#Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Minneapolis: THIS IS A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, Joe.

Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Minneapolis: THIS IS A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, Joe.

When the BLM and ANTIFA burned the cities in 2020, the Left called it ‘mostly peaceful protests‘. The same as they called the Arab Spring, “Peaceful”. The same as they call “Palestinians”, ‘oppressed’. I could go on, but you follow my drift…

Meanwhile, the ‘right’ covered the burning of the cities in 2020 at length. The Left retaliated to the pictures & videos as ‘Faux News’, “Racists”, “IT’S PEACEFUL”, etc. In fact, my blood pressure went through the roof and I had to go to the Cardiologist last spring because it made me sick. While in the waiting room, some dude asked me why I was there. He said I was ‘too young’ to be at the Cardio Dr. I told him: “The cities of America are on fire”. To which he responded: “You have to stop watching “Faux News”.

Now, we have Joe-Bama Biden stating that there is ‘no justification for the violence and looting‘. What is he talking about? This is what ‘PEACEFUL’ looks like, JOE’BAMA.


Unrest Destroys Minneapolis' Landmark Street Of Diversity ...

THIS is what ‘peaceful’ looks like, Joe. Deal with it. Enjoy. You built this.

*Conservatives in Leftist cities:

BE ARMED. Remember the roof top Koreans.*

Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again:

Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again.

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Ask me if I care. I don’t anymore. When I did care in 2020, Trump did nothing. He let the cities burn. It angered me, immensely. Now, it doesn’t. I see Leftist cities burning as a result of hard Left policies. What ya put down, ya pick up. That which a man sows, he will also reap in due time. What comes around goes around.

God is allowing the Leftists to burn themselves. Good. Since nobody except the “Proud Boys” would go deal with these miscreants, God will. Hallelujah. Judgment is here. The wicked Leftists are receiving their just punishment…

If you are Conservative, living in the city and do not want to move: You had better get armed and have weapons. If you have enough money: GTFOUT, asap.

I’m sure you all know about the black girls beating the Postal worker because their stimulus was not in the mail, correct? Well, that is coming to the cities in gangbusters. It may not be today or next month….but like the bible says: IN DUE TIME.

My song for the cities burning…

Nolte on Breitbart tells off the Left really hysterically:

You want to know what this all is?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is…

What this is is not my fucking problem.

This is how Democrats CHOOSE to live and there’s nothing I can do about that.

…Shocker: Democrat-Run Cities Keeping Burning


Minnesota Riots Again

Traffic Stop Results in Black Man’s Death

Photos, Videos

Not Wearing Masks: BAD. Looting, Rioting, Burning, OK #GeorgeFloyd

Not Wearing Masks: BAD. Looting, Rioting, Burning, OK #GeorgeFloyd

Looting…OK.  Masks?  NO mask?  Not too much: You Can Now Get Fired For Refusing To Wear A Mask At Work

I find it really damned amazing that the nation has been through a mess and this is what these stupid idiots did?  Sickening.


Minneapolis: Mob Of Blacks Brutally Attack White Man. Wheres The OUTRAGE?

   Minneapolis: Mob Of Blacks Brutally Attack White Man. Wheres The OUTRAGE?

There is no outrage. Of course not.. He is not TRAYVON..Anyway… There are enough white people to go around, so just murder a few–NO biggie.

We want to let you know..We will *NOT* leave this issue alone until these racial crimes are reported as racial crimes and many ‘minorities’ seen as they really are: Murderous racists without conscience.

You white people that are waking up, you had better be locked and loaded, especially in the cities.