Is The MSM Going To Use “Solar Storm” M.O. To Take Down The Net?

Is The MSM Going To Use “Solar Storm” M.O. To Take Down The Net?

Seems like this could be coordinated propaganda to take down the net. It could be. They (the satanic powers-that-be) could hit India first with photoshopped propaganda of a ‘solar storm’. Who knows.

Just be aware that this is how propaganda works:

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” ………………Hosea 4:6:

If you are not ‘in the know’ with what is happening, you will become prey for the political demons from hell, you will live your life as their slave.

AG Barr: Protests Were Not “Peaceful” In Syria, Egypt Or Ukraine EITHER. Now You Know How THOSE Countries Felt Fighting The Western Media

AG Barr: Protests Were Not “Peaceful” In Syria, Egypt,  Or Ukraine EITHER. Now You Know How THOSE Countries Felt Fighting The Western Media

AG Barr was in an interview with  CBS’s Margaret Brennan.  The lunatic harridan proclaimed that George Floyd protests are ‘peaceful’

Barr corrected her saying; “The protests were not peaceful”.  He was correct.  And, the ‘protests’, or rather the Arab Spring was not peaceful.  They were brutal, violent regime changes that OUR Govt perpetrated.

This look peaceful to you folks?

Egypt, Tahir Square, 2011:

Egypt's Uprising: One Year Later - ABC News

Egypt's Tahrir Square protests: A second revolution unfolding now ...

Ukraine…2014 “Peaceful protests”. the western media INSISTED this was peaceful:

Ukraine protests take fatal turn after three shot dead - NY Daily News

Ukrainian president offers surprise concessions as protests turn violent | World news | The Guardian

The media INSISTED the Syrian ‘protests’ were ‘peaceful’, 2011-2019

Live-blog: Protests in Syria, Violent Government Crackdown, Several Protesters Killed | Iran New Now

Syrian army units fire on each other as cracks begin to appear in authoritarian regime | Daily ...

The Western Media is a

LIAR. Lies, 24/7. Disgusting liars.  LIARS who condone the US GOVT destroying little countries for oil.   Our government military, industrial complex has absolutely destroyed so many little countries..   Nothing is more disgusting than a bully.

Here is Assad having to deal with a LIAR from the western media.



Not Wearing Masks: BAD. Looting, Rioting, Burning, OK #GeorgeFloyd

Not Wearing Masks: BAD. Looting, Rioting, Burning, OK #GeorgeFloyd

Looting…OK.  Masks?  NO mask?  Not too much: You Can Now Get Fired For Refusing To Wear A Mask At Work

I find it really damned amazing that the nation has been through a mess and this is what these stupid idiots did?  Sickening.


Prez Trump? Why The Continuation Of Lawlessness? Martial Law?

  • Authored by T:


…And it’s not just he who does nothing… the Secret Service, those who are tasked with protecting the president, do nothing. They do nothing when people inside government and outside government are threatening his life. They just let it go on and on and on.

He finally did something interesting last Wednesday: he pulled John Brennan’s security clearance. Though he should have done it a long time ago, it is finally done. That’s big. But he needs to get bigger. Obviously.

Either Trump knows something we don’t know, or he just doesn’t give a f’ck? I don’t have the words. I do not understand it. Nothing seems to bother Trump in the least. Nothing. And he is pulling the biggest crowds he has ever drawn. The Dallas rally, in spite of the threats and the implied threats on Trump’s life, was one of his biggest events ever. In Minneapolis, though the Communists tried their best to stop the entire rally from happening to begin with, was a sold out smash success.

Some amazing things:

While he may be doing nothing about all of this, save for laughing in their faces and continually ridiculing them on Twitter, Trump has done some amazing things: China is still getting their ass kicked royally; The illegal immigration has ground down to a trickle, the caravans have stopped; the wall is actually going up; the economy is still strong; he continues to expose the MSM and the intelligence community for exactly what they are: enemies of America, and our enemies are so pissed off that they can’t shut up about him.   It’s a Trump world and they are all just stuck in it.  And there’s nothing, it seems, short of impeachment or assassination, they can f’cking do about it. And they can’t even get that job done!

Trump is right where we want him.  Right where he belongs.  Right where he wants to be and needs to be.

Trump has accomplished A LOT just by showing his face and telling it like it is. And I hope he continues. I hope he gets even harsher. He is burying these Commie bastards in their own feces.  More Americans are awake than ever before. Not enough are awake just yet, to be sure, but people do know something is terribly wrong and want to do something about it. Trump is the conductor, and he is making these c’nts sing. He is quite a marvel to behold, I must say, a President like no other indeed. We are fortunate to have him.

Martial Law:

I have been saying all along, ever since the moment Trump was inaugurated, that he needs to declare martial law. We need to actually physically go in and take the troublemakers out. There is no other way. They have to be removed, locked up for life, and many executed. Without this, we are doomed.

Even if Trump wins in 2020, and it looks like he will, it will possibly be the last Presidential election the political right will ever win. We have lost the demographic. For Whites, freedom lovers, legacy Americans–it’s all over.  Our country is destroyed already.  Trump is the symbol of the last hope there is for freedom. When he is gone, with it will come the realization for most Americans that their country is finally finished. It will spark war.  If Trump declares martial law however, there is a good chance we can turn the tide and preserve whatever remnants of the republic remain and build on that. When the left takes control once again–we’re finished politically forever. We will have to go to war or sit down and shut the f’ck up forever.

