Australia Persecuting Their Serbs, Arabs, Blacks, Etc If They Don’t Get STABBED W/ #Covid Poison Shot:

Australia Persecuting Their Serbs, Arabs, Blacks, Etc If They Don’t Get STABBED W/ #Covid Poison Shot:

This is horrible. The Military is tenting in the streets of Australia, demanding that the minorities in AU get stabbed with the poison, graphene, Lucifer prick.

This is awful:

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And…. The Saxon Began To Hate.

And…. The Saxon Began To Hate…

I have a few thoughts. Read below the poem. Thanks!

Freaky Recording of "Boots," the Poem Used in SERE

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

**It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Just what prompted Kipling to write such a poem? In the age of the Victorians, arose Rudyard Kipling. He wrote the “Wrath of the awakened saxon” in a time when whites were quite accomplished and ruled the seas plus much of the world. There was no real reason for the saxons to hate at that time.

Did he see the time ahead? I think he did. Did he detect a time where whites would be in danger and must arise? I think he did. At any rate, his poem is actually happening. When you go to different websites, you can see comments posted showing that the saxon is past beginning to ‘hate’. Any act of violence committed by minorities, (especially by blacks) is now garnering total aversion from white Americans.

What is hate? Here is the definition:

HATE: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: abhor, detest, abominate imply feeling intense dislike or aversion toward something.

I hate green peppers. Nobody is going to make me like them. I hate violence, sin, evil. Nothing is going to change that for me. The taste of bell peppers is disgusting to me. Goats milk also. You can’t make me LIKE goats milk.

Once someone hates something, it’s finished. Over. Kaputz.

I wrote this in 2013: The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This.

Which brings me to my closing thought. The American white & the saxon now hates the minorities. There is nothing that is going to change this. I warned this would come. Unfortunately, I was unheeded. So, the minorities are going to have to deal with the fall-out now. You were warned. You started it. You would not back off. It is coming to you with both barrels. Leftist blacks are pushing people right over the EDGE:

This video has made many very livid: EVIL!!!!

Brits Are Fighting Back Against Their Muslims. This Is The Result Of LEFT WING Politics

Brits Are Fighting Back Against Their Muslims. This Is The Result Of LEFT WING Politics

Coming to America…

Leftist (Commies) push people until they just can’t take anymore.  Britain is now seeing a rise in ‘hate’ crimes against their Muslim population.  I don’t know if I would call it ‘hate’ crime since the Muslims do not respect the indigenous English, chase their bobbies (cops) down the street & ridicule them.  Muslims protest that they want to see a holocaust of English people.  In my opinion:  They are getting what they asked for.  Most Muslims are terrible citizens of England. (I am sure there are good Muslim citizens there, but people will not care about that when the SHTF)    I don’t ‘like’ violence.. but for every action, there is a reaction.   English are a patient people–but, their patience is now finished.

Click- Anti-Muslim crimes spike in London

How did the Fabians expect the middle class and commoners of England to react to this type behavior:

Breaking point:

*This is the result of liberal/left wing politics.  Minorities in America had better wake the hell up. This includes you left-wing Jews.  Minorities: Start respecting our country and our calls to freedom instead of fighting us.  We are very f*cking serious.  You are pushing.  This will end up bad for you if you do not stop pushing us.

Bobby Jindal: “Minorities Should Act White, If They Did, Racism Wouldn’t Exist” (Semi-Fail)

Bobby Jindal: “Minorities Should Act White, If They Did, Racism Wouldn’t Exist” (Semi-Fail)

Bobby Jindal is correct about minorities ‘acting’ white.  They should try to ‘act’ more white-meaning civilized. I’m not saying ‘all’ whites are that way, but the majority are.  I believe that if whites would stop acting like the ghetto creeps, they would also be better off.

HOWEVER: I disagree with Jindal.

Why? Because he, like so many people – believe that the racism is directed at minorities.  He is wrong.  The racists ARE the minorities.  Just because one is a minority does not mean they are the eternal victims of racism.  It also does not mean that they can’t be racists, contrary to what the leftists teach.  ANYONE can be a racist.

This is how black people and Mexicans were when they acted white (in entertainment, at least..)

Sergio Mendes-Alibis(1984):

The Manhattans:

We all know what its like now: Terrible.

This left wing windbag blog has the story- Read more: here

I Never Thought I Would See This Day…

I Never Thought I Would See This Day…

  It seems there is nothing we the sheeple can do to stop Obama and the McCain-Kerry War machine insanity.  I don’t know what will stop all of this. I truly don’t.  Men should be offing every last one of these blood-thirsty nuts, but they aren’t.   I never thought I would see the day where my own country would BE the terrorist, but I was naive enough to believe the American mantra.  I can see this was just a dream.  Truly, we have not been AMERICA for 40 plus years.

