It ISN’T About “Gun Control”. Its About How You’d Be DISARMED When The Commie-Crats Come For Your Property, Money, Possessions:

It ISN’T About “Gun Control”. Its About How You Would Be DISARMED When The Commie-Crats Come For Your Property, Money, Possessions:

Your money and possessions are the ‘big prizes.’

So, some mental lunatic supposedly shot up an Elem school (like Sandy Hoax) and the Commie-Crat party has went nuts – again – with their usual screams and rants of gun control. Here’s a question… After your guns, then what? When do they stop? They DONT stop. That’s the problem. They will NEVER stop, people.

They will not stop until they have stolen all of your possessions. Your home, your money, your car, etc. And, after they have taken ALL you own…What do they do? They murder you. That is what happens under Totalitarian, Communist, Fascist or Nazi regimes.

The beast is never satisfied until you’re dead.

Your compliance is foolishness. We were taught as young kids to stand up to a bully. The Commie-Crats need to be stood up to. This is something that the GOP has absolutely FAILED to do. They have bowed, coddled & folded like a suitcase to the Commie-Crat demons. There comes a time when you cannot coddle, humble yourself or bow to these horrible, satanic bastards. YOU MUST RESIST because they are demons.

Currently, the Commie-Crats are in ‘stage 2’.

1. “Sweeping away the Capitalists”

2. Under the Communists, circa 1917, Russia. “Citizens, hand over your weapons”
3. After the Communists disarmed the traditionalists, they came and seized homes, livestock, possessions and murdered the people.

This is one of the very reasons our founding fathers drafted the 2nd Amendment. It is one of our most precious rights next to the 1st Amendment. Commie control – not gun control.

You give up your guns and you are dead.

It’s all about taking what belongs to YOU.


jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis

jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis


I blogged for 8 years under the Obama junta. I remember all too well Obama ‘getting even’ with states like Arizona… Remember when Obama sued the state of Arizona for daring to enforce federal border laws? I remember it well.

Now, he’s back and is the defacto “President”. Anyone who believes this ‘in ya face’ BS is Biden is a dummy. Its NOT Soros, either, Steven Bannon.

Click here to read full article WA Examiner.

Quote of the Day: Obama Isn't the Antichrist (but He's ...

Obama is the anti-christ. He is just sitting back, licking his chops until he can create a crisis big enough to install himself back into the WH.

Revelation 13 2-4 “And I saw one of his heads, as slain into death; and the wound of his death was cured [and the wound of his death is cured, or healed]. And all the earth wondered after the beast.”

(Past Presidents are ‘dead’ in the eyes of the public. It IS a ‘death wound’. For a past President to take the White House by force would be an evil event. Of course the world will marvel & wonder at it.)

#Fauci: ‘Vaccinated Will Get Covid19.’ You Ppl Do NOT Listen & Played Russian Roulette W/ Your Lives

Fauci: Vaccinated Will Get Covid19. You Ppl Do NOT Listen & Played Russian Roulette W/ Your Lives

This makes me sick every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. The vaccine is NOT a vaccine. It is a TRICK. For big pharma to make money.

He adds in caveats… Screw him. NO Russian Roulette for me.

Silver Is SELLING OUT? ‘Get It While You Still Can’, Some Are Saying

Silver Is SELLING OUT. ‘Get It While You Still Can’ Some Are Saying

Of course, this could be a rumor to provoke the sell. Who knows…. “It’s Been Nuts”: Silver Surges Most Since Lehman Bankruptcy; Hits 7-Year High Over $30

Silver Futures Soar 8%, Rise Above $29 As Reddit Hordes Pile In

I like listening to Jeremiah Babe. Nice, calm, to the point:

Epic Economist, the Darth Vader of economics..

Peter Smith11 ‘This Global Silver Shortage will be more severe and last longer than the Global Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 !’

Bill RobertsThe Fed is going to be on hyperdrive. They will not be able to print it ‘fast enough.

Terry HarrisThe Elite of the world don’t want the peasants to have gold or silver’

Adam FerraroDoesn’t matter!!! We been telling these people for the last year every day to buy silver!!! WAKE UP‼️’

CBS: “Russia Taking Their Money & Running.” As Merkel Only Threatens.

CBS: “Russia Taking Their Money & Running” As Merkel Only Threatens.


I hope you all realize…We are watching infamy in history.  Many “conservatives” have chosen to side with White House, Russophobia propaganda campaigns.  You should know by now that they are ALL lying (US Politicians) and the GOP is just trying to look tough with Putin/RU.  Its pathetic… WE’RE BROKE. WAKE UP.

The other day, the frightful looking Angela Merkel threatened Russia with sanctions as did the 17 trillion dollar in debt, US Govt.  Gimme a break EU/USA: You have no money… No money means NO power.  America hasn’t a pot to piss in, politically-speaking and all of Europe besides Germany is in turmoil.  Russia does not need EU/USA, they have China, India and more ominous, Iran.

America has neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Syrian Muslim bro’hood rebels & the Gay, feminized military that Obama fired over 200 Generals, Commanders, Officers from…  Whose side are YOU on?  I’ll bank on Russia. I am sick of losing.

Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow bankers (This website is being heavily monitored)  So, I copied the whole post to word for you to read.  I usually never do that, but his website keeps coming up” NO website” on my end.

Scan0089Scan0090You can call this RU propaganda all day long, but taking money and running is what’s happening. 

I blogged that RU was dumping the dollar months ago (Of course, I am just the crazy, mad jewess and dont know sh*t)   I may write like crap, but I am smart about foreign events because GOD, Adonai, Jehovah, Elohim, HaShem made me that way:   USD being swept out of Russia

It Is Reported That China Is Purchasing The Federal Reserve?

It Is Reported That China Is Purchasing The Federal Reserve?

The Democrats with Obama in charge could have reversed Bush’s deficit spending as they promised in the 2008 campaign.  But, they didn’t and America has fallen because of the irresponsibility of the Democrat party.  We will be owned by China in 3-5 years. Learn Mandarin.

Democrats + Republicans =The Same

China has recently purchased the JP Morgan building in Manhattan for $725 million.  One could reason that they have in fact purchased all of JP Morgan.  And I’m sure it will soon be announced that China has or is in the process of purchasing other Western banks and physical assets. These banks make up the majority owners of the Federal Reserve.  See that news here on Bloomberg

Hat Tip, Tony: China to Purchase the Federal Reserve


Learn Chinese-Rosetta Stone at Amazon – Buy Rosetta Stone and Save‎

What Would Be Better? No More Leftists Or No More Islam?


At one time, the question was posed to my Nana: “What would you rather have, Lillian?  Money or health?” My Nana answered; “Money. You can take care of your health with money”    She must have been out of her head.  Health is the only answer to a question like that.  If you have health, you are well, in and out.

This question got me thinking about Muslims and Leftists and which one would we be better without.  My answer is plain to see.  This blog hasn’t been a site that posts endless crimes Muslims commit all over the planet on a daily basis.  Plenty of others do that.  Our little blog has always been about the leftist cancer all over the earth & how it destroys our own once great country.  A couple times a month we post on the Islamic disease.. But, a disease can be cured.  Leftism can’t be cured.

At any rate, my resolve:  If leftism didn’t exist, we would not have Muslims.  The Kennedy’s put that evil immigration bill into play and illegals became our daily life.  The Kennedy’s were Progressive/Communists.  If we never had the Kennedy’s, we would not have had illegals and 3rd world immigrants who hate this place and want to destroy it.

If there was no Gloria Steinem, (Progressive/COMMUNIST), we would never have this out-of-control feminist supremacy with a 50% plus divorce rate. If she didn’t exist, no militant feminism, just basic rights.  That’s a happy thought.  If there was no Jane Fonda, we would not have modern-day treason.   Ditto, John Kerry, BHO, Hillary Clinton, and every other Bolshevik you can think of.  We would not have rampant abortion or militant homosexuals marrying in churches and synagogues.  

The answer is obvious to me and it should be to everyone.  I can give the Muslims this one thing: They kill quickly.  Not so with leftists.  They kill slowly. So, you see.. if there were no more leftists, AmeriKa would not have an issue with Islam. 

A commenter was here and was more worried about what I think of Islam or whatever.. My question to every disgusting, debaucherous leftist is this;

Shouldn’t you be more worried about what I would do with you if I was in charge?

Read this, too:

Veteran psychiatrist calls liberals mentally ill