“Gay” USA~L.A.P.D. Fires Toughest Cops For Being “Too Masculine.” Good Riddance, Californication

“Gay” USA” LAPD fires toughest cops for being too masculine, Good Riddance, Californication

California is turning into the worlds biggest garbage dump.  NO doubt, the Lefty-S.A. NAZI’s in Commie-fornia want sweet, little, pansy-ass fairies in charge of Los Angeles.. Good.  Let it burn.  I’m sick and tired of these left-wing cities, they really are vomitous.   Just think… If God himself–rid America of D.C., Manhattan, Los Angeles and Chicago (all lib pig-pens, btw) the WHOLE WORLD would be a better place.  We would have world peace (to some degree)  Now, that would truly be change you can believe in..

This is what the leftist, Social-justice for moonbats want to man the streets of Los Angeles (eye-roll):

That’s  really gonna work  against this:

This should be Freak-a-Fornia’s new state Anthem:

Get mad at QV all you want, but he is RIGHT about Sodom-O’MeriKa.

Bolshevik-NAZI NAPOLITANO’s D.H.S. Monitoring Christian Website: He Is Pro-Family, Pro-God

  Yes We Can, Can, Can…
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The YES WE CAN PATROL is at it again….
  Welcome to our new Bolshevik-Nazi AmeriKa.  This is where we make sure that you will not follow God, or allow family values. This is “Progressive” AmeriKa. Land of greed, home of the slave.  This is the place that even follows people in Brazil.  Because…
 “Today AmeriKa, tomorrow the world!”
See the left wing lunacy at its best, below. This makes me so damned angry, I want to puke. This is NOT my America. This is a pagan state that needs to be destroyed by GOD.