Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The Ground. Nobody Cares, Anymore

Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The  Ground, Nobody cares…
Wakka WakkaCares, Anymore

Why all the hype and hysteria from Bill O’Reilly if the left goes a little more wacko than they already are? After they are finished with their insane riots, we’ll lock ’em up in straight jackets.  CHANGE we can all believe in!


I think about Obama losing and it makes me ecstatic.  (Of course, Romney is not MY ideal candidate… Sheriff Joe would have been my choice if he ran for pres).  But, just think what great news this is if the left wing riots, loots and burns their cities..


NYC (spiritual Babylonian whore) will be toast–that’s great, cool, wonderful, awesome.  Detroit is already a total hell-hole. No biggie..  Chicago? Big whoop, Rahm Emmanuel is the mayor, let him deal with the fall out. Who cares.  Oakland?  Good, Jerry Brown is a Marxist, let his state be laid waste.  The stupid, liberal, elite snots that live outside of Oakland may just get a taste of reality of how black liberals really are.  Ha Ha. 


And….the BEST part about all of this is; We have NO money to rebuild! LOL.  So, g’head and riot.  Burn your cities. Loot, whatever.  Nobody cares, anymore.  You leftists have destroyed the country.  This would just be the icing on the cake that is expected.


Meanwhile… I will be sitting back, watching the TV and laughing my ass off.

Look at this from Moveon.org– LMAOFF:

If Romney pulls ahead in the polls and you start to panic …


“MoveOn.Org” Runnin Scared Over Boxer Losing. CALI-VOTE THE HAG OUT!

 No Go to fullsize imageMOVEON, just move on.. We are SICK of you “Progressives”, there is NOTHING “progressive” about the Communist Agenda.  And, I might add, ADAM, (here below) you are a JEW. Just wtf do Commies do to Jews, you absolute ASSHOLE?  Here is their email they sent out today:

From: Adam Ruben, MoveOn.org Political Action <moveon-help@list.moveon.org>
Subject: Save Barbara Boxer
Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 4:43 PM

California Senator Barbara Boxer has been our champion in Washington for nearly two decades—but now polls show her virtually tied with a corporate Republican who wants to cut Social Security.

A top environmental champion, she fought for a strong climate bill despite attacks by Big Oil and Coal lobbyists. She was a steadfast opponent of the Iraq war. And she’s always been a passionate defender of a woman’s right to choose.

On issue after issue, Boxer’s fought on the progressive side—but now she’s facing the fight of her political life against a Republican who’s pouring millions of dollars of her own personal fortune into the race.

So it’s time to get Sen. Boxer’s back—along with other progressive heroes, like Sen. Russ Feingold, who are in tight races where MoveOn members’ support could make the difference. That’s one of the key elements in our big plan to stop the takeover, but to have enough resources for this intensive effort we need at least 3 more people from Grove City to donate today. Can you chip in $5?


Dear MoveOn members,

Super-FAT, UGLY Libo-Beasts TRY To Sing & Dance, “Boycott” Target For MOVEON.ORG

 Thumbs Down These serious fatties and wannabe hippies are angry with Target because they gave money to a candidate that is ‘anti-gay’, anti whatever, and, they say this candidate is ‘far right wing’ HA…HA…HA. There is NO ‘far right’ wing anything in this nation, except the blogosphere. How about, take your anti everything crap, and shove it up your ass? People are sick and tired of your bullshit.

See Target, stop trying to buy elections!

Remember General “BETRAY US?” MOVEON.ORG (Scrubs) Ring A Bell?

See full size image 

Post By; A Southern Belle:

Only three years ago the New York Times, Senator Obama, Senator Biden, Senator Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat gang of back stabbers blasted General Petraeus’ plan for a military surge in Iraq.  Do you remember when Obama’s financial supporter George Soros and Move-On-Dot-Org placed a full page add in the NY Times calling General Petraeus – “GENERAL BETRAYED US”. 

  Now this worthless excuse for a newspaper is hailing Obama for his brilliant decision to choose General Petraeus.  HYPOCRITES.

  September 11, 2007 – Senator Hussein Obama said to General Petraeus, “your plan for a surge is foolish and can not work”.


Brain Dead Senator “Bite Me” Biden said, “your surge plan represents another failed Bush policy and everybody knows it”.


Dirty Dingy Harry Reed said, “I believe myself that the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and you all will have to decide for yourself about  Bush, that this WAR IN IRAQ IS LOST”.


Secretary of State Queen Hillary said to General Petraeus – “To believe you would be to ignore the reality that the surge is going to work and everyone knows that it is a lie”.  In other words, Queen Hillary called General Petraeus A LIAR.
Unbelievable that these worthless clowns are now cheering for General Petraeus to save OBAMA’S WAR in Afghanistan, but maybe not really in Obama Land.

image 1798858924-1


MOVEON.ORG Pushes FASCISM in guise of “Patriotism!” MUST C Video!

These left-wing fascists are now pushing  false patriotism to get this Slaughter/ Obama-care through, this is SERIOUS people, this is DAMNED SERIOUS!! This is a historical decision alright, the difference between being free and being a SLAVE.

See this:  MoveOn.org launched a new pro-health care reform television spot on Monday encouraging voters to call their representatives and ask them “which side of history will you be on?”

FASCISM: emphasizing an aggressive nationalism



What these TREASONOUS, seditious, REPROBATE, traitors of America DONT GET, is that we are AMERICANS- we are PROTESTORS, NOT ‘republicans’  -How DUMB can they GET? 

The CONSERVATIVES do NOT get PAID by the Daily KKK-OS to go out and DISSENT!

These are REAL PEOPLE that have NOT been called out to protest FOR the friggin sell-out GOP, these people DO NOT LIKE THIS GOVERNMENT. 

What part about this do  the DEMO-KKK NOT GET?! 

 On this video these FEAR-MONGERING mental midgets say that these DISSENTERS are just basically “working for the REPUBLICANS!”  Amazing!  HOW STUPID!


To make people believe that ALL of the GOP MUST go, when the truth is, the GOP is GONE for OVER 2 1/2 YEARS

When the DEMO-KKK NAZIS did it, it was A.O.K.. but now that REAL conservatives have had ENOUGH, it is ‘not ok’….you see, people, it is not ‘fascism’ when THEY DO IT. 

 The WORST part about this video from HELL is that they are attacking PEOPLE, not congressmen, NOT senators, etc, they are attacking the AMERICAN PEOPLE

Well get this you no good rotten TREASONOUS PIGS: 

 WE PAY YOU, not the vice/versa.

WE MAKE OR BREAK YOUR ASS, NOT the vice/versa.

SO, STRAIGHTEN YOUR ASSES OUT, or perhaps SUFFER dire consequences for your TREACHEROUS actions!!!