#CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About #Russia-#Ukraine Activity

CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About #Russia-#Ukraine Activity

Of course we know CNN publishes and parrots lies. James O’Keefe just presented an undercover video of one of their top brass Director’s: Charlie Chester, who admitted that they used COVID scaremongering to drive ratings.  Chester also explained how the CNN network uses “manipulation” to shape public opinion.

So, we know they are absolutely lying about Russia.

Please read what Michael Averko says here:

EXCERPT: ‘Confrontation with Russia is in line with a sensationalist media, influenced by neocons, neolibs and flat-out Russia-haters.

The rest: CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About Russia-Ukraine Activity

AG Barr: Protests Were Not “Peaceful” In Syria, Egypt Or Ukraine EITHER. Now You Know How THOSE Countries Felt Fighting The Western Media

AG Barr: Protests Were Not “Peaceful” In Syria, Egypt,  Or Ukraine EITHER. Now You Know How THOSE Countries Felt Fighting The Western Media

AG Barr was in an interview with  CBS’s Margaret Brennan.  The lunatic harridan proclaimed that George Floyd protests are ‘peaceful’

Barr corrected her saying; “The protests were not peaceful”.  He was correct.  And, the ‘protests’, or rather the Arab Spring was not peaceful.  They were brutal, violent regime changes that OUR Govt perpetrated.

This look peaceful to you folks?

Egypt, Tahir Square, 2011:

Egypt's Uprising: One Year Later - ABC News

Egypt's Tahrir Square protests: A second revolution unfolding now ...

Ukraine…2014 “Peaceful protests”. the western media INSISTED this was peaceful:

Ukraine protests take fatal turn after three shot dead - NY Daily News

Ukrainian president offers surprise concessions as protests turn violent | World news | The Guardian

The media INSISTED the Syrian ‘protests’ were ‘peaceful’, 2011-2019

Live-blog: Protests in Syria, Violent Government Crackdown, Several Protesters Killed | Iran New Now

Syrian army units fire on each other as cracks begin to appear in authoritarian regime | Daily ...

The Western Media is a

LIAR. Lies, 24/7. Disgusting liars.  LIARS who condone the US GOVT destroying little countries for oil.   Our government military, industrial complex has absolutely destroyed so many little countries..   Nothing is more disgusting than a bully.

Here is Assad having to deal with a LIAR from the western media.



Jan 16 2020: ‘CRISIS ACTORS’ Needed In Virginia..’ (As VA GOV Declares State of Emergency)

Jan 16 2020: ‘CRISIS ACTOR’s Needed In Virginia..’ (As VA GOV Declares State of Emergency)

As the Communists plan a ‘dry run’ of serious gun control in Virginia… A person named “Shaun Irving” is looking for ‘crisis actors’ to help on an ‘NGO project’.. (Non Governmental organization).   Interesting, huh?   During Sandy Hook, they had many Crisis Actors (aka live role-playing). 

Click the link before it is taken down:



***Here is a shot of the website. I saved it because this link might go missing***



The description of the job:

  • Description: HEAT courses are designed to prepare NGO staff for operating in challenging international environments through in-person simulations. Actors take on varying roles (terrorist, IED victim, hostage, rescue team) throughout each workshop. The work can be intense (both physically and mentally) but also very rewarding.

Here is a video on this news, hat tip:  Ken S.


Is it possible that the Communists are setting up law abiding gun owners to look like terrorists? Yes, its totally possible.  You see the way the Left is now. Completely unhinged.  Watch Virginia.  Hopefully, this is nothing.  But, one never knows anymore.

As for Sandy Hook… We’ll never know the true story because there are SO MANY lies.  There are many videos on Youtube about Sandy Hook that leave a person shaking their head.

#Communist Tactic: Feds Enlist Race Obsessed La Raza to Help Hire Government Workers

#Communist Tactic: Feds Enlist Race Obsessed La Raza to Help Hire Government Workers

This is Obama’s white-hating America. How will this work for white Commie/left wingers? Hopefully, La Raza will kill off every last white liberal by taking all of the jobs that are supposed to be American jobs in the Fed govt….  



La Raza, whose name translates to “The Race,” will sponsor a workshop to help members fill jobs in the Senior Executive Services (SES). These are special management positions with salaries often exceeding $200,000 in cash and benefits annually.

Here is the link

By the way..This is La Raza:

If I was in charge….La Raza and its allies would be spitting blood. Dead, as in NOT living.

Liberals: “Who Said you Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?” Plus Obama’s War Crimes

Liberals speaking out–finally.  The more moderate leftists need to start speaking out.

