Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism [Video]

Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism

If it looks like a Communist, smells like a Communist and acts like a Communist, it is a Communist.

Video by: Pat Condell

Hank Johnson, D-Ga: “We all do better when the money is circulating”

Hank Johnson, D-Ga: “We all do better when the money is circulating”

Which is the reason that White Christian men that are G-d fearing should be in charge.  Watch how the female rep has to lead him into saying this:

Michael Savage: US Is Now Embracing Everything Russians Went Through & Rejected

Bolsheviks.  NOT Zionists you idiots.  Zionists only believe Israel should be a Torah-Jewish state filled with the Jewish people who love God.  NOT left wing moronic, satanic Jews like Chomsky, who ascribes to Alinsky, ditto Finkelstein, another Bolshevik/Communist a$$hole=Erav Rav.

Obama is a Commie and its only a matter of time before he starts killing off the ‘useless eaters’.. Zionists have not ever killed anyone, except in the event of self defense.  

Well, at least he will get rid of you ‘liberals’, first.. 😀  I’ve been talking about this for YEARS.  Y’all didnt listen. Now, you are turning to gnashing at the teeth at me.  F’ck off.

Jerry Brown Calls Meg Whitman A “Whore” & Receives N.O.W. Endorsement-FEMINISTS SUCK

 Cowgirl  Cowgirl I have written that feminists suck for 2 years and most of you know it’s the truth, but this latest Jerry Brown attack; “Whitman is a whore”, takes the cake…NOW did ZERO on behalf of Whitman to come in and bat for her, after this vicious rhetoric….Then, the National Organization “FOR” Women adds insult to injury, proving once and for all- ‘feminism’ was/is a SHAM, by endorsing Brown, the sexist slime.           The biggest SCAM imposed on the American male & American conservative patriots IS feminism.  Why would anyone take these girly-fluff-snatch-groups seriously? If you are a woman and are still a feminist after this, you are the biggest asshole in the planet.

   When Carrie Prejean, 22 years old- was getting landblasted by the media, where was N.O.W.? When the MSM unleashed horrible, verbal assaults on Palin, where was N.O.W.? Where are they for Christine McDonald? Jan Brewer?

FEMINISM IS A SCAM. There is NO legitimate ‘feminist’ movement in America. They lied to America. It was only about left wing politics, radical Marxism and that’s all. Anyone that buys into ‘femi-NAZI-ism’ now, is a fool and a tool.  These phonies only help women if they are left wing, anti-American scum—thats the facts.

I am not alone in this:  Feminism Sucks Masculinity Out of Men – Associated Content ..

SEE: Fem-nazism: a new breed of oppression

SEE: Feminism Sucks


Bolshevism/MARXISM Equals Genocidal Maniacs That WILL Kill

This post below about the Bolsheviks/Marxists, is written by Dave Baker of The Lampoonist American, a U.S.A.F. Vet.


‘It is too sad to be funny how uninformed is America and the world, but not in Eastern Europe…Every time our dumbos see pics of people starving and atrocities, the knee jerk reaction of the world’s brainwashed idiots is to blurt out, NAZI!’

In the early 1900’s, in their Communist Revolution, conservative estimates have the Bolsheviks, in addition to burning every Christian Church in Russia and Eastern Europe, killing well over 25,000,000 mostly Christians, but they were not particular, (they also murdered religious “Zionist” Jews).  That has nothing to do with war –  that was just their Bolshevik, political movement..
For you ZEROS out there, that’s 25+million, 25 000,000 Christian souls, in Russia and the Baltics,  not counting their genocide and slaughter of millions of German families, women, children and the elderly in Post War I Germany, and even more millions of Germans in occupied German territories …Wanna know why the Germans and NAZIS had little sympathy for them…It was like the sympathy that a thousand farmers had for the Indians after coming in from the fields, to find the mutilated, dismembered bodies of his wife, children mom and dad strewn all over the prairie….that’s another untold story, cleverly left out of the history books…… 
When I write about Bolsheviks, the Jews accuse me of anti-Semitism because, they KNOW who they are, even if you don’t.. (An anti-semite would not post on a Jewish persons blog as is done here.)
The Vet who takes care of our pets, is a Russian Jew whose father moved his family to Russia from Romania just before the killing began in the early 19,00’s…..He said, to me in his thick Russian accent, “You are only American who know history of Bolsheviks, and that they have taken over America.”  He then said in that thick Russian accent, quote: “Bolshevik killing make Hitler look like, baby.” “Like baby, I tell you.”  Uninformed is no excuse…brainwashed is worse than stupid…
TMJ: These pictures below are NOT from Nazi-Germany, these are pictures of what Marxism/Bolshevism did in Communist Stalin Russia.
(**Nobody is ‘excusing’ NAZI Germany, for our grandfathers fought them. We are informing you what Marxism and Bolshevism is doing to America. Conservative-Christian Americans are NOT the genocidal maniacs, it is LEFT WING MARXIST/Bolsheviks that are the murderers- so keep worrying about being called a racist and a Nazi….)   Please also see “GuyWhites” Post re. Victims of the Soviet Regime, he is a P.H.D. in EU and Russian History I believe:  Challenge regarding “Zionism” vs. Bolshevism to David  (MIS -INFORMER)Duke
– Marxist genocide on Rumenian civilians. Note the russian officer in the background.

Challenge to David Duke

Please also see “GuyWhites” Post re. Victims of the Soviet Regime, he is a P.H.D. in EU and Russian History I believe:

Challenge to David Duke

“Diversity Through Ignorance”~ Your Children Being Taught Outright Marxism/Socialism In School

Twana Blevins

Oh yes!!! This is happening in our schools!! Please, PLEASE open this link and see some of the conference topics. For example, “Black student/White School”, “Biology and Race”.

Posted by Twana Blevins, September 18, 2010.

Prepare yourself – This is what is being molded in your childs minds.

Do these educators have ANY  message other than “You guys are all different and we want to celebrate…your diversity in order to keep you ignorant by taking time away from teaching actual subject matter”.   Holy Moly! No wonder we’re so far  behind every other developed country any more!

SEE: Welcome to the Second Annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for S…

And here LaRaza’s guide:

Striving for True Praxis to Reclaim Public Education

Kate Perry; Another TOOL For FORCED Race-mixing

[Music] Katy Perry-”One of theThe music video  is all about Snoop being the king and playa, and Kate is just a piece of nothing., just a toy for Snoop.   A young womans body being used in a most degrading way, her breasts shooting whipped cream out—sickening. This is what you let your young girls listen to,  and you cannot even see that this is the Marxist plan to kill off Caucasians.  (Also take notein  that music video- Kate Perry gets almost naked, while Snoop is not- that is a ‘submissive suggestion’)-  It is what it is. Race plays one of the biggest parts in destroying countries, courtesy of Marxism.  Meanwhile, useful idiotic liberal morons will cry foul and racist as they keep destroying you and turn this place in South Africa, where 90 white people are murdered a day.  Face it white people, wake the hell up and realize that YOU are now the ‘oppressed’.  It is not a ‘racist’ issue, it is kill the whites by having sex with them.  This is all sad, because Kate Perry has zero clue how she is only being used, and she is a very pretty young woman. KATY PERRY // Official Website //

Marxist Kitsch and the Politics of Race — David Horowitz (from

This photo here, pushing ‘one-night stands’  WTF. How long are you going to let YOUR kids be sexed and used??