Obama “All Things To All People”… But, Nothing To Anybody

Barack Obama played the victim card and compared himself to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a fundraiser in Manhattan last night.

Good Grief. Obama Compares Himself to Lincoln, Reagan, FDR and Now Martin Luther King Jr.

  Does the insanity ever end with Barack HUSSEIN Osama?  Now, he is MLK.  A couple mos ago, he was Reagan.  In the beginning, he was Lincoln.  In the middle, he was FDR.  Most sane people can agree on this; He is nothing to anybody.

Pastor Manning has the creep pegged @ 2 minutes-2.50 minutes:

Dr Alveda King (Niece to Dr Martin Luther King Jr.) on Obama

“…America is hungry for change,

……..but America is looking in the wrong place…

Barack cannot deliver America…

[his] politics are neither a blessing nor praiseworthy.”

 “…Obama’s answers to the ills of society, of higher government spending, weaker national defense, continued tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, and support of gay marriage, are diametrically opposed to everything American Americans truly believe and an anathema to the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Very good, It is not easy to stand against the crowd of false Messiah worshippers.