“MDA” #Communists Engage Subliminal Racist Message In New ‘Gun Control’ Ad: White Kids As Aggressors

“MDA” #Communist Feminists Engage Subliminal Racist Message In New ‘Gun Control’ Ad-Whites As Aggressors

The root of almost every single problem we have had in America is because of #COMMUNISTS. AND, most ‘Liberal’ females are dumber than a sack of rocks re. our laws.

First of all… I must say that kids with guns for protection in the world that the #Commies created, complete with violence, rape, murder, kidnapping etc does not look bad to me at all.  But in school? Where I believe the teacher should possess the weapon?  My teachers did when I was a kid.  They carried switchblades nun chucks, mini Louisville sluggers to protect us and themselves from the influx of possible violent kids from NYC in the 1970’s. (They never had to use these weapons because I lived in a patriotic town where kids were good)

We NEVER had this type violence when I was a kid.  Of course, #Communists had not hijacked the nation, yet.

Notice the pictures, below?  All of the children without guns are ‘minorities.’  The children with the guns are white.  Is there ANYTHING that the #Commies put out that is NOT racist?  Is that all they focus on? Racism? Making out ‘evil’ white children to be the aggressors?  Which is a LIE.  

If you want to know why racism exists, look no further than the Demo-Dixie-Crats & #Communists.   We live in a racist world, American patriots.  Whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, whatever.  The racism is against white people, now.  Anyone that is educated and well-read knows this.  Teach your children how to handle guns, especially whites, because you ARE the target.  Need proof?

 Fine, here: New Nation News

gun control psas moms demand action


gun control psas moms demand action


gun control psas moms demand action

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By the way, during the Rodney King riots, the ONLY people who used the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves were Asian immigrants: