Unmasked Jewish Man Ejected Off NYC Bus By Black, Masked Nazis:

Unmasked Jewish Man Ejected Off NYC Bus By Black, Masked Nazis:

Just a quiet, religious Jewish man not wearing a mask is confronted by evil, black Leftists and tossed off the bus. Sorry… but I would have hit back and hard.

HAT TIP: Unmasked Jew ejected from NYC bus by black passengers…

Victoria Fyfe SAYS:

2 hours ago It is disgusting to hear the other bus passengers being blatantly racist. The guy who took the man’s hat and then shoved him should be sued. Everyone else on the bus who didn’t stand up for this man is a coward. The segregation has already begun and history is repeating itself. Wake up or rot in hell.

Be Maskless, Be A Movie-star. If They Can, SO CAN YOU:

Be Maskless, Be A Movie-star. If They Can, SO CAN YOU:


If the Communist, pedophile, anus worshiping, poo-poo adoring, baby murdering FILTH in Hollywood can go maskless on Emmy night, you seize that opportunity EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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EXCELLENT Speech By Medical Professor In Birmingham School Board In MI (Informed Consent ONLY, NOT Coercion)

EXCELLENT Speech By Medical Professor In Birmingham School Board In MI

This woman gives a helluva speech. All facts. ALL.

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Mother Tells OFF Leftist, Mask Demon B’tches From Hell @ School Board In VA

Mother Tells OFF Leftist, Mask Demon B’tches From Hell @ School Board In VA

She let the feminist, Commie-indoctrinating, pro-baby-murdering pigs OFF!!


The WHOLE speech:

Hat Tip: Brena

The W.H.O. Satanic Masters Want Us To Wear The FACE DIAPER Again (Even If Ur Vaccinated)

The W.H.O. Satanic Masters Want Us To Wear The FACE DIAPER Again

OBEY, OBEY, OBEY the Masters of the universe? Hell no. I won’t do it. If you don’t get that this is not about a virus but your submission to the new anti christ, beast system, then there is just NO hope for you.

New COVID-19 Outbreaks Are Driving Some Places Back Under Lockdown And Behind Masks: An increase of coronavirus infections around the world is forcing some governments to reimplement lockdown measures to control the spread of the virus. Commie NPR: CLICK to read

And, here’s the kicker…. It does not matter if you are vaccinated. So, ya see sheep…getting that vaccine was a WASTE OF TIME. Its not about a vaccine, it is about COMPLIANCE.

The satanist global Communists will close down the world again to re-institute their new money system: 666. Read the Bible for gods sakes!!!!!

I Gotta Admit.. Seeing Dems With Masks On Makes Me LOL

I Gotta Admit.. Seeing Dems With Masks On Makes Me LOL

It does. I wish it was duct tape….But just seeing all the Commie creeps wearing masks and their ugly faces not showing is pleasant to the eyes. I say keep the CommieCrats in their masks, it will keep us from vomiting. Not having to look at treacherous, seditious, filthy, Democrat faces is joy complete.

Revelation 17: 3

 3And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns. 4The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet.

Here is criminal Nasty Pelosi in an apt, train-robber looking mask:

SCHUMER: Cover his face up good!

Schumer: New York will get over $50 billion from COVID-19 rescue bill

AOC: Perfect! Lol!

Ocasio-Cortez takes direct shot at Pelosi and Schumer - POLITICO

Diaperface Biden.

And, the anti Christ:

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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood seeing Dems in masks that cover their foul mouths…..Life is beautiful.

Nearly 3 in 4 Voters (MOSTLY Fascist Dem’s) Support Mask Mandate W/ Penalties 4 Those Who Don’t Comply:

Nearly 3 in 4 Voters Support State Face Mask Mandate W/ Penalties 4 Those Who Don’t Comply

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I’m saying it as it is:   I’m so used to Americans being cowards that this doesn’t even surprise me.  I understand where people over 60 are at:   They are the ones that have suffered the most but the majority of them wear masks.  

So, either,  1. your mask works or,   2.  you’re just a damned bully.