Dumb & Dumber, The Deliberate Dumbing Down

Contributed By Avrum Mordecai

Way back from Plato comes the Truth that there can’t be a just society unless its members are good (moral); and its members won’t be good—or even know what good IS and what good is NOT—unless they are wise; and they won’t be wise if they (the Athenians) are uneducated, ignorant, irrational imbeciles—so stupid and so consumed with self-importance that they vote to put Socrates to death and, later, vote to war with Sparta. Real smart!
Our founders knew the same thing.
Thomas Jefferson
“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree.”
“If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”
John Adams
“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion… Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
Edmund Burke, British statesman
“It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”
Is there any doubt that our civilization has for over 70 years been destroyed from within, and its traditional institutions (family, government, church, school, literature, art, media) perverted into machines of our own self-destruction, by “progressives” (liberals, socialists, communists, fellow travelers) driven by demonic visions of an Ideal Society run by government elites who have transformed the backbone producers (us) into serfs, whose talents, work, and earnings (that is, LIVES) are used to fund the tyrannical apparatus itself and to feed and pacify the increasingly large class of violent, useless defectives whose votes sustain the elite and whose persistent and endless grievances provide ever-more “need” for social justice and “care” requiring ever more of our lives?
No, there is no doubt.
But how does a people become dumber and dumber, such that good persons don’t see what’s happening, while gullible, smug “believers” are easily turned into useful idiots who WANT everyone to belong to the government, and who think that corporate profits should be outlawed? [Well, so much for any new drugs, you idiots!]
In part, the answer is that public education—Ed Land—turns inquisitive kids (and before them, their parents) into alienated, illiterate, ignorant pleasure junkies with their caps on sideways and their pants falling off their butts.
In the space kindly lent to me by David Ben Moshe and our Mad Jewess, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how it’s done.
But for starters, go here.
Best from
Our Dean is without any doubt a soft commie. He even speaks to the whole faculty with reverence about his mentor—Billy the bomber Ayers. Out of 100 faculty, only ONE other person besides me knew who Bill Ayers is. Can new teachers become any smarter than the idiots who teach them?

Photo Of George Zimmerman Before The MSM


Think about it. Did he act in self-defense? And if he did, does he not have a right to be innocent UNTIL proven guilty?  Regardless… 2 crimes happened this last week; 2 elderly women in their 80’s, raped and murdered by black men–nobody says a word.  Congratulations, you absolute f’d up media.  You have enabled the Commie bs.  Therefore when the SHTF, we ARE coming for you, too.



 READ: Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law


The question which gives rise to the phrase “wag the dog” is;

Does the dog wag the tail, or does the tail wag the dog?

You see the tail moving, you assume the dog is wagging it, and enjoying it, but maybe the tail is wagging the dog, and the dog is enjoying the attention!

Sound familiar??  Sound like Hussein Obama….?



Wake up Children, this is not your America..


You have become “Comfortably Numb”

Yesterday…the Usurper-Iman-in-Chief GAVE AWAY some of our nuclear arsenal to RUSSIA.. and this is not cause for concern that we are going to inevitably face something ‘in-ya-face’ scary??
   I believe that a situation will arise, that will be terrible…why?? Obamas ratings are ‘slip-sliding-away.’ People are strongly disapproving of the Moslem Hitler…I wonder why…??     Is it because of the economic crisis?    Is it because the Moonbat- Messiah’s ‘annointing’ wore off?  Perhaps it is because there are now 14 million people unemployed?    Is it that He now OWNS our car companies?
It’s just a matter of….
 Is it that NO hospital in Hawaii will confirm the Usurpers BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and people SEE that he is ILLEGAL?? 
All of this is fact, and it will get worse…Which is why a “WAG THE DOG” is about due for the Dems.  They did it with Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal.. they pulled an old enemy out;   Saddam Hussein…Anyone remember December 16, 1998?? Clinton’s Speech to the  world?? 
Many theorists believe that something will create MARTIAL LAW…which I believe is very possible.  When Hitler seized power, he did similar. A FALSE sense of ‘patriotism’- FASCISM, it is NOT real American PATRIOTISM.
The Yes We Can Patrol, will question your patriotism as well.
 So, whoever you are, sitting there thinking the absolute worse possible crisis, you are probably right, just remember that I told you first;  Obama is getting ready to;






Dr. James Rahal, Infectious Disease Specialist, also available as Expert Resource

WHAT: A special briefing on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is scheduled for media and community leaders.  James Rahal, M.D., and a team of infectious disease specialists from New York Hospital Queens will address the basis of concern about this infection.  They will discuss the risks, and address the fear caused by recent cases of community-acquired MRSA infection in the New York area.

WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 10 a.m.

WHERE: New York Hospital Queens 56-45 Main Street, Flushing NY  11355
                 Lang Auditorium (please leave 15 minutes for access from parking area)


Hospital to Hold MRSA Briefing for Media and Community



  My sweetie has had an attack of SEVERE BOILS for 2 mos. now, and the MEDIA HAS SAID NOTHING!!!! SHAME ON THIS EVIL MEDIA!  These Boils are TERRIBLE, they are about 1/4 inch in circumference. This had a big meeting, and they have KEPT THIS QUIET for almost TWO YEARS.  FINALLY we are seeing a breakthrough for him. God protected me.

I got one IN MY NOSE- it was powerfully painful, I prayed and God finally released me from it, but my sweeties kind WILL NOT COME out except by much PRAYER, and peroxide baths and 2x a day showers OR LANSING- wich is PAINFUL. 

Are they ALLOWING this to happen to the elderly (in elderly homes) OR did it come from the outside IN, is what I want to know.