More Obama Blowback: American Teacher Is Shot & Killed In #Benghazi, Libya. More “Hoax”, @mmfa ?

More Obama Blowback: American Teacher Is Shot & Killed In Benghazi, Libya. More “Hoax”, @mmfa ?

Media Matters for America’s David Brock says that Benghazi-gate is a ‘hoax’, made up by evil, right-wing racists, yada yada.  Explain this death, you idiot.  No, it’s not an ambassador, just another American fatality in Obama’s Dead Pool

The problem with the ‘hoax’, you asinine, jerk-off is that your Comrade, Obama LIED and then covered it up.  And, you already know that if this was a Repub prez, it would have at least made the Communist news.   If this was America, 1972, we would see a resigned Prez, not one that is protected by Democrats………!!

Teacher Shot, see here... (Tammy Bruce hat tip)

Kirkus(Commie) Reviews Praises ‘The Benghazi Hoax‘ 

Media Matters EXPOSED By An Insider~’Ties To White House.’

Media Matters is in a heap of trouble via “the Daily Caller”…..Boo F’n Hoo.. Media Matters is personally responsible for Bolshevik attacks against Lou Dobbs, and should be closed down. (See below video, afterwords.)

We do not want Bolshevik (Communists) running American TV & offered as ‘valid’ news sources. This is supposed to be AMERICA, not Soviet Russia, 1917.

I warned Ms. Pamela Geller, early 2010, (of an attack on her character from MMFA website): Media Matters advised NBC that she  ‘did not belong on national television.’  Geller is exonerated, as they are being revealed: Read it here.

(Here was my post warning Geller: MARXIST SCHMUCKS Attack Pamela Geller, With DEMANDS That Geller NOT BE ON THE MSM) Which I emailed to her, personally that afternoon in 7/2010.)

EXCERPT from the Caller (the rest below):

Brock, the head of the liberal nonprofit Media Matters for America, had told friends and co-workers that he feared he was in imminent danger from ‘right-wing assassins‘ and needed a ‘security’ team to keep him safe……..

That he is connected to Hillary and Soros certainly comes as no shock.  They convened the coven that eventually manifested itself in groups like The Center for American Progress. One doesn’t belong to such a ruthless, seditious cabal without sufficiently evil bona fides.

God save Mr. Brock from irony…. he doesn’t like physically unattractive people? Someone please hand him a mirror, and a copy of The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Sen. Rockefeller: “FCC Should Can FOX”~Dem Underground, The “Human-Rights” Activists Agree..

 Thumbs Down So much for the Liberals with their ‘rights’ bullshit.  It is OK for the stupid MSNBC to stay on the AIR, but not Fox-They say that FOX news is ‘violent’. That is 100% totally absurd. Hannity, violent? ROFL! Beck? Who tells right wingers to NOT fight back if a leftist happens to take a swing at one of them?  Are these people deluded? They must be. Its the mary-jane they toke on- Either that, or they just robot, and simon-says everything that Media Matters spews. 

  Didn’t Radigan, that Comotose Bolshevik assassin call for the left wing to get violent last week? Do these people  even watch their own schmucks on the TV? MSNBC’s Dylan (Resident Bolshevik Schmuck) Ratigan, Calls For Violent Revolution?

So, look at what these idiots that are Marxist/NAZI Fascists want to do in a free country- silence the opposition, just like Stalin and Hitler:


If anything at all, Faux should be kicked off the air, permanently.
This is yet another attempt to equate Fox with something just to avoid seeming to be biased.

Fox is bad. It’s downright evil.

MSNBC is not evil. MSNBC does not advocate violence. (KOO KOO, KOO KOO) 


The rest-found by DONNA:


Media Matters REFUSES to be “Patriotic” For Prez

 BY “JWN” –  Media Matters is continuously  non-patriotic toward Prez. BO. BO asked Americans to have a conversation regarding race issues, and any time racism comes up, MMFA refuses to engage in the conversation, yet, puts people down for doing what the Prez suggests. 

