Why Should Mitt Romney, An American Man Give A Concession Speech To A Muslim From Kenya Who Is Ineligible?

As of this time Mitt Romney has yet to offer Barack Hussein Obama a concession call or speech.   Now tell me why should he?  Mitt Romney, an American, should not give any concession until Romney sees all of the Obama birth/passport records and microfilm birth records as Sheriff Joe demanded.   On top of that, a natural born citizen is one who has 2 American citizen parents.  Barack Sr. was never an American citizen.  If Obama was a citizen of Indonesia, as a dual citizen, he is again not allowed to hold the office of president.  Romney should do absolutely nothing except stand with the generals who have endorsed him.


Bolshevik NYC Rag Newspapers Dump Obama


The BEST Picture Of Harvey Weinstein I’ve Ever Seen

This is the face only a mother could love.

Harvey Weinstein Has Risen From the Grave to Feast on the Bones of His Enemies

A sucker punch is what this asshole deserves for putting out that Commie-freak show, Project Runway..

I just read how this dipshit extraordinaire painted Mitt Romney as a ‘villain’ in his latest Bin Laden Movie.  Mitt Romney?  He has not even been part of the political scene re the middle east when Obama supposedly caught Bin Laden.  there are NO pictures to this date of Obama’s capture of Bin Laden.  Most Americans actually believe he caught him. I don’t.

I am not even a Mitt Romney fan at all.  Would he be better than Obama? I don’t know anymore folks.  But, the lengths that these Bolsheviks will take never ceases to amaze me.  What sickens me even more is that Weinstein is so obviously a Jew.  Which paints myself & people I love that are Jews in a horrible light.  I’ve always said that left wing Jews create Jew hatred.

Weinstein’s Bin Laden Film Cast Romney as Villain

Univ of Colorado Computer Model Still Predicting Landslide Romney Win

 Romney Will Win Big in Electoral College


Just keeping you updated on things you may already know.  We believe (at this point) that anyone but Obama is necessary.  Mitt Romney is not our choice on this website.  Sheriff Joe would have been our ideal president.

However..Obama may have something up his sleeve according to the Ulsterman:

Really Watch For Over The Next 72 Hrs…


Why Do The Far Left Radicals Love Joe Biden?

Of course the Bolshevik leftists like Biden. He looked like a mental patient in need of psychiatric care. 
All of you ‘Progressives’ are looney in need of massive psychotropic drugs, or lobotomies. 

I hope, when Mitt Romney gets elected, he passes an exec order, pronto, spending at least a billion on new straight jackets from China to lock you crazies up.


^Typical leftist. ^

Big Bird: Too Big To Fail

By The Mad Jewess, Oct 9, 2012

Big Bird, who is now a Marxist/Communist does not spread his wealth, properly as the rest of us are forced to. He makes 48 million in merchandise a year but can’t seem to drum up enough money to pay a few million to keep his ugly ass on PBS, himself.

How many more PBS programs make a fortune in merchandising or get huge grants from corporations and still  have their hands out for government funds?  If a product is not commercially viable, then get rid of it.   Funding everything that has their hand out is what got us into deep financial trouble.

I’ve had it with the Commie hypocrisy.

Big bird is too big to fail, thanks to American suckers.

Sesame Workshop to Obama: Take Big Bird ad down