“Gay” Fascist Agenda In Paltalk Chat: “You Will Be Silent And Accept It, We Will Force You”

“Gay” Fascist Agenda In Paltalk Chat: “You Will Be Silent And Accept It, We Will Force You”

I will tell ya’all something… I have NO issue with people just living their lives and not forcing me into their bedrooms.. But, when I hear talk like this, I have zero tolerance.  NONE. Nix, nil, nine.  I get mean and ugly.  I don’t want to be forced into ANYTHING.

This is what a chatter on paltalk said to us in a chatroom a short time ago in the beginning of October.   (I am Pookie.  The slime is “Marriageinall50states”) I copied this room session into my word. I didnt copy the whole session-he talks like this all the time:

Alert: This is an R rated room inappropriate for minors. Adult language is permitted, however nudity is not.

Alert: welcome to  freespeech zone please limit mic to 2min raise hand for mic no posting personal info freespeech does not mean consequence free.due to welcomed room diversity your opinion my be challenged by other chatters no set topics. enjoy your room


pookie_gin: Why does it ALWAYS show my cam??! 

sharmartx_1: my grandsons dad has cancer; they will do nothing for him

MarriageInAll50States: well, they should quit freeloading and BUY insurance!!!!

sharmartx_1: 6 months to live

F7_CYBERCAT: thats hot pookie

pookie_gin: heh heh

sharmartx_1: hey sis

pookie_gin: Hey marriage, some people are dirt poor and cant afford Obamas shit

ALOPHX: poooooooooooksterrrr mouaaaaaa

pookie_gin:   ALO!

MarriageInAll50States: the poor have medicaid

sharmartx_1: all drs will be paid the same; even the specialist

pookie_gin: Marriage, just telling you whats what

sharmartx_1: why stay for that

pookie_gin: There IS marriage in all 50 states, btw

zorrojones: alo, i am taking a break, okey??

MarriageInAll50States: when we force you to accept it, there will be

zorrojones: tyh

zorrojones: ty

pookie_gin: Marriage, there IS ALREADY marriage in 50 states

pookie_gin: We will not accept what your thrusting on us

xxxMister Happyxxx: marriage, u wont be forcing me to do anything, trust in, try me, that will be ur last day on earth

pookie_gin: Marriage, you like shit, huh?

zorrojones: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey po0kie

xxxMister Happyxxx: this is what the republiccans are coming back at him with, to embarrass him

pookie_gin: HEY Zorro

MarriageInAll50States: we will force you and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it

pookie_gin: Marriage, we’ll kill you if you force SHIT on us

MarriageInAll50States: yes, and you will be silent and accept it

pookie_gin: YOU go eat shit, Marriage

pookie_gin: YOU EAT SHIT

pookie_gin: We wont

pookie_gin: Got it?

pookie_gin: Marriage:   So thats the queer agenda in a nutshell… If you dont love our crappy pants, we’ll just make you eat it

zorrojones: welcome glenn

pookie_gin: Sickening

This is the militant, LGBT agenda.  You will accept it and be quiet.  And, now, this:  Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation 

And, this is the type world the Commie left and their buddies, militant ‘gay’s want you to put up with…!