#Masks: Probably Giving School Kids #ScarletFever Which Has Made A Resurgence

Masks Are Giving School Kids #ScarlettFever

Masks should be for sick people only. The whole mask population is now making folks sick. The worst part about Scarlet fever is that it keep returning. Right now, the resurgence is in UK, EU and AU. But, it will probably come here to the states because the Communists insist the population wear the stupid masks.

Patriot NURSE talks about this issue.

Justino 17 hours ago:

Hi Patriot Nurse. The reason that Scarlet Fever is on the rise is because the mask is causing people to have strep throat. If you can try to avoid using a mask for a long period of time. If you can keep kids at home, please do. The mask creates a perfect environment for strep throat. They had to close some schools down due to the severity of the outbreaks.

Read how it is affecting AUs and UK’s: https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/global-health-authorities-fear-supercharged-scarlet-fever-virus-is-reemerging-after-70-years/news-story/0be980cbb0f2e45c62f2d44f64e30628

#COVID19 Shutdown-Restaurant Owners: NO Good. Rioting, Looting & Burning Businesses: OK

#COVID19 Shutdown-Restaurant Owners: NO Good. Rioting, Looting & Burning Businesses: OK

That’s America now.  A land of complete and total lawlessness.  Devoid of the spirit of God, coming under tyranny.  Oppressive Communist “Liberals” who have people fired for saying something they don’t like.  Destroying lives, snitching on people and acting like Good Germans and or Russian Communists: Whatever flavor suits you to name these filthy, tyrannical beasts.  Murdering babies after they are born in NYC, militant LGBT shoving their show all over your propaganda box and pretty soon, bending you over in the name of ‘tolerance’.

Philadelphia bans large events in public spaces, but NOT protests and demonstrations