Mrs Obama Gets A Farrah Fawcett Make-Over, Courtesy The Mad Jewess

Mrs Obama Gets A Farrah Fawcett Make-Over, Courtesy The Mad Jewess

So many…uh.. America are of the opinion that Mrs. Obama is one of the most beautiful women–ever.  In my humble opinion, Farrah Fawcett was one of America’s most gorgeous women.  She had the locks, the teeth, the eyes and a great physique.  She was a nice lady as well from what I have been told.  So, let’s make all of the Mrs. O fans feel good about their…um, ‘pretty’ first lady..

Here is the very lovely, American Nordic beauty, Farrah Fawcett:

Here is our ever positive first lady as herself:
Here she is as Farrah….
Aren’t ya proud to be an American? 😉

This Is What The Radical Left-wing Godless Freaks Say Is “Racism”~U N B E L I E V A B L E

Yep, thats it.  Can you all friggin believe it? That is Mrs Hussein Obama in a NUTSHELL.  How come the left never, ever brings up the millions of crimes against white people?



SEE: Jim Hofts Website.

Females On “The View” Suggest It Is OK 2 Call Women “Sluts”~OK, then- Mrs Obama Is A SLUT

How do ya all like that?  MRS OBAMA IS A SLUT.

BUT-To me she looks like GWB, a CHIMP

How do ya all like that? Hmmm?? 

It is NOT OK to call a lady a SLUT, you femi-nazi witches at “THE VIEW”

According to ‘The View’ it’s OK to Call Women ‘Slut’