Military Drill In Miami, FL. Military ‘Firing Down’ On US Citizens “For Practice?!” WHERE ARE YOU LIBERAL GASBAGS?!

The military runs maneuvers all the time but they’ve always done it on or around military bases.  So why is the military running maneuvers now over civilian skies?? That’s the question you should be asking yourself.  They did the same thing with a bunch of tanks in Saint Louis, MO a few months back.  It’s to desensitize the civilian population so when the sh’t really does hit the fan, they’re hoping that people will be used to it.

 Where are the liberals?

They were ALWAYS the ones that were ‘activists’ against these drills.  Now, they are MIA.  You know why they are MIA?  Because the end justifies the means.  They were NEVER ‘liberals’, they were ALWAYS Commu-NAZIs. Period! AND, why is this not on Drudge, Gateway Pundit, Weekly Standard, Savage, Hannity, etc?  

Most dumb, American sheep probably think this is AOK.

Negress Baboons Beat Homeless, Disabled Man

It’s a fair fight.  Many Negroes verses one disabled white man..  Look how these baboons get a pact mentality, then attack the weakest amongst us.  Just like in Africa how a pride of lions will single out the weakest zebra and focus in on it.  So, obviously, when you take blacks out of the jungle, you didn’t remove the jungle out of the blacks.

(Of course this excludes patriot blacks like Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, ‘Puma by Design, etc..)

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News from Missouri
-David Ben Moshe

Student Flew Confederate Flag On Pickup, Lost Privilege To Drive To School, The Mexican Flag Is OK, Though

Why all the hype about the Confederate flag?  Don’t we have a negro in the White house?  Evidently, flying a Mexican flag above an upside down American flag is ok, though.

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This picture was at a school in California a couple of years back.   Liberals are offended by the American flag, & the Confederate flag but not this display, below:

-David Ben Moshe

60 Yr. Old White Jogger “Randomly” Gunned Down In Broad Daylight in Raytown, MO

60 Yr. Old White Jogger “Randomly” Gunned Down In Broad Daylight in Raytown, MO

Just shot, like nothing.  He was a church man, a community volunteer, gunned down, just like that.  No hate crime, nothing.

Obama to aid possible swing State MO, but neglects Red State TX

President Obama is in full campaign mode.  “There’s no doubt in my mind that Joplin will rebuild,” Obama said. “And as President I can promise you, your Country will be there with you every single step of the way.  We’re not going anywhere!”

The sidewalks were jammed with fatigued citizens waving American flags as Obama made his way into the devastation from a deadly tornado that engulfed this tiny town one week ago exactly. Only a few NObama signs were reported. Remember, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is a Democrat.

But, firefighters are still battling wildfires across Texas. About 2.8 million acres have burned in the state since November.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry-Republican, slammed the administration for failing to declare a disaster in the wildfire-damaged state.

Why is one State offered Federal aid, while the other is not?
Missouri is considered a pivotal swing state in 2012 as control of the Senate could be up for grabs.