National Guard Will Be Taking Care Of Your Health. NY To Declare “Emergency”?! THIS IS A DEMOCRAT CREATED DISASTER. Martial Law Is Probably Next:

National Guard Will Be Taking Care Of Your Health: NY To Declare “Emergency”. THIS IS A DEMOCRAT CREATED DISASTER. Martial Law Is Probably Next:

The stupid, idiotic, insane, treasonous Democrat party created this disaster by mandating vaccines. Injections that have been killing people worldwide… And, you either get this kill-shot or you have NO job.. Food will be used as a weapon next. Very soon, you will probably be cut off from your healthcare providers. The Democrat bastards will possibly force people out of their homes, take their cars and pass laws making it illegal to be unvaccinated here in Commie-USA.

This is a CREATED disaster that never had to happen.

But, there is a reason it IS happening: FOR TOTAL CONTROL over our lives. Most average Democrat dummies are too stupid to see what is happening. They LOVE being stupid and blind.

These lousy Democrat psychopaths call US the ‘fascists’ as they destroy our jobs, our health and starve us to death. Get some beans and rice… You’re gonna NEED it.

In a last minute effort to coerce healthcare workers to get vaccinated, Communist bitch, Governor Hochul announced that the state is taking measures to ensure that workers who are fired over refusing the vaccine will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Martial law will probably be coming soon as people will be losing homes, condo’s, apartments, food and more. The people of the United States will, no doubt – become completely unhinged and ungovernable–with GOOD reason.

Hunger is a horrible way to live and die.

This possible scenario will start horrible violence in every aspect of life. Which will bring about Martial Law. Barack Hussein Osama, then, will probably declare himself dictator of AmeriKa.

Check Out This Soldier Explaining What She’ll Do To Americans If Martial Law Is Declared

Check Out This Soldier Explaining What She’ll Do To Americans If Martial Law Is Declared


This is what the Jobama administration is teaching US Soldiers. The fact that this Lesbian soldier does not understand the anger Americans are vexed over tells me she would be MORE than willing to shoot at us.

No, they’re NOT ‘both wrong’. The Lesbian seems to relish the fact that she would be the aggressor against Americans in a Martial Law situation. She also brings up a person who ran into a vaccination tent–which is totally irrelevant to the scenario being discussed.

Soldier Betty Bull Dyke calls American males ‘good ol boys’. Uh, beyotch…if it wasn’t for the ‘good ol boys’, you wouldnt have had a country. Dumba$$.

Does this stupid hag realize she gets PAID by we the people? Sorry guys, ya can’t trust the military at all anymore. The ‘insurrection’ (right now) is being perpetrated AGAINST Americans by a Communist/Fascist regime who are starting to violate international laws, namely the Nuremberg code.


>> Since State Gov’s Did NOT *Declare* Martial Law, They Have NO Right To Forbid Religious Gatherings.

Since State Govs Did NOT Declare Martial Law, They Have NO Right To Forbid Religious Gatherings.

The state governors have absolutely NO leg to stand on forbidding church and fellowship.    Every Christian or Jew that is forced to stay closed should sue their governors.   The government does NOT have the right to stop you from going to church no matter WHAT. Virus, death, quake, war. NOTHING.  

If people want to go to church and take a chance with their own health, thats THEIR affair and you disgusting, godless, filthy, anus sucking Communists can go straight to hell.  Religious people:  GO TO YOUR FELLOWSHIPS and hang up your rights on the walls.  Read your rights to your people.  End the ignorance.  Take a gun to church.  Tell anyone NOT obeying the law to GET LOST.

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.   It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.

Respecting the 1st Amendment | @theU

Life As We Know It Has CHANGED. Stock Market CRASH

The sun is still shining, the birds are still singing. God is STILL in control.

Space Coast Sunset

This morning, I am heavily burdened in the spirit. Even though God has prepared me for this most of my adult life…I know that life is not going to be the same and it is not a ‘happy thought’.
I have seen the stores like all of you have, they are empty and not really being replenished. Maybe in some places they are, but not where I am.

People are in panic mode and operating under the spirit of fear. Some have chosen to go lay down and turn everything off, hoping that in 2 weeks, everything will be normal. Because everything ALWAYS returns back to normal in the life of the American.
Well, just what if it never returns to normal and this is something we all must consider. If this is a ‘test run’…. How are you dealing with it? Even if it is a test run…are you pretending that Prez Trump is going to ‘fix it?’ Give that man a damned break, get tough, get strong. “Ask not what your country (or Prez) can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country.’ He is ONLY human. Leftists have forgotten this. Instead, it is an everyday ‘dump on Trump’. They need to CHANGE NOW.

On the net, the stock market forms and websites have ALREADY accepted that the “Super Depression” is here. The only people not accepting this is the average Joe Smith. Don’t be a Joe Smith in these times. YOUR LIFE HAS NOW CHANGED. Whether you are a D or an R. YOUR Life is now changed and it is time to grow up BIGTIME.
The stock market forums ALREADY believe this is WAY worse than even the Great Depression.
The reason they called the WW2 Gen ‘the GREATEST Gen’ is because how they HANDLED it.
1. Get yourself right with God.
2. RATION and I cannot emphasize this strong enough

Even if it is a ‘test run’….remember when we were in HS? We had Emergency drills? We had to act like it was really happening and not panic. Just go outside in formation….Remember? Well, everyday life is an emergency drill and you need to get yourself rehearsed for anything now.

In my little opinion… Being prepared is NOT stupid. Its smart. Prepare everyday.

God bless you all.
No, Im not ‘arrogant’ and do not mean to come across this way.
But, I do know what is happening and like some people—have accepted it and allowing God to train me to deal with it like a big girl.


