Paloma Picasso (TM) From Tiffany & Co. Selling Islamic Jewelry Pendants…

We all live in the Moslem machine, the Moslem machine, the Moslem machine….

We all live in the Marxists dream, the Marxists dream, the Marxists dream…

And…..It SUCKS.

See for yourself.


News From Breitbarts:

Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.”

Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque Plans Approved

Qur’an 5:14  “From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We made a covenant, but they forgot and abandoned a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, stirred up enmity and hatred among them to the Day of Doom. Soon will Allah show them the handiwork they have done.”


What were you doing on 9/11?  I’ve just read the news about the mosque plans being approved in NYC.  For those of you who are positively clueless about Islam, you really deserve your head to be chopped off.  To know AN enemy, is to know what he thinks & believes.  Jew haters spend 24/7 ‘learning about the religious Jew and the Jewish question’ &  have absolutely NO clue about the Communist-atheist Bolshevik “Jews” & gentiles, that have aligned themselves with Islam to destroy America and also Israel.  Then, turn around and say: “ITS THE ZOG”! There is NO ZOG. 

  Bible Study with Harley Zion, for the last damned time means HEAVEN or ‘point of Heaven’.  These Progressives, Moslems, Commies, Liberals DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE HEAVEN OF THE HOLY BIBLE. They HATE Zion, they are NOT “Zionists!”.   They HATE the God of the Holy Torah, and the Christian Bible- WAKE THE HELL UP! To real Christians, “Jesus” is the cornerstone of Zion.  To Jews, Zion is a holy place.  STOP  blaming Christians and Jews that love God for Islam, they are USING you.  STOP saying it is the “Zionist” fault.  You are persecuting GODS people, Jew AND Gentile. You feed this enemy, Islam with their filthy propaganda that they use on you “INFIDELS” which is a term that is way worse than being called “goyim”, which only means ‘nations.’

 I am proud to be a 1/2 GOY! I LOVE IT!

9/11 — Where I Was.  Onward: Islam (full blown) is world domination, it will cow-tow to Marxism, Nazism, and Communism to grab you useful idiots. I see many of you actually believe their absolute horseshit, just because you hate all of the Jews.   In the end, Islam will also demand your submission, you progressive cowards, and Jew hating idiots.  When Islam attacks a free society, or ANY society that it deems a threat to Islam, its first strategic plan is to present itself as a ‘religion of peace’, (there is NOTHING ‘peaceful about Islam) then, it will say; TIME TO BUILD TO PROCLAIM COMPLETE VICTORY. Which is what is happening in NYC.  The govt. did NOT do 9/11. Israel did NOT do 9/11. ISLAM did 9/11. Proof is the plans in the building this mosque.  They ALWAYS construct a mosque on the sites of their absolute victories.

 9-11-A.jpg WHY do you put up with Bloomberg, NYers?  He is an ILLEGAL 3rd term mayor. A Mayor in NYC is only allowed TWO (2) terms, EIGHT (8) Years.   2 terms for NYC. In 2008, Mayor Bloomberg decided to run for a 3rd term, he  challenged the city’s term limit laws.  In October 23, 2008 it was changed to 3 terms a mayor can serve. In otherwords: ILLEGAL.  He did it for a power-grab.

 Bloomberg had this law changed, it is unlawful. Guiliani wanted to finish out 3 more months after 9/11, and Bloomberg refused him, saying it was ILLEGAL. 

Remembering 9/11 It is time to throw the trash out, NYC. How much are you willing to put up with? Watching your daughters wear burkas? Watching ‘honor’ killings?  Head choppings?  Shariah-compliant city? Where are the Italians and Irish!?  When are you going to stand up to the tyranny? Will it take another 9/11?? Isnt the Communism in NYC enough!? Now, its Islam!?

Qur’an 8:59  “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.”

SEE ALSO my friend, Steve Coopers synopsis on the left wing assasins:


Jewish Task Force ( Warning From 09/1994 regarding Islam and terror in NYC:

Propaganda Against the “Zionist” MOSLEM-Obama in Israel

What I really don’t get, is when the rabid Jew haters tell me that Obama is a “Zionist.”…. And that this govt. is the “ZOG” Govt. This so called Govt. is not Israel-friendly, not in the least bit, (it is anti-American, anti-God) so stop looking like a moron and start calling it what is is: MARXIST/Communism. 

 In the Bolshevik Revolt, the Jews and Christians who got murdered were those who were ZION-ist= People that LOVE God.  Communism HATES God.

The boy’s name Zion \ zion\ is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning ishighest point“. In the Christian religion, Zion is the name for heaven

Zion – meaning of Zion name

The only place at this point that has a clue just who Obama is, IS Israel. Stop the persecution of Christians and patriotic Jews, STOP calling it “Zion” ism, Obama AINT a Zionist.

In Hebrew, this poster below reads;

‘Warning! PLO agent in the White House!’


