Monster Dems Releasing Murderers, J Hinkley Jr & Possibly Sirhan Sirhan. These Are Messages (to our side) From Them:

Monster Dems releasing Murderers, J Hinkley Jr & Possibly Sirhan Sirhan. These Are Messages (to our side) From Them:


It is a wink and a nod to all evil – that there will be no lasting consequences under this administration of death and destruction. The worst hit WILL be blue states. Sure, Red and purple (STOLEN) states will be hit in their cities, no doubt – but nothing like it will be in the Democrat Communist states.

Releasing Hinkley Jr is giving a thumbs up to murder or assassinate ANY Conservative Politician or big commentator.

Possibly Releasing Sirhan Sirhan would be a nod that murdering ANY blue dog Democrat like Kyrsten Sinema or Bill Maher for example will be AOK.

This is what Communism looks like, people. Complete Lawlessness and starving to death.

ANYONE thinking Trump is ‘coming back’ to save you: Get your head examined. Communists do NOT give up power. They have to be thrown out & hanged–in public. Its a strong spirit of satan. And, nobody in the House or Senate has ANY cojones.





OWN. generated Image

They ARMED Syrian Cannibal Rebels, ARMED The Taliban, ARMED ISIS. Will SOMEONE ARREST These ANIMALS…?!

They ARMED Syrian Cannibal Rebels, ARMED The Taliban. ARMED ISIS. Will SOMEONE ARREST THE These ANIMALS…?! generated Image

Nobody will touch these bastards!! Because that’s racccccccccccist!


#VoteTrump: #OBAMA ARMING #ISIS !!! #Trump2016 #TeamTrump ...

They ARMED Cannibal, extremist Muslim murderous psychopaths:


They have GIVEN the friggin TALIBAN ALL OF THESE WEAPONS!!!!!!! generated Image

NOW, they’re murdering (not only civi’s by vaccine) but soldiers are being murdered by the bushel: The Vaccines ARE Killing the Soldiers

AND: State Dept. Order ‘Blocks’ Private Flights for Americans Conducting Unauthorized Rescue Missions to Afghanistan: Report–‘This is inexplicable and evil.’ 




Obama Makes Joe B Sign E.O. Mandating Federal, Communist White-Hating Training

Obama Makes Joe B Sign E.O. Mandating Communist White Hating Training @ Every Level

I do not recognize Biden as the President at all. He is just a sick, old man. Its OBAMA, Holder, Jarrett and the rest of the Communist devils that are making the old man sign all of these exec orders. ALL of them hate whites: the black Communists and the ugly feminist Marxists. They especially white males. Because they are seething with jealousy.

It is OBAMA, not Joe Biden. And, everyone knows it but they are scared to death to just call it as it is.

Off topic;

And, Obama is the antichrist. Hitler and Stalin were also anti christs. I dont give a damn what people say. He is. He hates the nation and always did. He helped make America into a whore. He and his constituents burned the nation this last summer and its still burning in the North west. Their last fulfillment will probably be to start a war with Russia to make us obliterated.

Rev 17:16 – And the ten horns which thou sawest in the beast:

these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her with fire.

Posters at Mad Jewess, why’s no one talking about the main problem?

It’s as if Israelis have Charles Mansons Family living down the road a couple of miles away and the “Family” comes and yells from the driveway at you in your home.

But have people actually looked at who the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians (the real only so-called Palestinians are the Jews that lived there 4000 years ago.) truly are?

It seems no one is doing their homework out there in the media: and even Israelis aren’t talking about the real problem.

What is the problem? Well the Muslims are all at least 40% inbred says Wikipedia. (70% in Pakistan. They bankrupted the UK SS system by migrating with their retarded and sick children en masse to the UK from Pakistan. So as to freeload on the medical system there.) Inbreeding leads to depression, suicidal behavior, “water in the brain” sickness, the sickness of “small heads”, Jihad etc…Inbreds are sick people of the Charles Manson-style (serial/mass murderers/killers) and Israel’s living with this threat over their heads 24/7/365. If you read this stand up right now and don’t wait for this message to show up again. This is a one-time event. Relay the message because it’s very important to save the world from Armageddon in Israel. It depends upon you to spread this. If you don’t, then someone else will do it, as it’s said in the Bible. Those that stand up in the end times to spread the message that’ll save Israel, are the ones that will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Be of the number.

The picture above shows it’s only the Muslims that are inbred in the world. They’re “the freaks of the world”. Why hide it? If you get therapy, the shrinks first words are to say that “Talking about/identifying your problems will be the first step.” Why the heck is no one talking about the elephant in the room which is that Muslims are incompatible with human society. They should just be certified and given the help they deserve which is to live away from other humans. They can live with their pets and/or cattle. They’re not really part of the human family. They’re part of the Manson family which are sub-human killers. Stand up be brave say it. It’s now your turn to speak up LOUD! Don’t take this sitting down for Christs sake.

