Mr. Andrew Breitbart Had Videos Of Barack Obama During His College Days~Well, Let Em All Come Out

Breitbart told CPAC: I have videos of Obama in college and they’ll come out.  “They (the left) are totalitarian freaks, they are at war with you, and the media looks the other way “…

It is surreal to me, that Mr. Breitbart is ‘just dead. When you are a well-read person, things are not always as they seem.  I have always shunned conspiracies, but I don’t know what to think right now. I loved Breitbart so much.  May the LORD avenge his death if there was foul play. Expeditiously. 

But, one never knows.….

It’s all speculation right now, but they already ruled out Mr. Breitbarts death as ‘natural cause?’ Manomighty, what a horrible day.

Mr. Breitbarts last big speech at CPAC:

May Breitbart RIP. Whatever the outcome- He died fighting tyranny.

PS~Side note: Diane Feinstein’s campaign adviser crossed Obama, then goes missing for 2 weeks, then found “dead of natural causes” at home. No investigation. Died in his 50′s. Now Breitbart dies at 43?