Most Israelis do not like Obama as much as they supported past American presidents, according to polls and columns there. The anti-Obama rhetoric in Israel has increased after Obama delivered an unprecedented speech to the “Muslim” (not “Arab”) World after taking office.

Even “Palestine” knows that Israel hates Obama, everyone but leftists in AmeKica cant stand this ahole.  Netanyahu comes to America as a conqueror

A Sweet, Thoughtful, Moslem Poem…

How to Behead

Hold him
Tie the arms behind his back
And bandage his legs together
Just by the ankles
Blindfold the punk
So that he won’t hesitate as much
For on seeing the sharp pointy knife
He’ll begin to shake
And continuously scream like an eedyat
And jiggle like a jelly
Trust me–this will sure get you angry
It’s better to have at least two or three brothers by your side
Who can hold the fool
Because as soon as the warm sharp knife
Touches his naked flesh
He’ll come to know what’ll happen
It’s not as messy or as hard as some may think,
It’s all about the flow of the wrist.
No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream
But ignore the donkey’s donkey
And continue to slice back and forth
You’ll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe
But don’t stop
Continue with all your might.
About now you should feel the knife vibrate,
You can feel the warm heat being given off,
But this is due to the friction being caused.

Above is the writer of this very dear, kind poem…Kiss


Keep track of the new Bolshevik/Communist-MOSLEM Dictatorship:

First, know this enemy (Read Alinsky: Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals, so you know how to debate and bury these psycho-mind blowers) It is very crucial for americans to wake up and understand how these people defeated a nation from within, so, READ IT.

Afghanistan Czar: Richard Holbrooke–  Ultra liberal anti gun former Gov.of New Mexico . Pro Abortion and legal drug use.
AIDS Czar: Jeffrey Crowley  Homosexual. A Gay Rights activist. Believes in Gay Marriage and Special Status, including free health care for gays.
Auto reco very Czar: Ed Montgomery– Black radical anti business activist.  Affirmative Action and Job Preference for blacks.  Univ of Maryland Business School Dean teaches US business has caused world poverty.  ACORN board member.  Communist DuBois Club member.
Border Czar: Alan Bersin–  former failed superintendent of San Diego .   Ultra Liberal friend of Hilary Clinton.   Served as Border Czar under Janet Reno – to keep borders open to illegals
California Water Czar: David J. Hayes  Sr. Fellow of radical environmentalist group, “Progress Policy”.  No training or experience in water management.
Car Czar: Ron Bloom–   Auto Union worker. Anti business & anti nuclear.  Has worked hard to force US auto makers out of business.  Sits on the Board of Chrysler which is now Auto Union owned.   How did this happen?
Central Region Czar: Dennis Ross–   Believes US policy has caused Mid East wars.  Obama apologist to the world.  Anti gun and pro abortion.
Domestic Violence Czar: Lynn Rosenthal  Director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence.  Vicious anti male feminist. Supported male castration.
Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske–  devoted lobbyist for every restrictive gun law proposal,  Former Chief of Police in Liberal Seattle .  Believes no American should own a  firearm.  Supports legalization of drugs.
Economic Czar: Paul Volcker    Head of Fed Reserve under Jimmy Carter when U S economy nearly failed.  Obama  appointed head of the  Economic Recovery Advisory Board which engineered the Obama economic disaster to US economy.  Member of anti business “Progressive Policy” organization.
Energy and Environment Czar:     Carol Brower     Political Radical -Former head of EPA — known for anti-business activism.  Strong anti-gun ownership.  
Faith-Based Czar: Joshua DuBois  Political Black activist-Degree in Black Nationalism.  Anti gun ownership lobyist.
Great Lakes Czar: Cameron Davis–  Chicago radical anti business environmentalist.  Blames George  Bush for “Poisoning the water that minorities have to drink.”    No experience or training in water management.  Former ACORN Board member
Green Jobs Czar: Van Jones GONE, Praise the LORD.. (since resigned).  Black activist Member of American communist Party and San Francisco Communist Party  who said Geo Bush caused the 911 attack and wanted Bush investigated by the World Court for war crimes.  Black activist with strong anti-white views.
Guantanamo Closure Czar: Daniel Fried -Rights activist for Foreign Terrorists.  Believes America has caused the war on terrorism.
Health Czar: Nancy-Ann DeParle.    Former head of Medicare / Medicaid. &nbs p; Strong Health Care Rationing proponent.  She is married to a reporter for The New York Times.
Information Czar: Vivek Kundra  born in New DelhiIndia.  Controls all public information, including labels and news releases.  Monitors all private Internet emails.
International Climate Czar: Todd Stern–    Anti business former White House chief of Staff- Strong supportrer of the Kyoto Accord.  Pushing hard for Cap and Trade.  Blames US business for Global warming.
Intelligence Czar: Dennis Blair–   Ret Navy.  Stopped US guided missile program as “provocative”.  Chair of ultra liberal “Council on Foreign Relations” which blames American organizations for regional wars.
Mideast Peace Czar: George Mitchell   Fmr. Sen from Maine- Left wing radical.  Has said  Israel  should be split up into “2 or 3 ” smaller more manageable plots”.  Anti-nuclear anti-gun & pro homosexual.
Pay Czar: Kenneth Feinberg–   Chief of Staff to TED KENNEDY.   Lawyer who got rich off the 911 victims payoffs.
Regulatory Czar: Cass Sunstein-   Liberal activist judge-believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good”.   Rules against personal freedoms many times -like private gun ownership.
Science Czar: John Holdren-  Fierce ideological environmentalist, Sierra Club, Anti business activist.  Claims US business has caused world poverty.  No Science training.
Stimulus Accountability Czar: Earl Devaney-   spent career trying to take guns away from American citizens.  Believes in Open Borders to Mexico .  Author of  statement blaming US gun stores for drug war in Mexico.
Sudan Czar: J. Scott Gration-    Native of Democratic Republic of Congo.  Believes US does little to help Third World countries.  Council of foreign relations, asking for higher US taxes to support United Nations.
TARP Czar: Herb Allison-   Fannie May CEO responsible for the US recession by using real estate mortgages to back up the US stock market. Caused millions of  people to lose their life savings.
Terrorism Czar: John Brennan-   Anti CIA activist.  No training in diplomatic or gov. affairs.  Believes Open Borders to Mexico and a dialog with terrorists and has suggested Obama disband US military. 
Technology Czar: Aneesh Chopra-    No Technology training.   Worked for the Advisory Board Company, a health care think tank for hospitals. Anti doctor act ivist.  Supports Obama Health care Rationing and salaried doctors working exclusively for the Gov. health care plan.
Urban Affairs Czar: Adolfo Carrion Jr.- Puerto Rican.  Anti American activist and leftist group member in Latin America .  Millionaire “slum lord” of the Bronx , NY.  Owns many lavish homes and condos which he got from “sweetheart” deals with labor unions.  Wants higher taxes to pay for minority housing and health care.
Weapons CzarAshton Carter-   Leftist.  Wants all private weapons in US destroyed.  Supports UN ban on firearms ownership in America .  No Other “policy”


