Gee, Should We Celebrate? Mexico Is Celebrating 200 Years..

Go to fullsize imageRa, f*cking Ra. They already have a country and they want to steal ours too. MEXICANS ARE NOT “indigenous” to America. The Native Americans are, and they are NOT Mexican, they are not even “Aztlan”. So, chalk one up for dipshit leftists that are ‘white’, who enable these scumbags.

Do some research, morons.. The Gasden Purchase ring a bell with you asswipe buffoons? 1853? Hello  

   Is there a ‘liberal’ that will tell the truth for a CHANGE we can all believe in?

  Hopefully, the illegal invaders, Americas “Palestinians” occupying AZ & Texas will just go the hell home. Lets give Mehico, the piece of shit 3rd world hell hole, a nice big fatass happy Birthday…