MoveOn.Org Scared Of MODERATE Repubs Taking “Control Of Congress”

Go to fullsize imageThis is so retarded, I dont know why we bother to put it up.  “T-Party Extremism?” Are these people totally insane?  “Extreme” now, is wanting the Constitution.  THAT is ‘extremism’ to the left wing. Hey Move-On, why don’t you just move the hell out and shut the hell up. Have you not heard  of CHECKS AND BALANCES? Something that is needed now?  “Corporate Cash”? LOL….Please…the GOP is hacked with a bunch of liberals, just as bad as the DEM party.  You MoveOn people ARE certifiably dumb as fucking DIRT. People are rejecting your Communism, they dont want it.  So, move your ass to Russia, or China, or someplace that wants fascism, because America is REJECTING IT. Got it Soros, you NAZI fking left-wing “Jew” bastard?
Dear MoveOn member,
It’s a terrifying combination: Tea party extremism and unprecedented amounts of corporate cash.
The far-right wing of the Republican Party is threatening to take control of Congress—and unseat some of our leading progressive heroes along the way.
We simply can’t afford to stand by and let this takeover happen. The Republicans may have hundreds of millions in corporate campaign cash, but we can still beat them if we recruit enough grassroots progressives to help get out the vote and turn the tide on Election Day.

Desperation has set in @ MOVEON.ORG~ “Rally for OBAMACARE”-Martial Law coming?

Emergency Rallies for Democratic Backbone

MoveOn members are organizing emergency rallies in communities across the country on Tuesday, January 26 to urge Democrats to show some backbone — starting with passage of a real health care reform bill.

Find your closest rally »


*******Let me tell you something, people, STAY FAR AWAY from these people.  FAR AWAY.  They WILL get agressive, and YOU will land yourself in Obama-Prison.  These are dangerous, and desperate people, not for ‘healthcare’ gimme a break…look here: Send Help to Haiti  They only want Obama and the fascists to do what they say, so they can stay IN power.  They ARE pushing for violence, people, and Martial Law, make NO mistake, that is what they are up to. So WATCH OUT., let the left wing go to jail, you WATCH OUT.

Look at their other sponsers, for ie below..there is NO way that you can get ME to believe that VAN JONES is out of the scene, with in on this.  Listen up: