Women Aren’t Equal To Men & I Only Need One Example

Women Aren’t Equal To Men & I Only Need One Example

My husband is watching this show about men at war.  It’s about the Black Devils, an American and Canadian mountain brigade that was trained in Montana during WW2.  When the Black Devils came to Monte De La Difensa, in Italy, 100 miles south of Rome, there was a 600 ft cliff.  The Black Devils had to climb the cliff  with about 100 lbs on their backs.  The Germans thought they couldn’t do it BUT THEY DID!   They climbed to the top, *in the pouring rain* (3 companies, 600 men) and attacked 400 Germans, killing 75. 

Now, tell me…what woman in this world can do that?  A Woman can’t carry 50 lbs, let alone 100 AND climb a cliff in the rain AND kill 75 German Heir Hitler robots. 



Deal with it.  

Go home, get a life, be a lady and go clean the kitchen like a good girl  😀


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New Study Finds Conservative Men Are Strong, Liberal Men Are Weaklings

New Study Finds Conservative Men Are Strong, Liberal Men Are Weakings…

Of course they are.  Metro-boys are married to dominatrix bitches who treat them like shit. Pardon my language but I believe it’s appalling that man, who was made in the image of God… cow-tows to female who has not invented much of anything.  Women have not won wars, do not build cities, and now, murder their own babies like felines do.  I am down on women in the united states because they are arrogant, bossy and downright mean.  I have to say that even many conservative women are this way as well.  No, not all, but many.

Women have a natural place in life that they seem to want to reject. That place is to be a friend to man. To love a man and to be loved. To be pleasant, sexy, nice, patient and kind.  Instead, they choose the worst characteristics that are enforced by left wing-feminist supremacists.

When the shit hits the fan, you can bet your bottom dollar that the first place most women will run to – is a man for protection.  Personally, I think that each man should look at the fruit of the women around him and determine from their acts, or lack of good works whether he will help her….or not – on that day.

Back to the story & end of my rant: Conservative men are stronger than liberal wussy boys.  These weak, gasbag, liberal ‘men’ will fail in the day of adversity which is coming upon all people/s. I look forward to the day when liberal boys AND their enablers; feminist freaks-are punished to the max.

Article by Andrew Malcom, Investors.Com (Click to read)-New research finds stronger men are conservatives, of course; Weaklings are libs

Liz Taylor in “Taming Of The Shrew”

Learn something ladies..

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!? Obama’s Syrian “Rebels” Caught Mass Executing Assad Supporting Civilians In Aleppo!?

Who do YOU believe?? 

My guess is the US Govt.  Do you believe the LIES and evil propaganda that Obama is putting out against the Christians in Syria and Assad who defended them?   Are you on the WRONG side?  

Obama, the ‘prez’ (who is an illegal usurper) has sent a lot of money to help aid Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood in Syria as leaked:

TREASON AGAIN Violation Of Article 4 Section 4: Obama Authorizes Secret Support For Syrian “Rebel” JIHADISTS/Al Queda

And now, (Hat-tips to QV), this is what has taken place:

A horrible video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters in Aleppo at the hands of rebels from the Free Syria Army.

Youtube by 

SEE: War Crime! Syrian Rebels Mass Execute Civilians – GRAPHIC VIDEO

Kofi Annan resigns as Special Envoy to Syria:

See here

‘British-Born Jihadists Fighting Assad In Syria’ – Captured Photographer

Blood On Panetta’s Hands As His Syria Terrorists Prepare To Stage Aleppo Massacre

You can either believe your own eyes from that video or believe this asshole:

GA: Peachtree City Grandmother fights off Black Thugs With Shotgun in Home Invasion

Good for Granny.  Imagine if this was a white thug invading an elderly black woman’s home?? It would be called the KKK, white supremacists.. You know the rest.



Video by 


(Atlanta Journal-Constitution) July 15, 2012 – A Peachtree City grandmother was beaten and grazed with a shotgun pellet during a home invasion Friday night, but she fought back and escaped the attack, according to a Channel 2 Action News report.

