Liberal Rag Newspapers Are Endorsing Mitt Romney. Is The Chosen One, Obama At His End?

I wonder…

I hope that folks that are voting Mitt Romney do not have high expectations.  I truly do.  People just don’t get that men are not God.  Obama wanted to BE God, but he falls short, bigtime.  Romney will also fall short. Men are not God. 

Will Romney continue with Obama the Bush’s wars?  Not if we don’t allow this.  We have to be in his face as much as Obama to bring troops home. Close bases. Close the borders.   If there is a concentrated effort on both sides to bring our men home, I believe we all can do it.  But, don’t expect Romney to do this.  Dont expect him to bring million of jobs, either.  America has to learn that we are not America, anymore.  And strive toward being Americans again.  Leftism has NO place in America. It needs to die.  We must kill leftism.  Leftism belongs in EU, not here.  I am sick of filthy magazines, disgusting movies, TV filled with anal sexo’s.  Enough is enough.  

It is past time for the leftists to receive their due spanking.

SEE:  The Tennessean, Orlando Sentinel and Chicago Jewish Star Endorse Mitt Romney