  A.G. Holder said that we are a “Nation of Cowards” yet MMFA does not want to have the discussion on race.  I believe they just cannot handle it, because in the Marxist mindset, the ‘only’ racists are white people, which we all know is poppycock.  A White Nationalist man wrote this book: Racism Schmacism.  Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have purchased it, and I think all Tea-Partiers and Town Hallers should read it, we ALL know now, that the left wing morons USE the race card to try to shut people upRacism, Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda.   You may not like the person that wrote it, but I am sure it is a good book, and a good way to talk about race issues since MMFA refuses to be patriotic and do to the Prez’s biddings…

MMFA RANT WATCH: Glenn Beck’s Year Of Race-Baiting

To buy the book:


Strupp: Journalists, Ethics Experts Slam Fox And Breitbart

The truth about Media Matters and Breitbart is this;

They are protecting Barack Hussein Obama, courtesy of the Nazi, Soros. Last year, Breitbart broke the story of ACORN, and nobody needed more ammo than he had regarding ACORN.  The Left Wing hacks want to protect ACORN, but why? It is all about agenda, with the left wing making up, possibly 23% of the population (hard left wing).   What is going to happen, is the revealing of the NAACP involvement of ACORN and The Black Panthers, that will make this even worse for the Obama admin., since it will bring to light all of this admininstrations total corruption worse than Bush.

Now we have this incident, that obviously Breitbart was set up by, after all, it was the NAACP that set up Breitbart-THEY released the tape. But for what? The NAACP and the  Black Panthers are in direct line with each-other:  NAACP direct tie to Black Panthers – Washington Times It is certain, at least to me, at this point, that Breitbart has been set up, and infiltrated by Soviets/MMFA-Media Matters For America plants. If they can cripple Breitbart, they have conquered ‘an ememy’. If they can do this, then FOX is next, folks. 

They have to take down Breitbart, because Breitbart has all of the necessary information to take down MMFA, the W.H., and the leftist news- not the vc versa.   They know this, so they have set this up.  MMFA & left wing media is the head of the snake, they are dangerous to free society.  They are running scared at this point, and needed to go on the attack.  These are clever people, folks.  They are not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. They all know that the NAACP, ACORN & The Black Panthers are not ‘made up’, they are very real and all tied in together.  It was first reported here at the Washington Times about Holders bigoted decision on behalf of the Black Panthers-Holder knows that these 3 organizations are in this corruption together and it will open Pandoras box-Hello? Election time is here. You must understand, the ‘have’ to get this done, to retain POWER.

You can look all over the net, and will find this: What do the NAACP, ACORN, the New Black Panthers and Obama have in … NOTHING! Nothing but cover up.

People, there IS a story here, and MMFA and the left wing Nazis do NOT want YOU to know just what it is. But, I am watching these people, every day.  So- you should be too!

NAACP & Left Wing Detour Taking Focus OFF Of Issue: Black Panthers & REAL Racism

stop using racism as yourI put this up yesterday, and aparently, even regular blogs don’t see this video as something that is necessary.  The leader of the NAACP saying that “The New Black Panther Party, is a CREATION of Fox News”  How is this possible? How is it, that a leader of the NAACP can say such things and get away with it?  These evil animals are all in this together. They are. They framed Breitbart, they are laughing their asses off at all of this. The arrogance, conceit, and blatant disregard for Americans is totally disgusting. “The New Black Panthers” A CREATION OF FOX NEWS? When does the bs end, when? 

They made Sherrod story happen to set up Breitbart, and Fox, to possibly sue them, and get them off the air once and for all. Freedom and free speech is a menace to the left wing. You are witnessing the fall of America. You are watching this nation crumble while the left wing laughs. 

