Written By My 2nd Cousin, E Cumming About The Men Who Served In The US Military (My Family Over 120 Years)

Written By My 2nd Cousin, E Cummings About The Men Who Served In My Family

He wrote:

I started thinking about the lives of service, within my own family and how the world has unfortunately become a “Me first” environment. We have seen lives devastated by fires, looting and needless death in the last few years. People say it is because of the inequality of our society, whether it be today, or 150 plus years ago. Were there injustices? Yes, there were and there still are today. Those that suffer are not restricted to one Race. My uncle, due to his political position, along with many others, was sent to Siberia when the Russian Forces invaded Lithuania, and the Country fell.

More recently, in the 70’s while serving in Asia, I saw poverty like no can imagine. Children in tattered clothing, unlike I have ever seen before, playing in the mud and filth, in the streets, begging for food. Along with my Brothers in Arms (this includes women too), regardless of our skin color or whether we were from the North, the South, the city, or the country, we were all touched by the scenes we saw and experienced.

Those who know me, know I have dabbled in genealogy over the years and am actively doing some research. I am realizing the proud military and service history my family is privileged to share.

Lt. Col George Edward Cumming – A young man and one year after getting married, lost his life in the Battle of Coronel (A naval battle off the coast of Chile, during WW-I, where the German Navy severely defeated the British.)

George Arbouin Burnett – Another WW-I fatality, only this time, due to Mustard Gas, in the battlefields of Belgium or France.

Lt. Col Bertram GarrattMaj Geoffrey Garratt

Edmund Rushworth Abbott, OBE (OBE = Officer of the British Empire)

Seaman Thomas Cumming – My brother who had his life changed forever on June 6, 1944. Today, they would call it PTSD, but Post WW-II, they did not have the counseling and/or support groups to help work through the trials of life after the trauma of seeing so many die on the beaches of Normandy.

  • MY IMMEDIATE GRANDFATHER: MSgt Arthur Cumming – My other brother, who served in North Africa, during WW-II, where he worked as a medic and selflessly gave of his services to save other soldiers and continued to serve for a total of 26 years.
  • MY IMMEDIATE GREAT GRANDFATHER: Petty Officer Arthur Cumming – My father, who served in the US Navy, both in WW-I and WW-II. WW1 as a Horseman with Gen John Pershing. When not in the Navy, his life was spent on the waterfront of New York, as a narcotics agent helping prevent the import of drugs coming into the U.S. via ships from all over the world.
  • MY IMMEDIATE UNCLE: Seaman John Cumming – Served on a river gun boat, in Viet Nam and surrounding countries.
  • MY COUSIN: MSgt E. Cumming – Myself and I am proud to share the same title, Master Sergeant, as my “Big Brother”, serving for 23 years in Southeast Asia (I was blessed to be in non-combatant situations), Asia, Europe and the Middle East/North Africa.

Our society MUST find a purpose greater than self! We are in a spiral fall, out of control. Everyone I mentioned above, and all others who committed to serve, in whatever capacity, many giving the ultimate sacrifice, promised without prejudice to defend and protect, regardless of Race, Color or Creed.

jOBAMA Is Destroying The United States Military USING The Kill Shot Vaccine Mandate GARBAGE.

jOBAMA Is Destroying The United States Military USING The Kill Shot Vaccine MANDATE GARBAGE.

I don’t see it any other way. First off:

  1. The vaccines have killed tens of thousands of Americans. What Commander in their right mind would disarm their military?? STUDY: Our Government’s Own Data Reveals that at Least 150,000 Probably DEAD in U.S. Following COVID-19 Vaccines
  2. I read this morning that some lawyers drafted articles of impeachment: Filed Against Biden, (Which is a waste of time considering it will not remove him and only put more horrible people in power)
  3. The worst thing yet: Biden: Treat Troops Who Refuse Vax the Same as Deserters, Spies, Murderers 

The Commie-Crats are using two case scenarios:

A. The Vaccine. “They” (the powers that be) KNOW that this vaccine is poison. They KNOW that at least half of the military members will refuse it. Then, they simply name these soldiers as ‘threats to the community’ and voila, they throw out half of the military. Just like that, they have disarmed America.

B. Communist, Race-hustling and Homosexualizing the Military: There ARE Leftists in the military ranks indoctrinating young, American men to be white hating bigots and SJW’s. jOBAMA has to ‘sift out’ the men who hate Leftists through Communist programming. Just more disarming.

C. All of this is a set-up to encourage countries to attack us when we are unarmed. Russia and China are watching this disaster and licking their chops.

D. Do you understand that this is a plan? This is the Democrat plan to ‘finish off’ America for good.

I don’t see it ANY other way.

Our future, (since the GOP will do absolutely nothing):

nuke gif | Tumblr
How Hiroshima had come to an end — Steemit
Download Cat Nuclear Explosion Gif | PNG & GIF BASE



FLASHBACK: Dream Young Woman Had Of Forced Vaccines In 2009:

FLASHBACK: Dream Young Woman Had Of Forced Vaccines In 2009:

This dream hits the NAIL on the head. She was also made aware that the vaccines would kill a person. She saw the military going home to home.

Hat tip, Nicholas

Russia Releases Military Ad Making USA Look Like Weak, Pathetic Girls

Russia Releases Military Ad Making USA Look Like Weak, Pathetic Girls

What the Communists have done to this nation is pathetic and disgusting. And, the sane men of America allowing this chit to continue makes us deserving of destruction.