I never thought I would see the day where illegals would walk all over state reps and take pride in that, but I saw it yesterday (KS SOS, Kobach).  I never thought I would see a day where a Sec of War would actually push for women to be in combat-but that happened yesterday (MARINE combat) Good riddance, let the feminist filth go die against Muslims who they take up for & kiss ass.

I never though I would see the day where men would completely forsake their natural love for women and have sex with men–AND, then marry each other.  Men marrying men. Insanity.

I never thought I would see the day where minorities would rule the majority, but they do and they do it while saying “F*CK YOU”

I never thought I would see the day where a heathen female would beat a Christian person in America, but I saw that today.

Last, but certainly NOT least (there is so much more)

I never thought I would see the day where America would engage in WW3, helping Al Qaeda and apologizing to the Taliban, but I saw it today.

Hope you are happy, Commie liberals.  I know you are ecstatic.  Why do you stay here? Why not leave?  It is the American patriot that will eventually have to handle the fall-out and fight with our hands and DIE for what YOU have done with your neo con enablers.

It is American patriots vs Communists with European ideologies. Which is what our ancestors fled, they (the Commie “Americans”) embrace this ideology.  People tell me there is no ‘left-right’….lies.  Bs. If there wasn’t, we would not have an MSM who BUILDS up Barack Hussein Obama, COMMUNIST……So, even YOU were had.  The only thing that can bring some unity at this point is to STOP THE SYRIAN WW3.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!? Obama’s Syrian “Rebels” Caught Mass Executing Assad Supporting Civilians In Aleppo!?

Who do YOU believe?? 

My guess is the US Govt.  Do you believe the LIES and evil propaganda that Obama is putting out against the Christians in Syria and Assad who defended them?   Are you on the WRONG side?  

Obama, the ‘prez’ (who is an illegal usurper) has sent a lot of money to help aid Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood in Syria as leaked:

TREASON AGAIN Violation Of Article 4 Section 4: Obama Authorizes Secret Support For Syrian “Rebel” JIHADISTS/Al Queda

And now, (Hat-tips to QV), this is what has taken place:

A horrible video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters in Aleppo at the hands of rebels from the Free Syria Army.

Youtube by 

SEE: War Crime! Syrian Rebels Mass Execute Civilians – GRAPHIC VIDEO

Kofi Annan resigns as Special Envoy to Syria:

See here

‘British-Born Jihadists Fighting Assad In Syria’ – Captured Photographer

Blood On Panetta’s Hands As His Syria Terrorists Prepare To Stage Aleppo Massacre

You can either believe your own eyes from that video or believe this asshole:


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB): AFRICAN-AMERICANS RUIN NEIGHBORHOODS: White Buffalo Resident Says :O ……… Of course, I have not ever lived in a neighborhood ruined by black people. Black people on the Monterey Peninsula are law-abiding patriots.  I lived in a sanctuary city for illegals, which, imo, is worse.    But, I will say this much.. Times are bad.  Many minorities act insane, including leftist-Jews.  I believe this man is right to some extent. People hang with their own people anyway for the most part.

About 15 miles from me, the Commies moved in.  They didn’t like that there were not enough minorities (Mostly black, welfare folk)  So, they moved them up here.. And, wallah, now there are starting to be robberies.  Whoda Thunk…!!

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – News 4 spoke to a South Buffalo resident about an arson fire in a South Buffalo neighborhood that may have been motivated by racial hatred. He had some startling opinions about race relations in the Queen City.

He spoke his opinions freely with News 4’s Ed Drantch. Warning: Some may find his comments offensive. Watch the video on this page to hear his comments.

Friday morning, the man called into the Shredd and Ragan show on 103.3 The Edge to explain his opinions further. He claims to have received death threats after his comments aired on News 4 Thursday evening.

(Black patriots, Christian blacks, etc, please don’t include yourselves in this post)

Liberal Minorities, Black, Mexican, Jew ETC~Can’t Handle Our Black Kenyan Prez

you cant handle the truth‘I happen to surf the net a quarter of my day. I have come to the absolute, positive conclusion, that liberal minorities cannot handle having a black president.

It is the truth. They cry, whine, and the posts that they write are so childish, it’s pathetic. They can’t handle Obama in the office without going insane when we criticize his insane progressive policies, that have ZERO to do with his blackness. 

 If they were past all of their OWN racism, they would want Obama treated as any other man that is upstanding, and the men that were REAL Prez’s before him that were WHITE.’