“I was not going to be executed in my own home,” Cece Coffee told Channel 2. Coffee descried the harrowing experience she said she had with two suspects armed with a shotgun.


-David Ben Moshe

Celebrating MEN On St. Patricks Day

I happen to be a big fan of men.   There are few women that I like, because I think most of us women are silly flibbity-gibbits. We are all over the place, emotionally, and definitely not solid in opinion and mind-power, strength either.. Of course there ARE exceptions to the rule, like Me, Donna, Loopy, you know, our blog-gals. 

  Too often the media makes men out to be wuss’s and I, for one, am SICK of it. I know better. Men are stronger, faster, smarter and more wonderful.  I like MANLY men. I like men that are all testosterone and masculine. I am part of many masculine groups to uplift men and encourage them to be MEN.  SO! Three cheers for the gender that stormed the beaches of Normandy, won the American Revolution, built our once great nation from the bottom up.  BE STRONG, be a MAN, made in the image of GOD. This generation of feminist WITCHES treat men like dirt..BUT, not here.


For St. Patricks day:



Are Men The Oppressors Of Women? Video In This Post Will Change Your Mind, Forever..

  If you have heart..

   Men, especially white males are treated like 2nd and 3rd class citizens here in America and more than a few other countries.  Women have taken men for granted to the max.   Many women think they are ‘equal’ to men. Well, they are not.  This video will show  you the truth about men & women.   IF you are a female with heart, this video will humble you.  If you are a man, I hope this video makes you feel empowered.

Please….good American women, open your hearts.

See how wrong we have been.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. “Patriarchy” sucks… Sure.

As if vacuum cleaning is SO hard…Whaaahhhh…..

Jeeezzz, feminists, GROW THE F*K up & STOP ruining mens lives..

I Got In A Huge Fight (Almost Physical) With An Obama-Feminist, Bitch-Nazi Today

 Let me start off by saying this; Conservative women mind their own damned business for the most part. They dont ‘listen in’ on peoples PRIVATE conversations.  Not so with leftist, bitch, femi-Nazi thugs. 

So, here is what happened:

I was with my husband and some men. These men were talking about their country and I was listening. They are seriously worried about illegals, invasion, and…. most NORMAL men do NOT like Barack Hussein Osama.  They can’t help it, he is a girly man. 

  Anyway, here they were, just minding their own business, talking about how these traitors in government should be off’d.   (These men have no power. Please, gimme a break.. )  Just talking about how they were in law enforcement with Sheriff Joe, and AZ is in an INVASION, not just a couple hundred illegals coming in from south of the border, but THOUSANDS a day, and they, paralyzed to stop it since the time of Clinton.   They were talking about how long their families have been in Arizona, etc.  The one man was really ranting on how we are seriously invaded and the situation is precarious.  I noticed this female in the van across from us, I watched as she tilted her head toward what they were saying, then, she pretended to be busy, she kept peaking over at us.  

  Finally, I spoke up: “Look, this bitch is eavesdropping, be careful, “If you see something, say something” propaganda is out there against white people and she is Mexican, be careful”.  They were just getting angrier, discussing how pissed they were, and I warned them again.  “Look, this bitch is totally eavesdropping, maybe we should just get in the car, who knows what this bitch will do”    They just got more angry as they were talking, and she was TOTALLY OBVIOUS with her eavesdropping.  FINALLY, I said firmly and a little louder: “I AM OUTTA HERE, THIS BITCH IS LISTENING TO EVERY FRIGGIN WORD AND WILL PROBABLY REPORT US TO THE OBAMA BRIGADE”……… The bitch came over as we were getting in the car; “I was not listening!” She said. YEA RIGHT- HA HA HA.   IF this bitch was not listening, she would *NEVER* have come over in the first place.             Please, honestly.. A person that is not interested in others conversations, would not have come over. I was loud to these MEN, but she was WAY TOO far away to have heard me word for word, UNLESS she was tuned in.  Then, she came near the car; “YOU FOOL!” she said….  I looked at her straight in the face and said, “BITCH, you WERE listening,  You eavesdropping, Nazi, feminist bitch. “Hurry up, I proclaimed, don’t you have to get back to the Mexican Gestapo to report that these men are SICK OF ILLEGALS!!!??””  – It was getting hot, and the men started walking to their cars. I stood firm, and she started walking away, intimidated.  I said “”RUN!! YOU SAW SOMETHING, BITCH, GO SAY SOMETHING!”” NOW!”   She then started in a little jog toward the dept store.  Luckily for us, the CONSERVATIVE woman working there just rolled her eyes at the Bumper-sticker, Obama-voting SLIME.

