jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis

jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis


I blogged for 8 years under the Obama junta. I remember all too well Obama ‘getting even’ with states like Arizona… Remember when Obama sued the state of Arizona for daring to enforce federal border laws? I remember it well.

Now, he’s back and is the defacto “President”. Anyone who believes this ‘in ya face’ BS is Biden is a dummy. Its NOT Soros, either, Steven Bannon.

Click here to read full article WA Examiner.

Quote of the Day: Obama Isn't the Antichrist (but He's ...

Obama is the anti-christ. He is just sitting back, licking his chops until he can create a crisis big enough to install himself back into the WH.

Revelation 13 2-4 “And I saw one of his heads, as slain into death; and the wound of his death was cured [and the wound of his death is cured, or healed]. And all the earth wondered after the beast.”

(Past Presidents are ‘dead’ in the eyes of the public. It IS a ‘death wound’. For a past President to take the White House by force would be an evil event. Of course the world will marvel & wonder at it.)

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are seeking to shove the face mask on all Americans. When I go out, I see more sheep WITH the masks on than without a mask on. We don’t need a friggin bill telling us what to wear.

My Mother’s friends wore masks ALL the time and got Covid anyway. My husband’s friends at the gym wore their masks ALL the time and came down with the Covid regardless. If you are susceptible to Covid, you will get it. Just like a flu.

Could the issue be that the masks are just not effective? Well, DUH….. According to the box the ‘strongest’ masks come in, (I-95), it plainly says that the masks won’t protect.

This is the ONLY mask that works for filthy-rat, Democrat, Communist Senators:

* Democratic Senators Announce National Face Mask Legislation


#Masks: Probably Giving School Kids #ScarletFever Which Has Made A Resurgence

Masks Are Giving School Kids #ScarlettFever

Masks should be for sick people only. The whole mask population is now making folks sick. The worst part about Scarlet fever is that it keep returning. Right now, the resurgence is in UK, EU and AU. But, it will probably come here to the states because the Communists insist the population wear the stupid masks.

Patriot NURSE talks about this issue.

Justino 17 hours ago:

Hi Patriot Nurse. The reason that Scarlet Fever is on the rise is because the mask is causing people to have strep throat. If you can try to avoid using a mask for a long period of time. If you can keep kids at home, please do. The mask creates a perfect environment for strep throat. They had to close some schools down due to the severity of the outbreaks.

Read how it is affecting AUs and UK’s:

Brave #OrthodoxJews Burning Masks In NYC Protesting NY Commie Govt

Brave #OrthodoxJews Burning Masks In NYC Protesting Commie Govt There:

Good for them. burn, baby burn. 🙂

We’re with ya! 100000%.

PROOF That Masks Do NOT Work

PROOF That Masks Do NOT Work

The only reason people wear them is because big brother government scares the people, day and night and claims they work.  They dont work and..

On the outside of the N95 box:



If you get Covid, chances are, you will recover.  You can also get sick for 7-10 days.  In some cases, the patient unfortunately dies.  

Anti Communist Masks Here!

Be A #MaskHole! Get Your #FUMask! Obnoxious Masks Here!

Im not gonna say bad words because I am really trying hard with that… But, here are some really good masks that are totally obnoxious against the Communist “Liberals”!   


Here is the link to buy one:

My Other Mask is a Gun Fabric Face Mask image 0

If Your Mask Really Works, WHY Are You Bothered By Anti Maskers?

If Your Mask Really Works, WHY Are You Bothered By Anti Maskers?

Doesn’t your mask work?  If it works so well, the anti mask people should not bother you one bit.

Give Me Liberty, And Give Me Death!” What the anti-mask messages ...

The people around you are informed.  You are not.  The people around you read the real, alternative news sources, you do not.  You cleave to anything the propaganda box tells you to believe.   The people around you saw the Drs. with their papers from the CDC showing that they wanted Dr’s to inflate the numbers of COVID patients:   

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge”….

These stories and more should have caused you to think twice but you dont think twice because you’re lazy.   You have no faith in God, either.    Well, just because you have made the TV and the govt creeps your ‘g’od, dont expect the rest of us to.  Go wear your mask:   Just leave the rest of us the hell alone.  The recovery rate is MUCH higher than the death rate.  BY FAR.

Anti-Mask Protesters Say Studies Support Their View -

#Tucson: Lady Does Not Want To “Vote By Mail” (At The P.O.?) Sec Officer Wants Her TEMP?! & Sends Her Packing:

Tucson: Lady Does Not Want To “Vote By Mail” (At The P.O.?) Sec Officer Wants Her TEMP?! & Sends Her Packing

Ya gotta watch this yourself.  The lady does not want to ‘vote by mail’.  They want to take her temp? At the PO?   So friggin weird.  The Communist, totalitarian party is going to steal the election.  



Are they now saying a temperature will need to be taken? How are they doing these temperature takings from 6 feet away? Why is the lady standing so close to that guard without the proper face protection? Are they now making it mandatory to wear a face mask to work at or vote in person? We walked away from two stores today that face masks were mandatory for customers and we were ready to spend money. I have a feeling we are not the only ones walking away from those businesses. Living Spaces and Lamps Plus. We also got a Sams Club membership because we will not go back to Costco til they lift this BS. We ended up getting what we needed between American Furniture warehouse and Mattress Firm.