Media Matters “Civil Discourse” Among Bloggers; ‘Right Wing Brain Is Closer To A Dog’

This is what they, at Media Matters call “Civil discourse”, the same thing they are accusing Glenn Beck of NOT having:

by Andy Kreiss (below quote) (1 hour and 10 minutes ago) @ Media Matters.  You all think this is some joke?  Media Matters on the ‘right wing’ who THEY (their bloggers) call “Nazis”…. The sound is all too familiar IF you have heard Holomodor stories, Holocaust stories, the lingo is just a little different; Before it was: “JUDEN DOG”, “JUDEN-RAT”, now it is right-wing dog??  Ya’all better wake up.

‘Well, I believe we’ve confirmed it. The right wing brain is closer to that of a dog than of a human, and right wingers are most likely to be the type to follow tabloid psychics.’


So, shall we shoot the dog, Andy Kreiss? 


“First They Came for the Jews”
By Pastor Niemoller

 "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand
First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.


Communist H.Q.~Media Matters Ousted Dobbs From CNN, Beck Was Their Next Target

  Go to fullsize imageI said it here, first:

Media Matters & Civil Rights Coalition preparing to get RID of Glenn Beck once and for ALL. Before anyone. I knew that Media Matters would do all they could to oust Beck, and they succeeded..

   As you all know, I have been attacking Media Matters for 2 years. They claimed responsibility like Jihadists claim responsibility, when they had Dobbs ousted from CNN. They are doing the same now, with BECK.

  I warned people that Media Matters is a powerful force of evil & Communism, but nobody believed me, I guess. Their website looks like an obscure blog. But, make no mistake, these people mean business. They are for free speech for leftists ONLY. Not right wing, conservative, Christian, etc..  Whether you liked Beck or not, he was EXPOSING these Communists and they do NOT like to be exposed. Evil never likes to be exposed, it likes to hide.  According to Beck, he is going on to do different things. I absolutely believe that may be truth, but, these people will stop at nothing, and Americans are just dumb enough to believe that Beck is evil, nutty, insane, etc.  because Media Matters has propaganda all over the place. (SOROS run, btw)

  Beck is not the first that Media Matters booted off the air. Lou Dobbs was before him.  Why did they get rid of Lou Dobbs?  Because-Dobbs was talking about Obamas birth certificate.  Media Matters, the IMPERIALISTS did not like this…Gee, why didnt they like it?  They ‘believe’ that O was born here, why should Dobbs have bothered them, if  this birth certificate ‘theory’ is untruth? If it was untruth, then Dobbs would still be on the air.

My family knows how powerful and dangerous people like Media Matters are. My husbands parents escaped the Bolshevik revolt in Russia.  We are telling you, that if you do not stop them, THEY WILL STOP YOU, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER- Death is no issue, either.

Look at the attacks from Media Matters for the last 2 years:

July 2009: Fox Forced To Address Beck’s Statement That Obama Is A “Racist” Who Has A “Deep-Seated Hatred For White People Or The White Culture”

October 2009: Speculation Of Tension Between Hannity And Beck Begins

November 2009: Rupert Murdoch Confronted About Beck’s Comment That Obama Is A “Racist”

December 2009: Beck’s Gold Hawking Prompts Fox Legal Department To Seek “Clarification”

March 2010: Fox Personnel Begin Speaking Out Against Beck

May 2010: Murdoch Mounts Defense Of Beck Amid Concerns Over Advertiser Losses

August 2010: Fox Figures Reportedly Meet With Jewish Groups To Discuss Beck’s Rhetoric

August 2010: Fox Figures Distance Themselves From Beck’s 8-28 Rally

September 2010: More Details Leak That Point To Friction Between Beck And Fox News

November 2010: Longtime Fox Contributor Complains About Beck To Media Matters

February 2011: Fox Contributor Critizes Beck’s “Hysteria”

March 2011: Reports Surface That Beck May Depart Fox News

Media Matters/Boehlert Wrote Book On Silence Of Press During Bush-NOW HE IS JUST A POLITICAL WHORE