“Guard with jealous attention the public Liberty. Suspect anyone who approaches this jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Patrick Henry


MSM Feminist, Gasbag Bitches Reveal Plan to “Impeach” Trump AND Pence, Install PIGLosi

MSM Feminist, Gasbag Bitches Reveal Plan to “Impeach” Trump AND Pence, Install PIGLosi

It never ends with the CommieCrat bastards.  NON STOP turmoil.

Im not even a ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person but what these bitches are talking about is treasonous.  They said this shit on NATIONAL TELEVISION:


They are talking about impeaching Trump, ousting Pence and installing the baby-murdering, NAMBLA worshiping bitch, Nancy PIGLosi.  Right on the friggin TV.  WTH IS WITH THIS NATION!?

Trump said he would ‘restore order’.  This is not order, this is NON-stop chaos and he just keeps putting up with this crap!

Read this young man, Collin Ruggs opinion:

The CommieCrats are friggin EVIL!!!!! Satanic scum. Filthy pigs!

And those are their good points!

SUE The Main Stream Media For Keeping Racism Against Whites Quiet. LAWSUITS NEEDED NOW

SUE The Main Stream Media For Keeping Racism Against Whites Quiet. LAWSUITS NEEDED NOW

We need lawyers, we need serious activists that will sue any and every outlet, college, liberal haven. They NEED to be broken.  The same way  the Aryan brotherhood and the KKK were broken up.

Either that, or face serious white movements that will turn violent. Because some Obama black bastard is going to murder the WRONG person.  And, I personally, will not shed a tear. Sorry, but that’s how I feel anymore.

I never thought that I would say something like this in my life because I am not ‘for’ suing people.  But many things have altered my opinions in the last 10 years.  Every MSM news outlet on TV needs to be sued. Not only for not reporting these horrific crimes, but also instigating hatred against white people.  They say whatever they want against white people in America.  But, if one person says ‘NIGGER’, 27 years ago, their life is over and you dont think we have a supremacist problem? The black people are a PROTECTED & supremacist race of peoples in America.  This is sickening.  The majority is thought of as absolutely nothing; tossed aside and treated like yesterdays garbage.

The ONLY way these people (MSM) is going to change will be by hitting them in the purse.  Sorry, but that is the ONLY way.  We have to break them.  It has to be first on the net, but we need hard core activists that will move forward and SUE THEM. 


The more that people report on this, the LESS they will bother you.  What in the hell ever happened to the American spirit? Where is your guts? Or have you none? You had better examine yourselves.. By you NOT reporting these racial/hate crimes, you are aiding in the racial murder and rapes.


Read this comment: 2013/07/09 at 9:12 AM



What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST, This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP

What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST  This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP


How dare the holier than thou leftists stoop to our ‘evil’ level.. This is just racism.

They are picking on Obama cuz he’s a bro.   They should just leave him be.  I hate all of this anti-black people racism..  These white people have some g’d nerve going after MY prez like this on ALL sides, now! This is an anti black conspiracy!!!   So what if 4 are dead from a youtube video in Benghazi.  So what.  Who cares about the IRS thingie.  No issue if he can’t produce a birth certificate and we don’t know who the hell he is.    B.F.D. that some border agents died because my Prez armed some Mexicans.    Who is James Rosen?  WOW, the heath-care bill will bankrupt the nation…So who cares.   So what.

Obama should drone these bastards for picking on him!   Just like he did to those 200 plus children in Yemen and Pakistan.  Obama is a GREAT leader.  He got rid of that Mubarrak dude and put in Mr. Morsi, a peaceful Muslim man who just does not care for Jews too much, calling em apes n pigs n all…  AND, he helped murder off that Gaddafi guy.   He killed Bin Laden, too (True that there are NO pictures of the evidence) but whatever.

You follow my drift.  I just think it’s downright mean that everyone’s picking on my poor, innocent Prez.

Andrea Mitchell; “Prez sounds Like Observer, Not Chief Exec” – I Smell Bullsh’ite

Andrea Mitchell; “Prez sounds Like Observer, Not Chief Exec”-I Smell Bullsh’ite

Be careful with these Communists.  So, they take pot-shots at prezzy.  BFD. It does not stop ‘progress’ (Communism)   Just another Bolshevik tactic to distract.  They are still pushing gun control. Still covering up Benghazi. Still passing exec orders.   Communists can *NEVER* be trusted.  So, don’t get your hopes up.

Congratulations To #COMMIE MSM: They Managed To Keep Conservatives OFF #Benghazi Issue For A WEEK

Congratulations To #COMMIE MSM: They Managed To Keep Conservatives OFF #Benghazi Issue For A WEEK

I knew as soon as the IRS ‘scandal’ came out, this would happen.  If you’ve never had Bolshevik/Commies on your email threads, you don’t know how these bastards operate.  They can spin like nobodies business.  And that is what conservatives have been doing ALL WEEK LONG since Obama the schmuck threw out the non-story with the IRS.

I will tell you why this story will go NOWHERE: Because Nixon, Clinton and GWB 43 all abused the IRS in the same way. That’s why.  This will be over and forgotten in a few days.  They’ll probably just spin gun control and laugh their tuchus off at folks for buying their bullshit. And keeping the trends off of Benghazi, 4 dead Americans who were murdered on 9-11-12..

So, I think the bastards deserve a big congrats.  Give the devil their due..Because they sure make an ass out of you.

#BENGHAZIGATE is the issue. Which can impeach and toss these animals.