China & Russia Quit Dollar, 2 Weeks AFTER Missles Shot Fired In USA

The Yes We Can Brigades did not tell you all that we had 3 Chinese Missle tests – 1 in San Diego, 1 in Phoenix and 1 in NYC, Queens.  EXPECT rockets and missles on our shores, in our land.  And please dont insult the little intell I have by telling me I am ‘paranoid’  I am not paranoid, I tend to be a realist.  Where are you fking liberals now? All of the rest of the moonbats; Keep watching Palins daughter on dancing with the stars, keep buying pics of Megyn Kelly half naked.


See Steve Coopers (The Conservative Monster) synopsis:

The worst case scenario



Russia & China Vow To Advance Military Ties.

See, from The Conservative Monster: 

China & Russia vow to advance military ties


Go to fullsize imageYep… The Mad Jewess is ‘out of her mind’……Keep worrying only about Islam, people. Islam has nothing on China and Russia.  I bet Gog/Magog (China, Russia) are LOL at us for this missile stunt the other day that everyone thought was ‘just a plane’… Keep drinking the kool-aid, or whatever the hell you are drinking.  Soon we will be attacked so bad, and possibly obliterated. After all, we have a sick-sonofabitch as a “Prez” that couldnt even care less about FT HOOD.  Hell, this bastard does not even care about life-babies..they are ‘punishment’. 


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Missle Fired Off CA~Same Day Chinese Surprised US Carrier

Go to fullsize image  Some people yesterday, thought that The Mad Jewess & DONNA were insane.  Are you idiots still going to think we are insane when a missle hits your backyard because we treat our debtor, China- like crap?  We have an asonine Muslim/Marxist as our CIC that goes around the world shitting on everyone, and this is what is happening in retaliation for it..


Go to fullsize imageCome on America, we are not dumb. 


DEMAND the truth from this g’damned rotten, treacherous media! WTF!!! WAKE UP!!!!!


Doug Richardson, Jane’s Military Magazine Missile Expert Tells You the Truth: Ballistic Missile, No Doubt 

Queens, NYC Gets Missle/Rocket Too? KEEP SLEEPING AMERICA

Go to fullsize imageThis is totally unbelievable! The Pentagon has ‘no idea’ what has happened, or what the streaks through the sky are. The MSM is reporting that it is just a PLANE.  They reported that this is all a figment of your imagination, an ‘optical illusion’! Are we INSANE!? What the hell is happening? And….WHY does nobody give a DAMN!

First California. Now they’re shooting at Queens! See the post:

Queens gets its own ‘missile’ attack



SCARE PLANE? A missile-like streak appears in the sky yesterday to the west of the Rockaways, much like the still-unexplained mystery Monday off California.

Phoenix & L.A.~Missles & Rockets In America & LIES OF THE MSM

I have been watching this story..The MSM thinks that the American people are dumb as dirt.  “Mysterious Missles” are now planes.  Koo Koo, Koo Koo.. Just keep watching that TV America, nothing is wrong…NO Missles, that was just a plane. You are all crazy, bigots, racists, bla bla bla.. Spaceweather extention of NASA is saying it was a plane, and you are supposed to believe that horse-shit!!!

See here too about Phoenix:

Possible Missile launched in Phoenix arizona as well!!