Kingzinger is always screaming at the GOP and crying that many Republican people like Trump. Why doesn’t this creep get a grip. I havent seen him call out ANY of the Communists at all. Just go join the Communists if you refuse to say a damned thing about how they are DESTROYING people’s lives.

In this nation, if one does not worship anus-sucking, homosexual marriage, feminism, baby murder, gluttony, pedophilia and more, they’re a ‘traitor’ and a threat to the “Democracy”. Its disgusting!



Filthy, do-nothing piece of garbage.

THIS Is What Type “Men” Are Generals Now? ‘Block & Report The Trolls’ @PatDonahoeArmy On Twitter

THIS Is What Type “Men” Are Generals Now? ‘Block & Report The Trolls’ @PatDonahoeArmy

This is pathetic.

A US Army General asking to ‘block and report trolls’. Did he not take an OATH to protect and defend the US Constitution? Why is he against the 1st Amendment?

Here is his Tweet:

ALL of the men in my family served in all four branches of the US military. This is an absolute disgrace.

This lady had something to say about this:

Another of his stupid replies:

A “Shill for Putin?” WHAT?

I’m disgusted and ashamed. As a FORSCOM award recipient, I am thoroughly embarrassed.

Is Nick Fuentes Becoming A Cancel Culture King For the “Right Wing?”

Is Nick Fuentes Becoming A Cancel Culture King For the “Right Wing?”

If a person does not want to have morale support for Israel…so what. Who cares. Their choice. LEAVE THEM BE.

Nick Fuentes wants Americans to ‘cancel Israel’. He is a Cancel Culture King for the ‘right wing’ . If you don’t cancel Israel, you’re ‘treasonous’. [Kinda like…If you dont apologize for bad mouthing bad black behavior, your life will be destroyed for ‘treasonous’ behavior against blacks…..] Oy vey…. cough, cough..bullchit..

Anyway: Nicky boy called out little Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire and his writers for having moral support for Israel. Im not a fan of Shapiro. He said something that I think was terrible years ago:

  • Shapiro doesn’t care about the ‘Browning of America’. HE is part of the problem. Like it or not, people… WHITES made America (white men) what it is/was and no one else. They built all of the skyscrapers, they built the cities, they farmed the country, they pioneered the whole land. Not browns, not blacks, not yellows, purples or what have you. Yet, ‘browns’ are a majority in this nation, now. And that is NOT a good thing. It means the people who built it are becoming less and less–this is bad. The fact that Shapiro and his writers have moral support for Israel is not an issue.
  • Nick’s issue is that he believes that if people have moral support for Israel, they are ‘treasonous’. I don’t get that. Why? I’m a ‘person of the book’. I love the Bible. Why wouldn’t I love and support Gods land? Nick believes America went to ‘war for Israel’. I don’t. Saving Jews=NO $$$$. Oil = MONEY. America is about the almighty buck, not saving some Jews in Israel. There is ZERO dollars to be made in saving Jews. At any rate: I can certainly have support for God and his land. That’s not treasonous. Its not against God. Its not against country. Its just loving God and his land, period. The majority of my posts are on OUR issues here in Babylon-America not Israel anyway. If a person does not want to support Israel…so what. Who cares.
  • My question is: Who the hell asked this kid, Nick for moral support for Israel? Whoever did this needs to have his/her mouth washed out with soap. Who needs Nick? Nicky boy… honey… Move on about your life and stop worrying what Shapiro supports or what his writers support. If his writers wish to have moral support for Israel, what is that to you? Are you becoming a ‘cancel culture’ King for the ‘right wing?’ Live and let live.
  • In my opinion, Nick Fuentes’ beef with Shapiro should be his stance on the browning of America. Stay on the subject that’s really bothering you, kid: The browning of America. Because that is the REAL issue for whites in America. Nicky, you’re not going to get people to turn away from their moral support for Israel because it’s a GOD thing. Stop wasting time. You WILL lose that battle in the end at any rate:

Zechariah 14 1-5

I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it………. Then the LORD will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights in the day of battle.

Why stress about it, Nicky boy.

Worry about America, first. Not Israel. Like you always say…

Isn’t Jeff Timmer A Precious Soul? Such A Strong Little “Man”

I was reading about how this little man who is a no name—-Jeff Timmer. Evidently, he is dumping all over Melania Trump. Such a tough guy. A real man….Bravo, sweetheart.

As I was browsing some online magazines about Mrs. Trump today, I came across an article written by a Left wing loser….But, this person being a Left wing Loser stopped to notice that Melania Trump has been the LEAST vocal First Lady in our history. This means she is really undeserving of this type childish behavior.

That didn’t stop this little mary, Jeffy Timmer from being an ‘asshole’. But, then again, Timmer prides himself on being one. People who have to present themselves as ‘assholes’ usually can’t get attention any other way.

In any event…… I find it interesting that the “Never Trump” crowd are really like menstruating, whiny, teenage girls. What’s that other idiot’s name? Rick? Wilson? He was always crying about Trump. The one with the bald head—-he looks like Humpty Dumpty.

At any rate, the ‘proud to be an asshole‘ Timmer said this about Mrs. Trump:

One of Timmer’s ‘friends’ said this:

I guess the Biden calls for unity went over these ‘asshole’s’ heads. For 4 long years, the Communists and their Pinko GOP allies absolutely psychologically took ‘horse dumps’ all over Conservative people. Still, they’re not happy that they ‘won’ the election….(although, with voter fraud.)