Check it out for yourself, how Boehlert couldn’t give a RATS ASS about anything that Obama does-he just hated Bush, that’s all-that’s why he wrote the book. If Bush was doing what Obama is doing, this asshole would foam at the mouth-but he will say ZERO about Obama, because he is a FILTHY, white TRASH, NAZI Marxist PIG.   You are NOTHING but a political SLUT, Boehlert.There is no honor in you. You are the scum of the earth. The day you were born, they should have slapped your mother and punched your father. Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush


You can get Boehlert’s book for $3.81.  Thats the worth of this ass clowns book now…$0.01   49 used from $0.01

Whahhhhh, look how the faggot scum is crying his guts out because Breitbart is attacking him….Whaahhhhhhhhh  Breitbart’s Big Hollywood attacks Media Matters as “lotion boys”  They ARE a bunch of lotion boys…simpering little mamas boys.  Pansy asses.

Michael Savage: Media Matters~COMMUNIST BASTARDS

Go to fullsize imageI was listenting to this show…Whoah..LUV it.  These people at MMFA are the scum of the earth.  My website is getting bigger everyday…and when I get back on radio. You people are finished.   FINISHED.

Here is the rag for today at MMFUCKS America:

Savage on Soros: “How is it that all of these psychotic liberals who escaped Nazism want Nazism?”  That is a true statement. These phoney ass Marxist/NAZI slimes would have gagged if they saw BUSH with symbols like Obama- yet, the biggest, lying, fraud, anti Christ NAZI, Boehlert wrote a book on the silence of the media during Bush reign, yet says ZERO now, because he is nothing but a g’damned puppet for SOROS. He is a WHORE. A Political WHORE.


Soros Recent Contributions 2 Media Matters Prove ME right, Soros ALSO BUYS NPR REPORTERS

View ImageMedia Matters: Below-Youtube that I did in Jan 2010. MMFA is the left wing head of the snake, just as I stated.  Contrary to what Beck believes…Soros, (The Jewish Nazi..I know..oxymoron) is in to ‘sweep the lick’, because he sees that turning America into a Commie shit hole is now HERE.  -IF Beck is right, which I hope, then Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition.. ..

   But why would Soros throw, not only 1 million at MMFA, but also buy 100 reporters from NPR , contributing to NPR, 1.8 Million as well (see the link below)  ~OR are they panicking because of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE issue that I talk about in this video?? This is interesting… But, Beck..Why hold back on the B.C. issue?  Why not just push the envelope and open this can of worms, just what do we have to lose?  It is our nation that is being held hostage by a usurper…and you KNOW this, Beck.


George Soros Buys 100 NPR ‘Reporters’

Breitbart, Commie Slayer Faces Obama-BOTS, & THEY RUN Like the Little Mary’s They Are

Go to fullsize imageJust look at this display of absolute buffoonery on this 2nd link below. I love it, Breitbart stands up to these Commies, that are not even ‘good’ Commies- these Commies are totally stupid. 

   On another note,  this sheepishness of American leftists is really the fault of Media Matters for America, who don’t seem to mind that Sharia Law is a possibility, considering Sharia financing has already been suggested into our money system: At Values Voter Summit, Gingrich Called For Federal Ban On Sharia Law ~Personally, I would LOVE if every member of MMFA, and the Daily KOS were forced to submit to allah, ass up.

  See these poor robots run, (its sad, really) thinking that they are ‘caught in a trap’  HILARIOUS, but totally sad and ironic how the left has massacred these peoples souls and don’t even shed a tear: Breitbart Forces President Obama’s Protesters To Fold Up Shop At Right Nation 2010!

Liberal Minorities, Black, Mexican, Jew ETC~Can’t Handle Our Black Kenyan Prez

you cant handle the truth‘I happen to surf the net a quarter of my day. I have come to the absolute, positive conclusion, that liberal minorities cannot handle having a black president.

