Now-‘Gay US Militants Should Focus On Russia’ – NO, Mind Their Own Biz Like They USED TO

Gay Americans Should Focus On Russia. NO, They Should Mind Their Own Biz Like They USED TO

Any fruit I ever knew wanted to be left alone.  They didn’t want to be bothered. Now, militant jerks who are FAGS are pushing for ‘gay’ in Russia.  You don’t THRUST YOUR way on a nation that is not friendly to you, you stay the hell out.   You militants should move to Frisco or NYC.  Then we can beg God to rid the earth of you for shoving your militancy on people.  

It is not gay itself that destroys nations, it is MILITANCY. Feminist militancy, Abortion militancy and GAY militancy.

Daily Caller has far left wing radicals on it now: Gay Americans should be focused on Russia