Coming To America? Ebola Outbreak. #DeportALLILLEGALS NOW.

Coming To America: Ebola Outbreak. #DeportALLILLEGALS

….Sometimes, you have to visit really strange boards to get the truth.  An Ebola outbreak has spread to EU.  Why has it spread to the EU?  Because Fabian Marxists are insane with their open border insanity, that’s why.  Leftists want everyone sick. Period.  We are broke.  We cannot handle any more people.  I don’t care if they want to escape their country.  God puts people in their countries.  Live there and turn to God in your own nation. 

The Ebola outbreak in Africa may have spread to Europe despite pandemic containment efforts. World Health Organization officials have been working diligently to contain the Ebola outbreak to West Africa, but their efforts may have failed.  A Reuters report on the Ebola outbreak claims that death toll statistics will no longer be released to the public to “avoid causing unnecessary panic.”

Read more at At The Inquisiter..

This is what Ebola looks like and there is NO cure:

Obama-mania will make us sick:

Third group of illegals dropped in CA...
MAYOR: Never Contacted About Dumping...
Feds to Bring in Riot Squad...
Showdown 'might get ugly'...
LAPD Will No Longer Comply With ICE Hold Requests...
Militia groups organize...
'Operation Secure Our Border'...
CRUZ: 95% Coming to get Amnesty...
WH Says 'Most' Will Be Deported...
Is this 'Obama's Katrina'?
Tuberculosis spreading at camps...
More illegals from China crossing...
Email Shows Feds Struggling To Find Housing...
Leaked 'Homeland' Memo: 99.9% of illegal minors from Central America evade deportation...
Protesters Pack Streets Outside Federal Building In Downtown LA...

Wetback Chicanos Treating Marine Tahmooressi Like An Animal. Meanwhile, We Let MORE F’n Illegals In

Wetback Chicano’s Treating Marine Tahmooressi Like An Animal, Meanwhile, We Let MORE F’n Illegals In

And, John McCain, the piece of garbage wants more illegals to come on in. Ditto Jeff Flake & Obama.  How much money do these enemies of humanity get paid to sell us all out and terrorize this world?  Collectively, we just deserve this for allowing these bastards to stay in office.

FOX News reported, hat tip JIM HOFT:

Podlaski said it is absurd that Mexico, which he pointed out is supposed to be an ally of the U.S. and receives U.S. aid, would treat an American citizen this way.  “This is like POW, Vietnam, you know prisoner of war camp type stuff,” said Podlaski, a Marine himself who served with Tahmooressi in Afghanistan.

HA…HA…HA… An ‘ally..’ What a joke.  Now, there is one country that we have NOT invaded and should have been the ONLY country we kicked the shit out of…But Nooooooo, we are all over Easter EU and the Middle East–for WHAT?  It’s the border where our real war is.


Mexico Indoctrinates Mexicans With Vile, Bloody, Murderous Hatred Against Americans

It’s our fault, as a country.  We did nothing to stop it. (My wife and I did, but as a whole, Americans did nothing) In fact, many left wing ‘Americans’ enable and promote this insanity.

This is the best video Jones has put out:


Illegal Alien Molests 4-Yr Old Girl After Being Invited to Dinner by the Family

Dumb liberals invited this 3rd world dummy to dinner and he paid them back by molesting their little girl.  They wanted to be tolerant.  Keep inviting them for dinner you morons.

This is Obama’s ‘dream act’ in action.

Youtube video by 


EAGLE COUNTY, Colo.- Detectives arrested a 24-year-old illegal immigrant after he reportedly sexually assaulted a 4-year-old child.

According to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Ismael Lopez-Alvarez of Edwards faces charges of sexual assault on a child, a Class 4 felony, after the alleged sexual assault was reported by the victim’s parents.

Texas: Illegal Alien Forces Pre-School Aged Sisters to Drink his Semen

Obama’s ‘dream act’ is a dream for illegals and a nitemare for Americans. Left-wingers adore child abuse.

RIO HONDO, TEXAS – A Rio Hondo teen is behind bars following a sexual abuse investigation where he allegedly confessed to making his victims drink his bodily fluids.

Cameron County Sheriff Department deputies arrested 19-year-old Juan Henoch Mejia on Wednesday.



Illegal Alien Rapes and Murders 1-month-old baby girl in New Mexico

A one month old baby girl. When will the insanity stop?  Obama is SUING AZ because we want this to END, he wants it to continue!! He is suing AZ.    How can any sane person be for Obama and Holder? Ditto Bush with his open border insanity. We are already a nation that murders 400 K babies a year.  But this murder of a month old baby is OK to leftists because it is ‘for the greater good’.  GOD PLEASE judge this unholy nation,  speedily. 

This baby should have had a life. Not  murder & death. 


Please see this:

A Christian voters guide.

Did ILLEGAL Occupiers Somehow Forget They Have A Country Called MEXICO? ILLEGALS Protest Alabama LAW

  I am so sick of this SHIT.  My Grandfather came from the Azores/Portugal at the turn of the century, he never complained about a damned thing–EVER.  He came with zero, He expected nothing.   He became moderately wealthy in the silversmith business. He spoke broken English, BUT, he spoke ENGLISH. He allowed NO falo portugess. (No speaking Portuguese.) He never advised his family or friends to come to America for a free ride. However, his family also came, because America WAS the land of good n plenty.  A place where you could have a little idea and make a fortune. 

  Not so today. America is a free for all, for MEXICAN, ILLEGAL, INVADERS.  And don’t tell me that they are ‘legal,  Native Americans’….Ponquogue, Seneca, Massachusetts, Manhasset, Amaghansett, Montauk, Cutchogue, Mattituck (All smaller tribes of the Iroquois DONT sound Espanol to MOI. As do not ANY of the Native American tribes, NONE.)      The ‘hispanic’ ILLEGALS are allowed to just come here;   Rape, pillage, plunder, murder.  They bring their gangs and are racist trash against Caucasian-Americans (specifically). Why dont they go BACK to the SHITHOLE they are from and make Meh-he-fukkin-co a better place?  No, they want to be law breaking sluts.



See this SHIT:

Justice Department sets up hotline for foes of Alabama’s immigration law

Gee, Should We Celebrate? Mexico Is Celebrating 200 Years..

Go to fullsize imageRa, f*cking Ra. They already have a country and they want to steal ours too. MEXICANS ARE NOT “indigenous” to America. The Native Americans are, and they are NOT Mexican, they are not even “Aztlan”. So, chalk one up for dipshit leftists that are ‘white’, who enable these scumbags.

Do some research, morons.. The Gasden Purchase ring a bell with you asswipe buffoons? 1853? Hello  

   Is there a ‘liberal’ that will tell the truth for a CHANGE we can all believe in?

  Hopefully, the illegal invaders, Americas “Palestinians” occupying AZ & Texas will just go the hell home. Lets give Mehico, the piece of shit 3rd world hell hole, a nice big fatass happy Birthday…

Whahhhh…The “Hardship” Of An ILLEGAL Occupier In America

 Sobbing Listen to this fat PORKER. O-M-G!! Such a bad life…..BOO HOO!!!

  Whahhhhhh…Like there are NO programs here to get your FAT-ASS, legal.  Go eat more enchiladas and tacos, bitch.  Pince’ Bendeja. Cabron.

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I’M SICK OF THESE ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS!! GET OUT and go the hell back to that dirt-bag place, shithole, MEHICO!