Wetback Chicanos Treating Marine Tahmooressi Like An Animal. Meanwhile, We Let MORE F’n Illegals In

Wetback Chicano’s Treating Marine Tahmooressi Like An Animal, Meanwhile, We Let MORE F’n Illegals In

And, John McCain, the piece of garbage wants more illegals to come on in. Ditto Jeff Flake & Obama.  How much money do these enemies of humanity get paid to sell us all out and terrorize this world?  Collectively, we just deserve this for allowing these bastards to stay in office.

FOX News reported, hat tip JIM HOFT:

Podlaski said it is absurd that Mexico, which he pointed out is supposed to be an ally of the U.S. and receives U.S. aid, would treat an American citizen this way.  “This is like POW, Vietnam, you know prisoner of war camp type stuff,” said Podlaski, a Marine himself who served with Tahmooressi in Afghanistan.

HA…HA…HA… An ‘ally..’ What a joke.  Now, there is one country that we have NOT invaded and should have been the ONLY country we kicked the shit out of…But Nooooooo, we are all over Easter EU and the Middle East–for WHAT?  It’s the border where our real war is.


#Mandela Meanwhile, In South Africa-Michelle Obama: We Can See Space From Your Twat.. Ew…

Michelle Obama: We Can See Space From Your Twat.. Ew…

Man o mighty…Is this photoshopped???

Someone does not like the Obama’s… Who would take such a picture of a um..”Prez’s” wifey?  Ewwwwww…..

Whats that brotha looking at???


I actually feel a little sorry for her..Well, not really.

..Meanwhile, In West,Texas: A Fertilizer Plant Was Rocketed/Missiled & Americans Sleep In Pretense

..Meanwhile, In West,Texas: A Fertilizer Plant Was Rocketed/Missiled & Americans Sleep In Pretense

‘Ahhhh….TMJ, you are just a conspiracy wacko…’

This blog has always sought the truth of what is happening.  AND: Calling people ‘conspiracy wackos’ is just defamation because you can’t handle the truth and are weak. The US Govt is the one taking your guns, but I’m not trust-worthy.  The Govt is the one taking your rights, but “I” want to mislead you.

Isn’t it time to trust each-other??

While you all concentrate on the Boston bombing, you pay no mind to these people in TX who were massacred by our own government with Monsanto, possibly.  Middle America/Texans are good people that work hard. Probably many Bible believers as well. 

I am ashamed of you.  You care nothing for these people in West, TX.  And, sorry to put it so bluntly.. Massachusetts is an America-hating, Commie haven which raises Obama-voting, Commie children.  Sick and sad, but mostly true.  I’m not saying you should’t care, but you are so distracted and think that TX just had an ‘explosion’ out of nowhere. Terrible.  Just trust the news who hates Americans & keeps everyone distracted.  Real brilliant..

An analysis of a missile:

Vid Hat Tip-Justine Case

Just keep listening to the IDIOT box & the Ipad

I Accuse You Of Murder, Barack Hussein Obama!!

Contributed by David Ben Moshe:
On Sept 11, 2012 our embassy was attacked by Islam, where in an insane Islamic country, we had a minimal security force guarding our installation. (I realize Obama played with fire, installing Al Qaeda in Libya, setting Libyan Al Qaeda terrorists free there- but that’s not my point)   Meanwhile, in France, we had a platoon of marines guarding the embassy from those violent and fearless French. No need to explain this. I understand but do you?
Obama claims to be a Christian but gave away hint after hint that he was and still is a Muslim, a fact he would hide in a Christian nation when trying to seek office. Americans were asleep at the switch. Here are some of his hints, in case you weren’t paying attention:
1) ‘I want to thank John McCain for not criticizing my Muslim faith’ to George Stephanopolous.
2) Covering all Christian symbols when he went to speak at Christian facilities.
3) Ignoring our national day of prayer while serving Ramadan dinner
4) Removing his watch and wedding ring for Ramadan as Muslims are supposed to do.
5) ‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger’ is his wedding ring inscription. (The ‘Birther’ report says no, but I differ with them because of their infighting with WND and Orly Taitz & I have seen the inscribtion, myself.)
6) Rev. Wright said that Obama has never renounced Islam on a FOX news interview
So now we come to why the lax security and cries for help ignored in our embassy in Benghazi. The administration was watching this fire fight for 7 hours and did nothing as our heroes were butchered. The heroes to be were even told to stand down and stay where they were, but these were brave fighting men and ignored those orders, paying the ultimate price, with their lives.
Do most Americans even care about why this was allowed to happen? Do most Americans care about anything?
Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim! Muslims are not allowed to kill fellow Muslims in defense of infidels. Therefore, Americans are expendable under this president rather than the breaking of his Islamic faith. These men were sacrificed as the president watched.
I accuse you of murder, Barack Hussein Obama!!
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Meanwhile, As The Mid East Riots, The UN Has Another “Hate Israel” Day

This happens all the time in Israel:
OR THIS, (from ‘peaceful’ fuck-estinians)


It’s coming to America.

I warned, begged, pleaded..

Now, I ask GOD to perform his mighty works.

Meanwhile, Syria’s Assad Is Kicking Jihad Ass In Beirut-How Do Ya Like That, Hitlery?

Syria envoy in capital as Assad forces pound rebels…  I wonder how the bitch, Hitlery is taking her defeat?  Her Muslim brotherhood, Al Qaeda lovers are LOSING in Syria, bigtime. 


I hope the evil butch is foaming at the mouth. HA HA HA.