Some AmeriKans Are Shocked Over Morsi Jihadists Death Sentences.. Boo Hoo, Obama/McCain Crying Over Their Buddies

Some AmeriKans Are Shocked Over Morsi Jihadists Death Sentences.. Boo Hoo, Must Make Obama/McCain Cry

Sick AmeriKans… All upset over Morsi’s bed buddies receiving their due justice.  Liberals (Commies) and filth are always feeling sorry for dirt-bags, terrorists, scum, (Obama’s friends)….They are soooooo upset today to be losing Islamic Jihadists:  US ‘shocked’ over hundreds of Egypt death sentences.

Isn’t it friggin amazing how people feel sorry for these animals death sentences, yet are OK with neo Nazis, fascists, radicals, violent filth in Ukraine just because they hate Vladimir Putin?  Sick stench.

An art collage from November 2013

 Sick, demented, Commies & pseudo-con sh*t bags must be crying their guts out over the loss of their partners.  I wish McCain and Obama would join their pals in hell…..

SICK of these pigs!



NEW VID EXPLOSIVE: THIS IS What MCCain & Obama Have Done To The Egyptian Patriots. G-d Damn Them

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: THIS IS What MCCain & Obama Have Done To The Egyptian Patriots. G-d Damn Them!!

Make NO mistake; THIS IS WHAT OBAMA AND HIS STOOGE, McCain have done to the Egyptian people.

God damn Obama. God DAMN Mccain. YES!!!!! I say God DAMN them because they are EVIL.  They have brought MISERY upon these poor people.  I pray a curse on this White house and this administration and every single politician that would bring more war to the ME.  That GOD would curse EVERY SINGLE thing that they set their hands to.  AMEIN.

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Another FAILURE: Barack & The Bolsheviks Have FAILED W/ Egypt. GOOD! Adios Morsi

Another FAIL For Barack: Humans Kick Out Obama’s Muslim Bro’hood In Egypt

I am happy for the Egyptians. I am sorry, Egypt for what Hitlery and Obama did to you.  I pray they die.   I hope, pray and wish the same type coup happens here in America.  Wouldn’t that be GREAT?  All of the news stations arrested and thrown off the air?  Wow, that would be fantastic.  Men need to get some cojones in America and trounce this evil spying, fruit-loop, oppressive dictatorship we’ve got going on here.


What’s next?  Egyptian army tells Morsi he is no longer president


 15 Anti Obama Photos From Tahrir Square Protests That You Probably Havent Seen

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

The military in Egypt have given Mohammed Morsi 48 hours to get out, as millions protest.  Morsi’s only care is pushing the Muslim Brotherhood on them instead of fixing the massive unemployment problem or the 2nd problem the masses are complaining about, lack of security.   As of this writing, about 10 of those 48 hours remain. Of course, the next tyrant that they pick wont be any better. There are no George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s or James Madison’s in Muslim countries.
Are the Egyptians far more patriotic than Americans?   They gave their dictator a chance and no see that the only thing he is concerned with is greater power.  In the US, we have a president up to his elbows in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP including FOX Washington reporter, Rosen, and most recently NSA spying on average American & one scandal after the next. Wait—since then, IRS parties and other wastes have come to light, just like another department did about 1 year ago. Remember the GSA fraud and waste? Yet there is barely a peep from the American people or our useless congress, who are there only to get themselves elected once again.
If the Egyptian people can riot, why cant Americans? If the Egyptian military can give Morsi 48 hours to get out, why cant the American military do the same here?
-David Ben Moshe

From Egyptian Protesters: “Obama, Stop Supporting Morsi AKA: HITLER”

This is what Obama put in power.  And people still say Obama is a “Zionist.”

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EGYPT: Egyptian Political Signs To Obama; “Your Bitch Is Our Dictator”

Like that free speech now,  Obama?

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Egyptian Freedom Lovers Not Impressed By Obama’s “Democracy Movement.”

(Its possible that this could be photo-shopped, but I doubt it.  America is the only country that can’t speak English correctly.)