It is the truth. They cry, whine, and the posts that they write are so childish, it’s pathetic. They can’t handle Obama in the office without going insane when we criticize his insane progressive policies, that have ZERO to do with his blackness. 

 If they were past all of their OWN racism, they would want Obama treated as any other man that is upstanding, and the men that were REAL Prez’s before him that were WHITE.’

 Office of Minority Health Logo All of these minorities that are now in charge don’t care about country, they care about agenda.  If it is the Mexicans, they want illegal, law-breakers to have rights and be citizens. They want to give to their people from south of the border, something they never worked for.  If it is the blacks, they want ‘reperations’, from a nation, where most of our people did not even arrive until a long time after the civil war. If it is the Jews, they are concerned about Israel & think, in their screwed-up minds that America is a “NAZI” nation, even though we have NEVER needed anti-semitic laws.. The Israel, Mexican & Black lobby in this nation is disgusting.  There is NO lobby for plain ‘ol fashion apple pie Americans. Look at the recent, for ie. @ Savages website: With a whine and whimper, a presidency splits a seam


Lies It would really slow your  The lies that people tell on this blog would make your head spin too. Just to prove some idiotic, anti-American point, even one little left wing “Jewish” snot rag (who eats Kosher, and that makes her a ‘good Jew’)   pretends that her husband makes 7 figures working for the D.H.S., a ‘model’ for Stop Staring clothing, (in fact, she is the model, Bernie Dexter, herself, even though Bernie is about 31 years old-eyeroll..)  and her parents that were in the Holocaust, even though she is 24 years old.   ~We save all of these lies, too.  It is sick how these jackasses operate.   Another left wing loser Jewish guy says he lives in Israel to prove points, yet his IP is in Saratoga, NY- he is a ‘religious liberal Jew’ if this makes sense, (you know, pro-baby murder, fag marriage.. sure..)  A black man who thinks that Obama is the Messiah, and DO NOT talk about his Messiah. Another idiot that I kicked off of here, who stalked me for weeks, then put my blog on Craigs List (which gave me more readers) until I had to make his IP public. They CANNOT HANDLE this black person as prez, they cannot handle a minority liberal black in charge, honest discourse is not an option to these losers.

Senator Chuck Schumer  The despicible snot-nose, elite libo/Marxist, Chuck Schumer whined during Sotomoyors hearings, crying in front of the whole nation, so happy that a Hispanic would be elected into the SCOTUS. He didnt care if she was a La Raza Mexican Brown Supremist, he didn’t care that she threw an innocent AMERICAN WHITE man in prison for 17 years. He cared that she was a minority like him, and ‘yay, we will have a minority as SCOTUS!’.   He cares nothing for this nation, even for the Mosaic-Judaic Laws (10 Commandments) being intact, and this nation retaining its Christianity, which Sotomayor has NO intention of upholding as does not KAGAN THE PAGAN .   What a pathetic joke for a senator. SEE:  YouTube – Chuck Schumer’s Emotional Outburst at the Sonia …

Because he doesn't understand  The Racist, Black Panther lovin,’ Uncle Toms at the NAACP scream and cry racist, like the thin-skinned little pussies they are, and the first broad of the W.H., weeps along with them. This is disgusting. Imagine enemies and what they think of this fine display of absolute brattiness… A once great nation reduced to people that beg, moan and groan if they dont get their way. Finally, Breitbart, tired of the serial, phoney-ass,  race baiting,  told the NAACP to “Go To Hell” Amen. Journalist insists black leaders – not tea partiers – are real ‘racists’

 Crybaby Pseudo-Victims Media Matters are the biggest babies in the planet, they are like little children, “If we don’t like what you say, we’ll just call your sponsers and destoy your life!” Whaahhhhhhhh!! ……….I wonder what they would do, if the same assault to destroy their lives happened to them, how would these insane buffoons think?  Yes, I know, its NOT facsim when THEY do it..Well, its never too late to destroy them, when we REAL AMERICANS get back in power……..Breitbart offered $100 Grand to ANYONE that could bring some type allegations for the holy grail “N” word being said at a protest against NAZI-care bill, nobody has answered the call, yet, here is MMFA, crying like the little bitches they are:  Right-Wing Media Attempt To Erase “Bigoted Statements” From The Tea Party Movement

Go To HellWell, this website has had just about fucking ENOUGH of you pathetic little Mary Poppins bitches and faggy ass bastards- that should be thrown out and deported to some Commie 3rd world shit hole, that you hail to. Get out of our country if you can’t take the politics, go to Africa, go to some middle east ghetto, go to Mexico, just GET OUT- BYE BYE.


