NOBODY picks this up. The REAL news goes unheard.  This is UNBELIEVABLE to me; A shootout between civilian gangs and the police/task forces in broad daylight!?  You should see many of these people, telling the writer of this story he is ‘inaccurate and racist’. Are we kidding here?! People are being MURDERED and these asshats still say “RACIST?”  WAKE THE FK UP! This subversion is getting more people murdered. If you  lack the courage to stand up to the bully, the bully will WIN.


Maybe some people are  too intimidated by these criminal, occupying invaders. I think so. At any rate this is the real news of the terror, REAL terror that Salinas residents are living in. There is still about 38% whites in Salinas. But, it is overwhelmingly Hispanic, and it is dangerous. This is what gangs and occupying invaders do; TERRORIZE. Islam has ZERO on these gangs.  This below story is the facts, with the exception of the body count; I don’t give a rats ass about criminal occupiers, but there are thousands of sneakers hanging on the cable lines in Salinas, which means there have been way more murders that the city allows to be printed.

Pro-ILLEGAL Brown-Shirt, Mexican Female Tells Americans “YOU’RE TOO WHITE TO BE IN AMERICA”

Hat Tip: Mama Mitzvah 🙂

some cool Arizona music. So, how do you all like our supposed ‘apartheid‘ state of Arizona?  Yep, that is what they call us now; “APARTHEID”  same: S.A., and now that South Africa is not ‘apartheid‘ anymore, 90 people a day are murdered, and they happen to be WHITE. 

 Israel is under the same type false allegations.  Israel-haters will tell you that the poor FAKEstinians are going through such hell under the “ZOG”.  Are these insane, paranoid, deluded f*heads seeing that ‘our chickens are coming home to roost’ YET?

(Try to download it fast, every video I put up here now, gets flagged and taken down from Youtube. Left wing “Jews” HATE THE TRUTH)

If you will take notice, Israel- haters, in particular, call you “RACIST” now as well. Well, here is one for you: