#GMO MONSANTO Pushes Its Way Into Ukraine: All Putin’s Fault….America Innocent.

#GMO MONSANTO Pushes Its Way Into Ukraine: All Putin’s Fault….America Innocent.

So far we have seen John Kerry’s former senior campaign adviser secure a position with Ukraine gas: John Kerry’s Former Sr. Campaign Adviser Has A Secured a position with major Ukraine gas company.

Then, we witnessed Joe Biden’s son secure a major position with Ukraine gas: Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukrainian gas company …

Now, we see that Monsanto putting its grubby hands all over Ukraine: Monsanto/GMO’s In Ukraine, hat tip: Lisa Michalek @defendressofsan  ALSO:  Breaking: Russian Lawmakers Want to Impose Criminal Penalties on those Conducting GMO Business

People of Ukraine, please wake up!! Once Monsanto gets a foot in the door, it will destroy all natural seeds and plantsBut, but…this is ALL Putin’s fault.. Vlad the impaler making America do these bad things…!

And, our media, even your beloved FAUX news lies…

EVIL AmeriKan government.


Liberals Do The Right Thing: 40 Tons Of #GMO Monsanto Beets Set Ablaze In Oregon

Liberals Do The Right Thing: 40 Tons Of #GMO Monsanto Beets Set Ablaze In Oregon

This makes me want to do a dance.  After what happened in West, TX, (GMO king had the plant in West, TX rocketed with 14 people or more KIA) I couldnt care less if the whole kit-n-kaboodle of the Monsanto fascist filth gets bombed.  Obama signed the Monsanto protection act and threw his Vege folks under the bus.  Too bad, so sad-now you know how we feel, all day, everyday.. Maybe the Monsanto NAZIs will help us unite our great divide:

Click: GMO crops set ablaze... – Democratic Underground

If we want to oust this government, we will need to find common ground with liberals who are more moderate. (I hate these labels)

Here is what a Lib said:

Seems like the people in our government who are beholden to nasty corporations like Monsanto forgot a few things…like someone said upthread, if you leave people backed into a corner, with no way to fight back, not everyone is going to lie down peacefully and let them trample over them.I think that our collective welfare is more important than the destruction of property. Food is so very basic, and their are huge problems with not just the GMO food itself, but with corporate control over our food supply. This whole business is a huge issue, including foreign companies coming in, buying up local farm land, and taking over the food supply through patent laws, pollution of the ground water, etc. I have had personal experience with being sickened from exposure to Round-up when I worked on a rhododendron farm back in the early eighties.

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Thank God somebody has a brain in this world .. several countries have not only banned GMOs, but others have cancelled thousands of tons of U.S. corn, soybeans and wheat. I think the farmers will soon get the message that they’ve been duped by their fascist masters. Maybe these countries will save the dumbed-down Americans from the Monsanto monster.

Monsanto, Boston, Lies, Lies & More Lies

Contributed By GoldBugGal:

Dzhokhar shot himself in the throat when he tried to commit suicide .. yet, he had no gun? Oh, yeah, that makes sense .. as much sense as the rest of the official Boston BS story. Here’s what puzzles me: The West, TX bombing killed 14 people, 70 still missing, and destroyed dozens of homes and apartments .. yet, only one site is carrying this story. Why? Monsanto got your tongue?

David Ben Moshe tells me that comments are off.  That’s fine.  We’re trying to present the truth, not argue over it.

NO #GMO: Distraught About The Terror In Texas

My wife, The Mad Jewess — is distraught over what happened in TX.  Even more depressed that: 1. Not many people care & are more concerned with Boston, even though the loss of life & property in TX is far greater.  2. The media has covered this story up #3.  That people would name those wanting the truth of this situation of the horror regarding the TX tragedy: ‘conspiracy wackos.’

It is truth that this plant has had a long, drawn-out lawsuit with corporate bully, Monsanto.  It is documented in the Wall Street Journal.  Monsanto has been kicked out of quite a few countries.  The GMO giant does not want to lose stupid Americans as customers to stay alive and buy their products while killing them with GMO foods. (WSJ: Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit)

It is a fact that the mercenary group known as “Blackwater” does work for Monsanto: Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups

Fact: Obama signed the  Monsanto Protection Act into Law 

I leave the rest to thinking people. Do your own research.

I don’t like when my wife is distraught and depressed, so, I have advised her to stop blogging until she feels better.

Shalom, comments are closed.

-David Ben Moshe

UK Telegraph-West TX: “Just Like Iraq, OKC, Shrapnel, 50-75 Homes Destroyed, Nursing Home Damaged”

UK Telegraph-West TX: “Just Like Iraq, OKC, Shrapnel, 50-75 Homes Damaged, Nursing Home Damaged”

Who are you going to believe, people? Who? the MSM who LIES, daily and hides Obama’s crimes?  Or average American people?   I put my humankind faith in fellow Americans, not Obama or his Main stream #COMMUNIST media.  The more people that show this news, the better chance you have of surviving.  They can’t murder ALL of us.

Click…100 plus years of Communist left wing terror proves me.

..Meanwhile, In West,Texas: A Fertilizer Plant Was Rocketed/Missiled & Americans Sleep In Pretense

..Meanwhile, In West,Texas: A Fertilizer Plant Was Rocketed/Missiled & Americans Sleep In Pretense

‘Ahhhh….TMJ, you are just a conspiracy wacko…’

This blog has always sought the truth of what is happening.  AND: Calling people ‘conspiracy wackos’ is just defamation because you can’t handle the truth and are weak. The US Govt is the one taking your guns, but I’m not trust-worthy.  The Govt is the one taking your rights, but “I” want to mislead you.

Isn’t it time to trust each-other??

While you all concentrate on the Boston bombing, you pay no mind to these people in TX who were massacred by our own government with Monsanto, possibly.  Middle America/Texans are good people that work hard. Probably many Bible believers as well. 

I am ashamed of you.  You care nothing for these people in West, TX.  And, sorry to put it so bluntly.. Massachusetts is an America-hating, Commie haven which raises Obama-voting, Commie children.  Sick and sad, but mostly true.  I’m not saying you should’t care, but you are so distracted and think that TX just had an ‘explosion’ out of nowhere. Terrible.  Just trust the news who hates Americans & keeps everyone distracted.  Real brilliant..

An analysis of a missile:

Vid Hat Tip-Justine Case

Just keep listening to the IDIOT box & the Ipad

Anti-Monsanto/GMO People; Start Telling Obama To GO TO HELL. He Will Just Break More Promises

Today, a liberal jackass said: MAD JEWESS!!! You were right! He IS a jerk! He signed the GMO safety bill! You are right about him!!


Why don’t you jerks worry about the country instead of food, anyway??? When will you  (‘progressives’, liberals, leftists, whatever you are this week) GET that Obama H A T E S America and ALL Americans? When?  I keep telling you he is an ASSHOLE.  Now he signed to have you and your children poisoned by his evil seeds… some pink-slime or beef-puke. Pick your poison.. Dummies..

Whatever.. I talk to a friggin wall, anymore. The slob, OBAMA will demand you eat his sickening vomit.  You’ll just bow and serve Obama, MONSANTO & GMOs….He’s your filthy Prezzy, evil satanling, bastard.  This makes me sick just writing about it..

HI!! I'm Pink-Slime!

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More On Farm Wars

Contributed by GoldbugGal

Shame, shame, shame on the greedy politicians at all levels who are allowing these anti-human practices to continue and/or promoting them. This is part of the UN Agenda 21 “depopulation agenda.” How will you all feel when your loved ones start growing grotesque tumors and cancers and die because of possible increased profits?
Monsanto and farmers know these toxic products will kill people, yet they have been able to buy out county and local officials and bribe the farmers with perks. Very sad and pathetic.


The Farm Wars…

Authored by Goldbuggal


An interesting tidbit was recently released from the Pentagon admitting they have engaged in “weather wars.” Although this release was supposedly “inadvertent,” it is only obvious that their targeted enemies are us, the expendables, the “useless eaters.” Over the past months, people have been arrested for growing small back yard gardens, for sharing — not selling, just sharing — their harvest of organic vegetables with neighbors, while another was arrested for capturing rain water to irrigate his garden on his own property. They have arrested Amish farmers for selling raw milk and forced farmers in Michigan to kill their pigs because their hair was the wrong color! These corporate thugs come dressed in full combat gear, armed to the teeth. Such arrests are obvious “messages” to the rest of us.


The new Farm Bill eliminates the funding for “organic certification,” so they’re trying to force us to grow and eat their genetically-engineered, DNA-altering, IQ-lowering, monster foods. GMO labeling is on the California ballot for November, but how many think the federal government will overturn the will of the people? They’re already screaming that labeling should not be mandatory. Nearly all processed foods now contain genetically-engineered organisms, aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, corn and soy, each laced with hormones, insecticides and herbicides. FDA has now added Agent Orange to the top of the food pyramid.


Here in Southern Illinois, perhaps 5% of the corn crop has developed ears or grains, yet the dictatorship has refused to exempt any corn from the mandatory ethanol program. Our local radio station hails the giant chemical corporations and mega-farms, since they have obviously collected their 30 pieces of silver. Monsanto is also offering free college tuition for children of “cooperative” farmers. Monsanto et al control farmers and the Farm Bureau. Soon, they will own them. But, don’t worry about future droughts! The boys from Hell’s Laboratory are introducing a brand new seed designed to withstand droughts as experienced this year. I wonder .. which came first .. the new seeds or the manipulated drought?


Control the food, and you’ll control the people. Haven’t those words spewed forth from every two-bit dictator in history? When are the people going to tell them to take a flying f**k? Irrigate your damned crops; you own the wells! Open the spigot to irrigate California’s fertile Central (Sacramento-San Joaquin) Valley and put these people back to work growing our food! Screw the Bay smelt. What in the hell is the matter with the American people? Who died and made the POS in the WH dictator? I’m growing impatient …

The World According to Monsanto 1:49:05
Genetically Modified Foods of Monsanto 14:53
Farm Wars website – They Kill With Smiles on Their Faces