Anyhow… Let’s pray someone kicks this mary in his bacteria sized pecker—really hard.

Is Melania Trump Really Anti-Cyberbullying? Her Latest ...

@CLIFFMOSKOWITZ Suggests Nuremberg Type Trials For Trump Supporters. MOONBAT “Jew” Alert

@CLIFFMOSKOWITZ Moonbat “Jew” Claiming Trump Supporters Are “Nazis” Even Tho Or Grandfathers FOUGHT The Nazis

Does Mosko-shitz also feel this way about Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews for Trump? Does he believe that 70% of Israeli’s who are pro Trump are Nazi’s also? My Grandfather FOUGHT the Nazis. He FOUGHT the Commies as did my Uncles. I’m sick and tired of these Leftist “Jews” calling everyone a Nazi. They talk endlessly about the Holocaust as they approve of YOU being beaten for merely being a Republican. They totally support re-education camps and firing squads for Trump supporters, too: Leftists Suggest “Re-Education Camps”, “Firing Squads”, & Banning Talk Radio To “Deprogram” 75 Million Trump Supporters

Its NOT The Left who is beaten in the streets for supporting Biden, that’s the Trump supporters.

These ridiculous type Yids should be sent to mental hospitals. All they see is “Nazi”. Nazi’s under their bed, Nazi’s in their fruit loops. They’re as bad as the Neo Nazi’s on Gab who call anyone who disagrees with them a “Jew”. Just because Moskowitz is a Bolshevik Communist does not make patriotic Americans “Nazis”.

Idiot, Lunatic. Mental, tragedy queen.

THEY are the wack jobs who want Eastern European Communism and Socialism in this country. THEY are the friggin problem. WE just want to be free Americans and not Communists and Socialists.


Obama Tells Putin: De Escalate #Ukraine Border While He Does NOTHING To De Escalate Our OWN Borders

Obama Tells Putin: De Escalate Ukraine Border While He Does NOTHING To De Escalate Our OWN Borders

Our borders are worse than they have EVER been.  It is not a humanitarian crisis, either.  It’s called LIBERAL policies:  Insanity.

The King in the White house has some damned nerve.  We have thousands of wetbacks just greasing their way into America to kill us all with their diseases and Obama worries about UKRAINE. Obama Speaks with Putin, Urges Steps to DeEscalate …

By the way.. John McCain, Obama, Kerry, Nuland, Murphy and the brat pack of evil are the ones who escalated the situation in Ukraine.. So, is Obama suggesting that Putin take action against the cabal in Ukraine?  Go ahead, Mr. Putin! By all means…!

An art collage from November 2013

And, still…Nobody who opposes my stance on Ukraine has been able to explain this to me:

  • Fox news & others do not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news & others do not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco, plus the Georgia ‘revolt.’  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.
  • Fox news & others do not reveal that Victoria Nuland (besides John McCain & Senator Murphy) was also in Kiev, engaging rioters, aka ‘protesters’  Victoria Nuland brings ‘tea and cake’ to Maidan in Kiev.  Fox news does not even ask WHY she was even there bringing disharmony to another country.

By the way, sheeple…. Why is nobody asking why John McCain has a Ukrainian flag on his Twitter page:  Why Does @SenJohnMcCain Have The Ukraine Flag on his background/Twitter page? …


SCOTUS: Justice Kagan Foaming At The Mouth Over Christians Praying. Real Killjoy

SCOTUS Kagan Foaming At The Mouth Over Christians Praying. Real Killjoy

Christians will have a right to pray in government buildings in Greece, NY.

Not only Kagan, but Ginsberg and Breyer.  Three Communist “Jews.”  Larry, Moe and Curly…  When have Christians stopped Jews from praying here in the states?  Christians support Jews but many (not all) Jews don’t support Christians.  How does that make sense and what kind of Mitzvah is that??   Kagan is using the argument that prayer is being insensitive to Secularism.  Excuse me, but the secularists have zero tolerance with the Christians not the vs versa.  That’s a fact. 

Go eat crow, old bat.  You Commies days are numbered.  People are sick and tired of being pushed around by ungodly, pro-homo-fascist, baby-killing freaks.  It’s OK that Kagan is openly gay, but not OK for Christians to pray.   Get a grip, totalitarians.  Go back to the days of “Live and let live.”  Ugly Lesbian rant here..

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise  – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

“Evil,” white, teen, high-school president has to pay for what white racists did in the south in 2014 for the early 1960’s:

A white student who is senior class president and has a 4.4 GPA was attacked by a black male student in front of numerous witnesses.

Click-Affirmative action punishment. High School suspends white class president after he is attacked by a black student.

`Meanwhile, TJWise, you just keep worrying about flesh colored bandaids & whitey shampoo (which has GMO-poison-type toxins in it, but black shampoo does not)   We’ll worry about injustice and persecution, eventually mass white genocide. (American white genocide is already in early stages), thanks to dumbbells like Wise who thinks that 50 years of black on white racism is not enough to suffice Liberal black bastards & their Communist enablers.

Isn’t 5 decades of black on white bigotry enough?? Not to leftists.  Its NEVER enough.