I will tell you this much: One day, very soon, the Russians and the Chinese will be coming to bomb America. Anyone with a brain can see this coming. What is disturbing is the Left created this disaster so that we will be totally destroyed: Which has been their goal since the 1920’s.

Ukraine: Shot Down UKR Military Il-76 Transport Jet Plane. How Do Ya Like THAT @SenJohnMcCain?!

John McCain is LOSING his war in Ukraine.

So-Good for the anti fascists in shooting that jet down.  War is hell.  John McCain knows this well: After all, it was he who brought bloodshed to the average Ukrainian.  Never forget who McCain helped get in power:


And, still…Many Americans refuse to answer these questions as they call me a “Putin sympathizer”

  • Fox news & others do not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news & others do not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco, plus the Georgia ‘revolt.’  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.
  • Fox news & others do not reveal that Victoria Nuland (besides John McCain & Senator Murphy) was also in Kiev, engaging rioters, aka ‘protesters’  Victoria Nuland brings ‘tea and cake’ to Maidan in Kiev.  Fox news does not even ask WHY she was even there bringing disharmony to another country.

By the way, sheeple…. Why is nobody asking why John McCain has a Ukrainian flag on his Twitter page:

Why Does @SenJohnMcCain Have The Ukraine Flag on his background/Twitter page? …


How Would #MikeyWeinstein Like It If Christians Started Calling ‘Jews’, (JINOs) Monsters? IDIOT!

How Would #MikeyWeinstein Like It If Christians Started Calling Jews, Monsters? IDIOT!

This impossible, moronic, jackass lives in America.  Mikey has inhabited this land his whole life. Lived in safety from anti-Jewish oppression..He knows that America is supposed to be Christian.  Mikey is probably a Bolshevik, atheist, Jewish-born ass-hat. Think about it…A nasty, fat, jabba-the-hut looking fiend is telling Christians to ditch scriptures just because of a little inscription on a gun in the US military – that has no-doubt: given countless Christian soldiers, comfort…  

True Jews do NOT ‘preach’ to Christians. Period!

Now…300 supposed Marines are just soooo put off by some scriptures on the rifles.  And, Mikey the bastard is going to correct this for these ‘un Christian’ soldiers.  The gall. The audacity. It’s amazing.  Just watching Commie-Jews tell Christians what’s what. They don’t even believe in God to begin with, but they are going to dictate to Christians that they are ‘un Christian’.


Back to the question… I can hear the Commie-Jews screaming bloody murder when the nation decides to go postal on their dumb asses.. I think Christians SHOULD start calling Obama-voting Jews what THEY are: 


Need proof…………?


‘Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces. Oh my, my, my, how “Papa’s got a brand new bag.”‘

-Mikey the “Jew”

David Petreaus Just Resigned As Head Of The CIA

What happened?  Was he also thrown under the bus?


Meanwhile, see this:

CIA Director David Petraeus  &


CIA Analyst on Petraeus Departure: “TIMING IS TOO PERFECT… IT REALLY SMELLS” (Video)

FACEBOOK PHOTO POST: Marine Vet, Brandon J Raub- “This Is The Part Where I Tell The Federal Government To Go F#*K Itself..”

FACEBOOK PHOTO POST: Marine Vet, Brandon J Raub- “This Is The Part I Tell The Government To Go F&*K Itself..”

[CONTENT EDITED By David Ben Moshe

He also believes that the military will turn on us, I agree with him

How much more are we all going to take, people?

 Are we going to wait to sit in chains?  Looks like it..


CAUGHT ON CAMERA!? Obama’s Syrian “Rebels” Caught Mass Executing Assad Supporting Civilians In Aleppo!?

Who do YOU believe?? 

My guess is the US Govt.  Do you believe the LIES and evil propaganda that Obama is putting out against the Christians in Syria and Assad who defended them?   Are you on the WRONG side?  

Obama, the ‘prez’ (who is an illegal usurper) has sent a lot of money to help aid Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood in Syria as leaked:

TREASON AGAIN Violation Of Article 4 Section 4: Obama Authorizes Secret Support For Syrian “Rebel” JIHADISTS/Al Queda

And now, (Hat-tips to QV), this is what has taken place:

A horrible video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters in Aleppo at the hands of rebels from the Free Syria Army.

Youtube by 

SEE: War Crime! Syrian Rebels Mass Execute Civilians – GRAPHIC VIDEO

Kofi Annan resigns as Special Envoy to Syria:

See here

‘British-Born Jihadists Fighting Assad In Syria’ – Captured Photographer

Blood On Panetta’s Hands As His Syria Terrorists Prepare To Stage Aleppo Massacre

You can either believe your own eyes from that video or believe this asshole:

NAZI-“Liberals” Petition To Get Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio Hits “Goal”~SIGN COUNTER PETITION HERE

(I am not even a Rush listener)  There is NO other country that puts up with traitors as we do.  The US Military is not going to be able to listen to who they want to listen to..?! These men have fought and died for these EVIL, no-good, rotten sons a bitches to be seditious and mutinous?! This is absolutely DISGUSTING. These vomit-filled creeps will say “IT IS OUR TAX DOLLARS”.  You tell them: YOUR Tax dollars do not go to spread Communism. Tell them STRAIGHT UP. Get in their face and tell them.

Petition to Get Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio Hits Goal …

Counter attack:

Sign petition IMMEDIETELY

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Petition To Keep Rush On Military Radio
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