Mother of slain State Dep’t official is tired of being ignored by Obama Admin

Contributed by QV

Mother of slain State Dep’t official is tired of being ignored by Obama.  Amerikaners who elected the muslim Psychopath: You Have Blood on Your Hands. for Which You are Damned!!!


Leftists, Please Move To Baltimore: To Be LARGEST Sanctuary City For Illegals. We Will Sit Back & LOL At Your Demise

Calling All Liberal/Leftists… Here is a city you can move to, expeditiously You can wreck the place with your insanity and multi-cult craziness.  PLEASE move there.  If you need help, email us ASAP, we will sell what we have so that ALL left wingers will move to Baltimore. This is the answer to AmeriKa’s problems.  If ALL libs move to Baltimore, we will be safe from their fascism.  
Also: GOP or bust jerks– Please go with them.
Thank you.

On The Harvard Magazine: “Abolish the White Race”, “We Intend To Keep Bashing The Dead White Males, & The Live Ones”

Once in a while, I visit “Incogman”, (No, I dont like him, he does not like me), but every once in awhile, he posts some horrid attacks against white people. I saw he had this article posted: Harvard, “Abolish the white race”

The Bolsheviks that have written this book, entitled “Race traitor” is beyond disturbing. It calls for white men and white women to be destroyed. He does not even give the white people the benefit of the doubt of being ‘deconstructed’, as he put it.

Is this what the ‘liberals’ learn at Harvard? I believe so.  So, is there any wonder in anyone’s mind why our current CIC is a racist himself? He supposedly went to Harvard.  White people have absolutely NO protection against such attacks. We do not have an “SPLC” that bats for us, or an ADL that would stop such slander and defamation.  Yet all of the ‘minorities’ do have protected status.  We have got to start a program to help victims of black/minority on white crime. 

The person/s that wrote the post and book  are murderous racists in total denial. Racism is racism, period. I have already sent an email demanding them to take this inflammatory article down.  People!!!!! WE CANNOT JUST SIT HERE while people are openly calling for us to be DESTROYED. You would not EVER see an article like this against a black or a Latino, and you know it.  How the hell long are we going to put up with this EVIL? How long will the MSM allow us to be beaten, raped and robbed????

You tell me who is suffering the racism! (See below)

There IS a genocide against white people and there are MURDERERS calling for it, out in the open.  H/T: New Nation.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Go to fullsize imageTake a good look at what left-wing democracy looks like.  Below pictures are from the Bolshevik revolt…as if some of you needed reminding.

You MUST know that enemies to freedom are not “Zionists”, they are NOT “Christian Zionists” contrary to left-wing nazi blogs/websites. The people in the govt now are not friendly to Christians, patriots OR Jews.  This is what ‘democracy’ looks like, for real, (below) in a nation led revolt, marching into Socialism/Communism/Nazi-ism. It is insanity for any “Liberal” to think that just because THEY are Commies, that everyone else is a “Nazi”. They ARE the Nazis. They were chanting in DC, yesterday “This is what democracy looks like” But, they are f.o.s.  Soon, THEY will think they are ‘offering up God a service’ for killing you, for not towing the line of their Soviet/’liberalism.’

Union Thugs, Leftwing Activists & Socialist Party Members Shut Down DC Rush HourTraffic to Protest Scott Walker Fundraiser

Communists, Nazis, all the same, same end result, death to dissenters:

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MURDERED BY ILLEGALS-Border Agent FORCED 2 Defend Himself With BHO Weapon Choice~BEANBAGS

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  When is enough enough? WHEN! This man had to DIE by murder by these lousy, no-good, rotten ILLEGAL, OCCUPYING, CRIMINAL, INVADERS because of Barack HUSSEIN Osama, The TERRORIST occupying the BLACK HOUSE- PERIOD!!  HOW MANY MORE AMERICAN MEN MUST DIE FOR THIS USURPER/RAT!?

This jokerman SLIME was playing his MOTOWN music while a family is in mourning.  Obama, you ARE A SICK, demented, disgusting FRAUD, even WORSE than BUSH.  I say we send Obama the MUSLIM PIG to the border and give that SOB a BEANBAG.

When do men march to the White house and DEMAND this IMPOSTERS total and complete RESIGNATION! 

For GODS SAKES MEN, eat STEAK and grow some dang cohones!! COME ON!

Link Found By My Donna:  


Marxist/NAZIs Issue Death Threats To Tucson T-Party Leader~TYPICAL LEFTISTS

Typical leftists do not learn anything from murder, except to want to murder.  Chris Matthews attacked a T-party leader, telling him that “America is a nation of violence”, the only thing that Matthews seemed to leave out, is that LEFTISTS are the ones responsible for all of the assassinations and violence. FOUND BY DONNA


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