of the Kaiser.]

Read it here: It’s Starting All Over Again: Only THIS TIME, it’s the ‘Unvaccinated’ They say to gas.

This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated: Read this and see that it is Nazi /Stalinist crap all over again. Nazis+Commies=SAME

The ‘tolerant’ are murderous scumbags and GOD WILL destroy them ALL.

You can’t fool me you murderous Leftist, satanic demons from hell.

Australia Persecuting Their Serbs, Arabs, Blacks, Etc If They Don’t Get STABBED W/ #Covid Poison Shot:

Australia Persecuting Their Serbs, Arabs, Blacks, Etc If They Don’t Get STABBED W/ #Covid Poison Shot:

This is horrible. The Military is tenting in the streets of Australia, demanding that the minorities in AU get stabbed with the poison, graphene, Lucifer prick.

This is awful:

Hat Tip: Bren

The COLD, HARD Truth Of Where The Covid Vaxx Nazi Bastards Are Taking Us ALL:

The COLD, HARD Truth Of Where The Covid Vaxx Nazi Bastards Are Taking Us ALL


Here is the cold, hard truth:

The WHOLE world is going to come to a place (shortly) where you will not be allowed to buy, sell OR work without getting the vaccine and soon, the ‘mark’ (which is already here). The mark is only a SYMPTOM by the way. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Your family members & friends who REFUSE to get this vaxx and mark will be persecuted, dumped on, their lives will stop short. They will go homeless, many may even have their homes taken. But, fore sure–many will be tormented and murdered. THIS IS THE FACTS. Its in the bible.

The bible ACCURATELY has predicted everything we are going thru from earthquakes to famine to plague. The bible warns us of these things. The bible promises the return of Jesus only ONE time. He will gather his elect AFTER the tribulation and NOT before.

This is where it is ALL going.

You who took the vaxx took the first part of the ‘mark’. Deal with it. This is what you did. Ignore it, try to talk yourself out of it but it IS what it is. You were tricked. YOU will be able to buy or sell. YOU will be able to work. (If you even make it out alive after receiving the poison shot)

None of this type of demonic fascism has EVER been attempted but it is here now.

Right now, in Israel, they are working to keep the unvaxxed (those who are refusing the stages of the mark) in their homes and not letting them out. That type of totalitarianism WILL come here and EVERY single country. There is NO ‘safe place’ but in the Lord, blessed be his name forever and ever.

Soon, there will be NO more leniency given to those who refusing the vaxx and the mark. NONE.

#666 Alert-NSW, AU: COVID “Safe Code”, QR Code For All Purchases. No Buying Or Selling Without

AU: COVID “Safe Code” – QR Code For All Purchases. No buying Or Selling Without

In New South Wales, AU:

The ‘powers that be’, the globalist anti Christs will be demanding you wear a bracelet next, no doubt…… to get you used to having something on your wrist. Then, you’ll have to get some type of mark/tat. The tat/mark will have probably the same nano’s in them as the shot. Its not the ‘mark’ itself that is the greater evil.. it is what is IN the shot and what is IN the tat/mark that is damning you if you have anything to do with it.

#666 Palm Scanners To Pay For Goods Appearing At #SAVERS & Other Supermarkets

666 Palm Scanners To Pay For Merchandise Appearing At #SAVERS

People don’t believe we’re IN it. We are. I don’t know what more people need. I see so many believers saying: ‘Oh, thats not the mark because it has to BE a ‘mark.’ Once you get this thing in your hand/wrist to pay for items…

Revelation 13:16-17

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.



#Moderna: Their Own Website-Calls Their Jab an “Operating System”

Moderna: From Their Own Website-Calls Their Jab an “Operating System”

If this is true and it really is an ‘operating system’…..Realize that you are in the ‘mark of the beast’ time. Stop looking for the ‘mark’ and START looking at what is IN ‘the mark.’

Go here and see the screen cap and read the Moderna website if you have a hard time believing: Click to read NukePro

Revelation 13: 17 ‘No one could buy or sell without this mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.’

Magnets Are Sticking To The Arms Of Some Vaccinated People:

Magnets are Now In The Arms Of Some Vaccinated People:

I didn’t trust this vaccine from the start and neither did many people I know. How can you trust a government that closes down a whole nation over a virus? That has never happened before.

Well, we tried to warn people that these evil government’s would do something like this but the poor sheep just believed the government and not their friend, daughter, niece, son, nephew, grandson etc.