 Office of Minority Health Logo All of these minorities that are now in charge don’t care about country, they care about agenda.  If it is the Mexicans, they want illegal, law-breakers to have rights and be citizens. They want to give to their people from south of the border, something they never worked for.  If it is the blacks, they want ‘reperations’, from a nation, where most of our people did not even arrive until a long time after the civil war. If it is the Jews, they are concerned about Israel & think, in their screwed-up minds that America is a “NAZI” nation, even though we have NEVER needed anti-semitic laws.. The Israel, Mexican & Black lobby in this nation is disgusting.  There is NO lobby for plain ‘ol fashion apple pie Americans. Look at the recent, for ie. @ Savages website: With a whine and whimper, a presidency splits a seam


Lies It would really slow your  The lies that people tell on this blog would make your head spin too. Just to prove some idiotic, anti-American point, even one little left wing “Jewish” snot rag (who eats Kosher, and that makes her a ‘good Jew’)   pretends that her husband makes 7 figures working for the D.H.S., a ‘model’ for Stop Staring clothing, (in fact, she is the model, Bernie Dexter, herself, even though Bernie is about 31 years old-eyeroll..)  and her parents that were in the Holocaust, even though she is 24 years old.   ~We save all of these lies, too.  It is sick how these jackasses operate.   Another left wing loser Jewish guy says he lives in Israel to prove points, yet his IP is in Saratoga, NY- he is a ‘religious liberal Jew’ if this makes sense, (you know, pro-baby murder, fag marriage.. sure..)  A black man who thinks that Obama is the Messiah, and DO NOT talk about his Messiah. Another idiot that I kicked off of here, who stalked me for weeks, then put my blog on Craigs List (which gave me more readers) until I had to make his IP public. They CANNOT HANDLE this black person as prez, they cannot handle a minority liberal black in charge, honest discourse is not an option to these losers.

Senator Chuck Schumer  The despicible snot-nose, elite libo/Marxist, Chuck Schumer whined during Sotomoyors hearings, crying in front of the whole nation, so happy that a Hispanic would be elected into the SCOTUS. He didnt care if she was a La Raza Mexican Brown Supremist, he didn’t care that she threw an innocent AMERICAN WHITE man in prison for 17 years. He cared that she was a minority like him, and ‘yay, we will have a minority as SCOTUS!’.   He cares nothing for this nation, even for the Mosaic-Judaic Laws (10 Commandments) being intact, and this nation retaining its Christianity, which Sotomayor has NO intention of upholding as does not KAGAN THE PAGAN .   What a pathetic joke for a senator. SEE:  YouTube – Chuck Schumer’s Emotional Outburst at the Sonia …

Because he doesn't understand  The Racist, Black Panther lovin,’ Uncle Toms at the NAACP scream and cry racist, like the thin-skinned little pussies they are, and the first broad of the W.H., weeps along with them. This is disgusting. Imagine enemies and what they think of this fine display of absolute brattiness… A once great nation reduced to people that beg, moan and groan if they dont get their way. Finally, Breitbart, tired of the serial, phoney-ass,  race baiting,  told the NAACP to “Go To Hell” Amen. Journalist insists black leaders – not tea partiers – are real ‘racists’

 Crybaby Pseudo-Victims Media Matters are the biggest babies in the planet, they are like little children, “If we don’t like what you say, we’ll just call your sponsers and destoy your life!” Whaahhhhhhhh!! ……….I wonder what they would do, if the same assault to destroy their lives happened to them, how would these insane buffoons think?  Yes, I know, its NOT facsim when THEY do it..Well, its never too late to destroy them, when we REAL AMERICANS get back in power……..Breitbart offered $100 Grand to ANYONE that could bring some type allegations for the holy grail “N” word being said at a protest against NAZI-care bill, nobody has answered the call, yet, here is MMFA, crying like the little bitches they are:  Right-Wing Media Attempt To Erase “Bigoted Statements” From The Tea Party Movement

Go To HellWell, this website has had just about fucking ENOUGH of you pathetic little Mary Poppins bitches and faggy ass bastards- that should be thrown out and deported to some Commie 3rd world shit hole, that you hail to. Get out of our country if you can’t take the politics, go to Africa, go to some middle east ghetto, go to Mexico, just GET OUT- BYE BYE.



The music’s over…TURN OUT THE LIGHTS……

  The GOP will roll over and PLAY DEAD…why?  RACISM, stupid sheep.  They will play the RACE CARD with the racist she-beast piece of EXCREMENT,  Sotomayor.. herself. 

  When do the Caucasians in their Christian nation EVER stand up and say:

FU*K YOU and the horse you rode in on,  you dirty rotten leftist Bolshevik MARXIST rat bastards from the PITS of hell?!

  When is it ENOUGH before you sound a BATTLE CRY and Nuke the capital and say:


  I say you WONT. I say you are COWARDLY.

I say:


The GOP voted in Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a PIG B*TCH from the pits of HELL- they SOLD us out, and now a MINORITY rules over the M*A*J*O*R*I*T*Y?? 



Tell you why MEN…you LET women in charge of YOUR nation…women…WOMEN!!!! Are you friggin STUPID?