So…if this had gotten bad, this poor little “Hispanic”, illegal supporting pig would have gotten her ass whooped. NO PROBLEMO. I wish she would have shoved me, it would have been curtains.  I am a very mean street fighter, not to mention that I carry a pretty dull switchblade.  You have to be tough, to be from NYC and also CA living amongst illegal aliens in a sanctuary city….  So, that was my day! 

Well, lets hear it for the MEN.  They were PISSED. That is a GOOD sign.

Where in the Hell are all of the Rough, Tough, Lean & Mean Looking Men?

Seriously…I was watching FOX News, and all that I could think was:  “How can we ever fix this nation, stand up to enemies with men that look like the damned Pillsbury Dough boy?”

Look, we have SERIOUS enemies. Enemy #1.  Bolshevik/Communists that are psycho mind f**kers. #2. Islamic Militant Oppressors.   The enemy within has to contend with the enemy OUT THERE.  Rumors of Chinese invasion. Now, can you IMAGINE Cass Sunstein, that demented left-wing looney tune coming in contact with a sub-human that looks like this below- OR Harry Reid? Better yet, SCHMUCK Schumer?


Against this;

Prince Harry Reid..

Against this;

Think about it… Just take another look at left-wing LUNATIC/MARXIST Cass Sunstein: (Who will be polite to the Jihadists, Russians, etc) Sure, Cass, you moonbat, sure…

Cass Against this??!!

Which side do YOU think will win in a fight?

Men, WHERE are you?

Women are scared…they are. I know I am. We have a damned TYRANT in the W.H.,  and the world is falling apart- WHERE are men that are like Wyatt Earp? William Wallace?!  It is truth, this damned brainwashing has good men baffled. 

I pray that God would rise up and PLEASE bring some men that LOOK LIKE MEN & FIGHT LIKE MEN

Like; John Wayne

Wild Bill Hickok

Gen. G. Patton Jr.

Gen MacArthur 

Fiorello LaGuardia

Ulysses Grant

Stonewall Jackson 

Norman Schwarzkopf

William Wallace

Chesty Puller

Even men that look tough and act like;

Sam Elliot

Tom Selleck

Clark Gable

Humphrey Bogart

I could go on and on…but we NEED strong, rough, tough men that KNOW HOW to handle this EVIL right now.

  What the feminist movement has done to men hurts me so damned bad, that I could absolutely wipe them away, off the face of the earth, and not shed a tear. 




Men are the BIGGEST contributers of this blog. They are the VERY reason I am here… And these bitches from HELL have tried to ‘de-ball’ them, well, guess what, we will DE-TIT those assholes, and run their ass back to the damned kitchen where they BELONG.

We are stuck with this below, because of these mind-f**king bitches ;

SOMEONE needs to wake the hell up.  An immoral nation will fall and cease to exist all together.


Tough, Rough, Sweaty and all, WE NEED MEN.

See this;  The Anglobitch Thesis 


women: MANS Worst Enemy, Part II

View Image <In other words, she supports mass murder of babies, She IS a leftist-NAZI.

  People think I actually write this for entertainment purposes. Are we kidding? Are you kidding yourself?  Why would I do such a stupid thing. I REALLY like men! 1,000 x more than any damned woman! This is why I talk about this. There are way too many men that are so unhappy in feminist-supremist, America.