Well, come and get me.  I cant wear the thing.  Makes me get migraines.  I’ve suffered from migraines for many years and recently have gotten them under better control.   But, I have also had sleep apnea most of my life and have a loss of oxygen, which puts me in a pickle with my high blood pressure.  The other day, while forced to wear the ‘mask’, (face diaper), I almost passed out.  

So, I will have to get very aggressive with my Dr for a ‘kosher’ badge to not wear it.  Its making me miserable.

  • 86% of Democrats support a mandate in their state that could result in a fine or jail time for people who don’t wear masks.
  • 58% of Republicans also back such a measure, with 35 percent opposing it.

The rest of the nonsense here: Morning Consult.


PS: They’ve barely started arresting the violent, psychopathic rioters….

And, now this:   A New Jersey gym was boarded up and its two owners arrested on Monday as a result of the men’s refusal to comply with Gov. Phil Murphy’s coronavirus shutdown orders.

Narcissists, Psychopaths, Drama Queens & Mentally Disturbed More Likely To Wear Masks Says Study:

Narcissists, Psychopaths, Drama Queens & Mentally Disturbed More Likely To Wear Masks Says Study:

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Well, the “Scientists” who wrote this study actually said that it is the maskless who are ‘psycho’s’ and ‘narcissists’……But I thought I would write this post title as the opposite to see how the masked compliers liked it if they were painted in dehumanizing, Nazi like spew.

I personally only wear a mask when I have to go to Commie-Costco or ChinaMART and they MAKE me wear it. Or I can’t go in the store..  Talk about psychopathic..forcing someone to wear a mask which is not proven to even help you.   That’s straight-up bully.    Besides the fact that a virus is not a bacteria.  Mask or no mask, you will catch it if your immunity is devoid of the right nutrients.

This article is projection:


The researchers asked questions to determine how likely participants were (on a one-to-four scale, from “definitely not” to “definitely yes”) to engage in both preventive measures like decontamination and hoarding measures like stockpiling food.

SO:  Stockpiling food = ‘narcissism?’, “psychopathic?”  How so?  Its called being prepared.  We learned it in the Girl Scouts.  The Great Depression generation always had a whole cabinet of canned foods.  My Nana…she always had a ton of food in her cabinet.  She must have been some narcissist…! OY VEY.

 See this stupid Communist bull at Newsweek.

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Leave people alone.  

If you  want to wear a mask, you should be protected, right?  If you dont want to wear a mask, go right ahead.  

Just leave people ALONE.

What I Personally Think About The #COVID19 Hot Mess

What I Personally Think About The #COVID19 Hot Mess

  1.  I believe Covid19 is real.
  2. I believe people have died from Covid, I believe people have been sick from Covid, I believe that more people have recovered from Covid than have been sick or died.
  3. I believe that the states should never have shut down during the Covid.
  4. I believe people’s lives are going to be much more affected by the shut-down than by the disease/virus, itself.
  5. I believe that the media has driven people into fear so badly that, psychologically, people are mentally sick now.  Because the media has lied about the numbers, this has grown a garden of questions that the media is too cowardly to answer so they label the question askers: “Conspiracy theorists”
  6.  I believe the John Hopkins website has overblown the # of deaths and has made this nation completely paranoid.
  7. I do not believe people not wearing masks are a risk to the people that are wearing masks.  After all, your mask that you believe in works, right?
  8. I believe Covid has turned an already pussy nation into worse pansies than ever before with snitch phone lines.
  9. I believe that the CDC/HHS has sent documents to Dr’s advising them to falsify the Covid #’s: MN Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coached Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases — WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT (VIDEO)
  10. I believe what I do with my own body is my choice for this particular issue.
  11. I believe you should mind your own business instead of being a good little German  with people who are not in fear of this disease and take care of their immune systems.
  12. I do not believe that people should have to get the vaccine if they do not want to.  If people want the vaccine then people who did not have one are NO threat to the pro-vaxx crowd.

Thats what I believe about this hot Covid mess.