Whah.. NAACP & Media Matters Still Looking For You Racist T-Partiers..

  Go to fullsize imageReally…what have these people got left? What a laugh.  They can attack my bloggers and I ~until they are blue in the face, but we dont give a shit. I keep telling people to read:

 Racism, Schmacism: Because the Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Bolshevik, Communist agenda down Americas throats until we are all dead …

SEE:  NAACP Teams Up with Media Matters Hacks and Non-Entities, Others, to Monitor Tea Party ‘Racism’

    Just a word to the wise… The left murders little babies, they use blacks & minorities for their agenda. It is just the truth. The Demorats treat blacks and other minorities very badly.  How you say? Because, especially with black people, they never hold them accountable-Maxine Waters ring a bell? Charlie Rangel?  A white man or woman, would be held to the fullest extent of the law in the same case scenerio… The left does not treat blacks the same, they treat them like animals. Animals just do wrong and don’t know better, and THAT is how the left treats blacks.  Think about it, while they plunge through with the same old BULLSHIT.  Even after “Journolist” got found out with “Just call the right wing racists“…These IDIOTS still go on with their lying spew.



PHD/Dr.~7,000 Plus Cases Of Leprocy In America~Dobbs Is Right, Media Matters LYING-AGAIN

 MMFA: Lou Dobbs brings his immigration lies to Fox
   Should you lie if not doing soI dont know who can possibly take MMFA serious. We have a war going on, on the borders in the Southwest states, and terror ties in the Northeastern states from Canuckistan, and MMFA once again LIES to its sheep readers. This PDF File, below is loaded and packed with information regarding this horrible situation, it you will take note; This PDF was written by PHD. Cosman in 2005. The scenerio is much worse NOW.

  This story below is written by 

Madeleine Pelner Cosman, Ph.D., Esq.

MMFA is bringing America into serious danger with its LIES and misleading it’s readers terribly.  I almost feel sorry now for these misguided fools. Just so you readers over there know..You do not have PHD’s in Science or Medicine, you are lying bloggers.


Leprosy, a scourge in Biblical days and in medieval Europe, so horribly destroys flesh and faces it was called the  disease of the soul.. Lepers quarantined in leprosaria sounded noisemakers when they ventured out to warn people to stay far away. Leprosy, Hansens disease, was so rare inAmerica that in 40 years only 900 people were afflicted. Suddenly, in the past three years America has more than 7,000 cases of leprosy. Leprosy now is endemic to northeasternstates because illegal aliens and other immigrants brought leprosy from India, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico.



The Rest: Illegal Aliens and American Medicine

See this as well, I reported on this before: OUTBREAK: Leprosy in Arkansas – Brought There by Whom? And should every illegal take a health screening test?

72 Murdered Near Our Border, & The Left Wing Wants Them To COME RIGHT IN

 across dragging the kid. What a strange number, eh?  72…Reminds me of something.. Reminds me of 72 virgins with Il- Allah. 

    Anyhoo… This is what the left wing creeps want to allow into our land, to murder us, murder our children, grandmothers, little girls, etc. You left wing rats should die-NOW! You are pro-murdering SCUM. Downright Nazi-like and totally genocidal, just like Hitler & Stalin. YOU are the maniacs. People like these lunatic, America hating Marxist-Nazis: Your World misleads on coverage of nun’s death to advance myth of immigrant violence

The people YOU support and help over Americans, MMFA, you should be ashamed. You call conservative Americans the haters, just look at YOUR ‘friends’;