 Go to fullsize image I grew up a tomboy.  Most tomboy gals are great fun, and make good wives and mates. Why? They spend their time listening to men. They play with men (as in fun.) They are perfectly happy knowing that they are 100% female, they just like the same sports as the guys…most of the time. Also the ‘stay-at-home-moms’, these gals are great. They want a good family, so they work like dogs at home for their husbands and children. Their kids usually turn out great.

    Go to fullsize imageBut, lets look at some stunning things that women do to men on their own home-front.  Power-female witches are control freaks. Unfortunately, this is most women in the USA today. It used to be “a mans home is his castle“…Well, those days are sadly, long gone.  Look around your homes now, men.  Look at the sh*t everywhere! Pictures you dont like, furniture you don’t care for. The dinner table that is not even occupied during meals anymore. Your living room is now a showplace. Sure, you have your chair and your little side table, but the rest of the house is cluttered with bs.  Does this hag even dress cute for you anymore? NO! IF she is not a ‘dresser’, does she practically worship you as a 2nd ‘g’od? NO! If your garage has your things, even a pic of a pin-up that is in OK taste, just to please Wifey, that still pisses the bitch off.  Its true.  W.t.h. is wrong with a cute pin-up from the 40’s, for ie? NOTHING!  They were cute as anything, and even my hubby has a few here in the office. I think they are cute!

  Go to fullsize imageLets look at another trait that the American woman loves; THE CAT.  You know why women like cats?  Because they are projecting their inner selves.  I’m not joking, either.  A cat is a totally selfish animal; Cats care about one thing-eating and sleeping. But here’s the kicker: Cats do NOT come when you call them, even if you say; “Here kitty, kitty!” A cat STILL will not come. You can even kiss a cats a$$, and the sucker would walk by you even if you laid in pain on the floor.  This is why I tell men to get a dog. A dog is the sweetest animal and is totally loyal. Recently a good friend of mine, yes a male, lost his dog. That poor guy is so depressed now. I seriously cried when his dog died.  His g’f dumped him because he actually has the GALL to care for his country right now, and that scares the pitiful fem-bot creature..:(

  OK…… for now… I will cont’ part 3, 4, 5, 9, 10. There are so many parts to how demented and psychopathic women have become, hell I could write a book… Signing off…for now–B*TCHES!

Below: Future murdering, genocidal MANIACAL, female.

Should Womens Right to Vote be Revoked?

   Coming from a woman, yes. We are emotional creatures that rarely ever base decisions on any sound logic. True, I am very patriotic and always want what is best for my country, but not all women are like that. They will vote someone in if they are ‘good-looking’. No, I won’t, but vouch to say that most do. We get our periods and turn into the devil. We can be bitchy, self-centered, turncoats and jakobites.  If you look at when this nation started going south, you might want to open your eyes and see that it happened in the 20th Century, when they gave women the right to vote.

True at the Univs, they tell women and men that there is no difference in the sexes, but thats a lie. Women are not stronger, physically than men, its a fact.  Women are not even smarter than men. You can decide for yourself, this in my opinion. Sorry if you don’t like it. It has nothing to do with “You are just like the Moslems” either.  We were never a Moslem nation, and we were fine when women stood by men, helped men, were the cheerleaders for men, loved their men, even died for their men.  Now all that we have, imo, is just a bunch of feminist bitches.  I am not talking about conservative women necessarily…but even with conservative women, they will vote in Sarah Palin only because she is a woman.  Sorry, friends, I want a MAN, a godly CHRISTIAN man as the President, and I won’t vote in a woman, I know my sex too well. Women brought you Barack Hussein Obama. Selah.

  In the beginning of this nation, the only people that were allowed to vote were property/land owners. That is the way it should be. Minorities should NEVER be allowed to vote in America, they are agenda oriented, never really whats best for our country, but “Whats in it for me?”  This is M.O., if you don’t like it, I dont give a damn.