Comment from the Man who brought us ‘hooked on phonics’


The state has long planned for this scenario. It realizes the asset bubble and Ponzi scheme economy cannot be sustained and the crash will be catastrophic. The plan is to blame COVID-19 for the crash. This will not only allow the real culprits—central banks, the Federal Reserve, investment firms, and other scam artists and economic criminals—off the hook but flood them with trillions of bailout dollars.

Mass Amounts Of Military Trucks In Illinois

Its NOT the virus.  Its the stock market crash. Its the hoarders, who STOLE ALL the food with their EBT dollars paid for by us.

Prepare for possible food riots.
Maybe start listening to us ‘conspiracy wackos’.

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Prez Trump? Why The Continuation Of Lawlessness? Martial Law?

  • Authored by T:


…And it’s not just he who does nothing… the Secret Service, those who are tasked with protecting the president, do nothing. They do nothing when people inside government and outside government are threatening his life. They just let it go on and on and on.

He finally did something interesting last Wednesday: he pulled John Brennan’s security clearance. Though he should have done it a long time ago, it is finally done. That’s big. But he needs to get bigger. Obviously.

Either Trump knows something we don’t know, or he just doesn’t give a f’ck? I don’t have the words. I do not understand it. Nothing seems to bother Trump in the least. Nothing. And he is pulling the biggest crowds he has ever drawn. The Dallas rally, in spite of the threats and the implied threats on Trump’s life, was one of his biggest events ever. In Minneapolis, though the Communists tried their best to stop the entire rally from happening to begin with, was a sold out smash success.

Some amazing things:

While he may be doing nothing about all of this, save for laughing in their faces and continually ridiculing them on Twitter, Trump has done some amazing things: China is still getting their ass kicked royally; The illegal immigration has ground down to a trickle, the caravans have stopped; the wall is actually going up; the economy is still strong; he continues to expose the MSM and the intelligence community for exactly what they are: enemies of America, and our enemies are so pissed off that they can’t shut up about him.   It’s a Trump world and they are all just stuck in it.  And there’s nothing, it seems, short of impeachment or assassination, they can f’cking do about it. And they can’t even get that job done!

Trump is right where we want him.  Right where he belongs.  Right where he wants to be and needs to be.

Trump has accomplished A LOT just by showing his face and telling it like it is. And I hope he continues. I hope he gets even harsher. He is burying these Commie bastards in their own feces.  More Americans are awake than ever before. Not enough are awake just yet, to be sure, but people do know something is terribly wrong and want to do something about it. Trump is the conductor, and he is making these c’nts sing. He is quite a marvel to behold, I must say, a President like no other indeed. We are fortunate to have him.

Martial Law:

I have been saying all along, ever since the moment Trump was inaugurated, that he needs to declare martial law. We need to actually physically go in and take the troublemakers out. There is no other way. They have to be removed, locked up for life, and many executed. Without this, we are doomed.

Even if Trump wins in 2020, and it looks like he will, it will possibly be the last Presidential election the political right will ever win. We have lost the demographic. For Whites, freedom lovers, legacy Americans–it’s all over.  Our country is destroyed already.  Trump is the symbol of the last hope there is for freedom. When he is gone, with it will come the realization for most Americans that their country is finally finished. It will spark war.  If Trump declares martial law however, there is a good chance we can turn the tide and preserve whatever remnants of the republic remain and build on that. When the left takes control once again–we’re finished politically forever. We will have to go to war or sit down and shut the f’ck up forever.

“Guard with jealous attention the public Liberty. Suspect anyone who approaches this jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Patrick Henry


#ILLEGALS: I Have Woken Up, Weeping. When Does Anyone Stop This Madness?

#ILLEGALS: I Have Woken Up, Weeping. When Does Anyone Stop This Madness?

I saw this and just started weeping: PELOSI TO GREET NEW ARRIVALS AT BORDER...

We have thousands of illegal wetbacks in our border towns.. They have diseases that can kill us or at least make us very ill.
This is more of Obama’s doing.
He already said: Come on in to these 3rd world humans.
After a couple weeks of being completely overwhelmed, he then said:
“Storm congress”

…Overwhelm us..
Start his Communist revolution.. Declare Martial Law. Become the defacto dictator.
I’m weeping.
I hope the Democrat (COMMUNIST) party is happy. They ALWAYS wanted to destroy this country. They have.
I am lost and sick in my heart.

You know.. people forget that I am American Indian (Seneca/Iroquois), I am a daughter of the American Revolution. They look at the NAME on my blog and judge me by that.  They know zero about me or my heart.  What I write is ALWAYS what is in the depths of my soul.  This is my indigenous land.  I want these 3rd world people out of here.  In fact, I want them dead.

I know what it is like to live around these illegals–they hate this country and delight in shitting on it.  Its horrible. They are trash. The apartment complex I lived in about 10 years ago had a small place where we dumped the garbage.  When Americans lived there, it was always kept clean.  When the illegals moved in, they didn’t even put their shitty diapers in a bag, they left it wide open.  Trash was everywhere.  Rats infested the garage, along with wasps, other rodents, even seagulls. The trash was filled to over-flowing in the dumpster–just disgusting.

I know very well that we are deserving (as a whole) of this insanity.. but, this is still MY indigenous country and I hate all of this.  I cry out to God to judge, expeditiously. Look into the hearts of the people who have undermined Him and have hated the country they were gifted with at birth.  No sane person hates the country of his/her birth…Except a satanic Communist.

Please do not post if you cannot see my sorrow and just want to make me feel worse.