WMD Policy Czar: Gary Samore- Former US Communist.   Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good faith.  Has no other “policy”.
COMMUNITY ORGANISER CZAR: JOSE HEMMENIS-AVOWED COMMUNIST. Provided additional $8 billion to ACORN.from the stimulis bill…. Read this, its interesting:

The Democrat Left’s Politically Correct Rape [mmm mmm mmm]

The Bolsheviks Congressman Al “Chucky” Frankenstein found just the sort of rape scenario a  politically correct Bolshevik snake could hang his hat on…..  

The incident Franken cited as inspiration for a piece of legislation which passed the Senate on Tuesday night involved, Jamie Leigh Jones, who was raped while working for a defense contractor in Iraq and allegedly imprisoned temporarily and prevented from legal retaliation because of an arbitration clause in her contract. Jones was also a witness at the hearing.  His bill bars funding from defense contractors who prevent employees from suing over sexual assault and other charges.

All this while in the background, Hollywood’s craven perverts, in unison, come to the defense of Roman Polanski. You must understand, a Hollywood pervert’s rape and sodomy of a pretty blond, teenage shiksa  is the kind of rape feminist icons and the kommie left can get behind, no pun intended. Ve all know that’s vat they are for, right Roman?


The Lampoonist is read by those that are ‘in the know’ with this Bolshevik/Moslem take-over. Keep going on about the Neo-cons, yada, yada, but this house is stark-raving power mad with some of the worst, evil Jews alive, working in cohorts with the Moslems, & anti-Christians, to bring this once great nation to it’s knees.

Tactic of the Bolshevik Brigade of death: Civic Action

Stay off FOX

To draw attention to its biased coverage, President Obama will not appear on FOX for the rest of this year. Can you ask Democrats to support President Obama’s stance by staying off FOX as long as he does?

Update yourselves with the traitors and enemy within.


Have a little read… Remember – Obama Mistress: Vera Baker

Moslems in NYC: “G-d, KILL ALL THE JEWS!”

Kahane ChaiLooks like the Moslems in NYC are having PMDD, or in need of serious anti-depressants. Isn’t this amazing? This is AMERICA, people.. This is the place that you can beg God himself to KILL people. And….get away with it.  Incredible. Astounding, and downright sick. So, I prayed my own prayer: 

God, please find me a sale on Smithfields Bacon, Some sugar-cured ham to show the sweet Moslems how much I love their ‘tolerent behavior,’ Also, I am asking God to please find me some pickled pigs feet, prefarably dill pickled, to show these ‘peace-filled’ people how sour they act.


New York-Based Muslim’s Web Site Calls for God to ‘Kill the Jews’,2933,565365,00.html Thumbs Down


Christians, or CINO’s, do NOT think for a second that you are not next… 


“I always use raw bacon as page-markers, in my own personal Qu’ran””