THIS IS THE REAL STORY:  Liberal Blacks are RACIST. A.G. Holder is a BIASED, racist, biggot who refused to demand the prosecution of Shabazz, because of his BLACKNESS. Fascism includes extreme racism, which is now the ‘status-quo’ in left wing occupied, Kommie Kontrolled AmeriKa. Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White People, Kill Their Babies”




pointing fingers atLady, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM


You were the problem 24 years ago, YOU are the problem now. 

RACISM: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. 

 NOBODY At Fox, or even MMFA BASTARDS do this in year 2010 with race!

  Boehlert and his blog of SOROS BS gone crazy posted this shit. She is NOT a victim of ANYTHING, nobody beat her, nobody lynched her, NOBODY CALLED HER the holy grail N WORD!!! The WHITE House is responsible for this GARBAGE, They DEMANDED her firing!  THE NAACP RELEASED THIS DAMNED TAPE! M-FKERS! ON PURPOSE FOR FRAMING.

 Lady: YOU are NOT a racist?  Please, sell that crazy shit somewhere else.  YOU belong to the NAACP. What does that mean?  National Association Advancement COLORED People.  Now come on you OLD hypocrite, shut the hell up, and lets look at the FACTS.  YOU and YOURS would scream bloody f*cking MURDER if there was an Association called Advancement for the WHITE CRACKERS, the f*cking WHITE suprmemists, huh lady?   GO SCREW YOURSELF LADY, Nobody buys the race-baiting, COMMUNIST BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA ANYMORE. 

   MMFA your friends?  They get rid of you useful g’damned IDIOTS FIRST.  YOU DAMNED RIGHT I AM MAD.  YOU DAMNED RIGHT I HATE.  GET USED TO IT.  IF you were not a racist, you damned OLD HAG, you would not belong to the NAACP! I dont belong to ANY Org in LIFE that is only for Jews OR Whites, OR SHITHEADS, but YOU do.  YOU are the RACIST, spread the wealth, the HAVES and the HAVE NOT BULLSHIT! WE ARE SICK OF THIS JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!! This is MMFA, with the HEAVY duty, disgusting Kommie FKING Propaganda RACIST CRAPOLA.  GO TO HELL BOEHLERT, YIMACH SHEMO VIZCHERO TO YOU AND YOURS. May your name be obliterated forever.

Sherrod: I’m A DAMNED ETERNAL MALCONTENTED NEVER Happy- Victim Of WHITE CRACKER BASTARD; Breitbart, Fox & my phoney ASS Bogus Claims OF FAKE ‘Racism’

The Tea Party told Manning; You cannot speak with us because you used the Holy grail “N” WORD!  I get called every ugly fking name in the book, that is racist, religious, ETC. I dont give a damn, we are LOSING this nation. I DONT GIVE A FRICK. IT MEANS ZERO when you have NO NATION YOU ASSHOLES!!!!

 They are ALL in this destruction together, since she is ‘not a racist’ & ‘past her racism’  WHY IS THE OLD HAG USING THE FKING RACE CARD?!?!?!?! It is ALL about race, old LADY.

The YES WE CAN Patrol Using Ever Trusty RACE CARD–AGAIN

Boehlert: Another Month, Another Breitbart Debacle

The Mad Jewess site no longer endorses the Tea Party in my home town.  But here is the YES WE CANS after Breitbart—again… For these ‘racist’ signs..@ the Tea Party’s– Honestly..This one is funny.  The signs here hysterical.

This one below, you all know and I know that she made this, because she believes like you and I, that Obama was not born here, So, she is not referring to anything but “Show YOUR Long Form B.C.”  so Duh.. Duh… & Duh…Boehlert.

This one below is obviously referring to Obamas Marxist, Hating the white Americans Pastor WRONG:

Ya can’t make this stuff up, but ya gotta admit these little devils do try.. In all honesty, everyone is a bigot. Now a ‘racist?’  How is that so MMFA? We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik schools of brainwashing that ‘racism is the most evil thing’…even before murder.. Some of us are tired of this bullshit, and just dont give a damn anymore about your diatribe and ‘vitriol’ as your Dear Leader says..